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Title: Mr. Beaver Checks In #11  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Hustler's Mr. Beaver Checks in #11

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- C-

Female Looks- B-

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- Lots of trailers! Short slide show and behind the scenes with Frank Thring

A/V Quality- B+

Company- Hustler

Director- Frank Thring

Cast- A bevy a eurosluts and eurococks

Review- The basic premise for this DVD could work great but only in porn. Mr. Beaver is an international businessman who spends a great deal of time on the road. Being a middle aged, not so good- looking man he is always chasing after pussy. And as his luck would have it, he gets to chase pussy all around the world. Mr. Beaver often times gets very close to the action but usually, for one reason or another ends up hard, dry and frustrated as he watches a younger, better looking stud get the piece of ass he has been working towards. Every once in a while he gets his dick sucked and on an even more rare blue moon he gets to fuck a young cutie-pie. There is a certain Benny Hill, slapstick comedy throughout the DVD as well. The set ups for the sex usually involve some antics with Mr. Beaver and the pussy he is after. For example, he's almost got this Italian slut to let him fuck her but he gets his finger stuck in her asshole. She tries to get a way but his finger is stuck and he is forced to crawl behind her until he can get his finger out. The answer, only in porn folks, is if she just sucks some cock she'll relax enough to get his finger loose. Well, it works and he flies out of her crinkle-star and knocks himself out. They have sex and Mr. Beaver lies unconscious. Another scene (probably my favorite) he is about to get nasty with a big busty blonde who is starting to tease and top the hell out of him when her girlfriend shows up and he has to hide under couch cushions while the girls have a veggie fest. You get the idea....too much Benny Hill for porn in my humble opinion.

Most of the sex scenes were not very hot. The actors and actresses did not seem into each other or like they were having all that much fun. Some of the eurosluts (who still remain nameless) are cute but nothing that awesome. The big titted blonde who agrees to do Mr. Beaver but is interrupted by the arrival of her girlfriend is very sexy, even if she does have bolt ons. She has very high sexual energy and really took charge of Mr. Beaver and then later her girlfriend. But that's the real problem for me with this DVD. The girls are pretty but not super hot, the sex is just sex, no heat, passion or energy (for the most part) and the humorous set-ups would be acceptable but only if the scenes were fucking hot! At one point I was just tying to wax my wood so I turned on whatever was in my DVD player, which happened to be this DVD. Well, after fast forwarding through the parts that "didn't do it for me" I turned off the DVD, closed my eyes, thought of the blowjob my girlfriend just gave me on our last backpacking trip and blew my sticky load of man-juice all over the place. I can see how this format and vehicle has great potential but Mr. Beaver 11 leaves much to be desired (including new stroking material).




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