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Title: Believe it or Not 2  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: C+


Believe It Or Not #2

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- C

Male Looks- C

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- C

Extras- Fetish rooms, previews, bonus rooms (plenty).

A/V Quality - B

Time- Unknown

Company- Vivid

Director- Paul Thomas

Cast- Dayton, Cassidey, Jonathan Stern, Joey Ray, Tabitha Stern, Manny Trio, Vince Voyeur, Heather Lyn, Dillon Day, Jason McCain

Review- The idea behind this series is to have sexy guests describe a fantasy they've had or an encounter they've had, then at the end you find out if it actually happened or not. There is some extra footage of people talking about their fantasies/encounters that will make you glad they didn't make a vignette out of every one, because some of those people are just downright grose. Also there is constant techno music in this DVD. If you like small, natural tits, however, you will love this DVD because that describes almost all the girls.

Tabitha Stern is a strange-looking but cute enough blond with small tits who fucks her man in a bar with all the patrons watching. The highlight is her vigorous blowjob. A slutty, emaciated raven-haired babe gets sexy in a freight elevator with some guy who looks like a Chippendale's dancer with a tiny penis then makes him watch her get "raped" by an "intruder." After watching her get bent in half and jizzed on, the pair get a little animalistic themselves. Another brunette then gets it on with a guy in a video store on a very precarious stool which squeaks and threatens to give way. He does not seem into it, somehow. The next girl I believe is Dayton with way too much makeup on. She gets it on with her man in a bathtub. He is all shaved, short-haired and muscular, three things that make me go yuck, yuck and yuck. She works a toy in her ass for him and he jerks off on her tits after some lame fucking. Then a sad-looking redhead in a parking garage gets fingered and wildly fucked. This was a good scene featuring a lot of rapid, animal, passionate, fiery, dirty talking, ball sucking nastiness. She really finishes this guy off, Im sorry I cannot identify who she is, although she might be Heather Lyn.

At the end, the stories are revealed to be true or false, which I could not have cared less about and neither will you. Overall this DVD rated fair to good.



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