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Title: Sodomania Smokin' Sextions #4  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Sodomania: Smokin' Sextions #4

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- A-

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- several great trailers, a couple slideshow galleries and twisted pics.

A/V Quality- A

Time- 9 hot long scenes + a fair amount of extras.

Company- Elegant Angel

Director- Patrick Collins

Cast- Daisy, Keisha, Sandra, Karli Sweet, Carmen Moore, Julia Taylor, Sylvia, Chippy Marlow, Domenica Leoni, Lea De Mae, Catherine Count, Regan Starr, Kelsey, Phylisha Anne, Justine Romee, Angelica Sin, Jessica Mae, Reaplay, Krystal De Boore, D'zyre Fire + nameless studs and Nacho Vidal.

Review- Smokin' is right! This DVD is a collection of some of the best scenes to come out of the Sodomania line from Elegant Angel Productions. This has been a solid line of DVDs and VHSs for EAP. For years now the Sodomania line has been pumping out very hot, nasty sex (obviously with an accent on anal) with really pretty fuck-sluts. The energy is usually quite high making for very hot and inspired sex. Well, if that's the reputation of the regular line of Sodomania an outtake collection of their hottest scenes brings with it high hopes and expectations for this DVD.

Smokin Sextions #4 will not let you down. It seems to have something for just about everybody, unless you don't like to watch anal sex. This DVD has HOT fucking scenes in it ranging from vanilla (but HOT VANILLA) sex, to very kinky weird shit and lots in between. ' There is no plot but some of the scenes have just enough of a set up to add to the heat. The scene with Domenica Leoni is one of those. She is a cute, petite ambitious slut who goes to Elegant Angel to meet Patrick Collins and get on board with EA so to speak. Well, Nacho intercepts her, claims to be Collins and then uses her to his own ends. The sex is quite hot and Nacho really works her fine pussy and tiny little asshole over. The set up built on the notion of deceit really helped this scene.

There is also a really hot orgy scene. Some orgies look like work. Nobody smiles, everybody is tolerating the action etc. Well not here! Angelica Sin, Regan Starr, Keisha, Justine Romee, Phylisha Anne and Kelsey lead their men on a wild, fun adventure in orgy land where everybody is having fun and getting laid. They swap partners, there is plenty of dirty talking, there's lots of smiling and laughing and asking, "have I fucked you yet? No, well...lets go". The action is hot and wild across the board and there is plenty of man baby formula flying across the room. Especially watch for Keisha, Angelica and the cute sandy blonde with the small tattoo on her natural tits with eraser head nipples. These girls really shine. If anyone knows whom this anonymous blonde is, please let me know. I'd like to watch for her in the future.

One of the kinkier scenes on the DVD took place in a German Porn Store. Its starts off pretty S&My to so speak. A fine blonde is brought in blindfolded to a short haired blonde. She is teased with a leather paddle and encouraged to eat some pussy. Three guys and one other girl join the scene making it a small orgy. The sex is pretty hot here but the real kink comes at the end when Reaplay, the girl who would be quite cute if not for her shaved head, insists on the guys blowing their wads all over her bald head. Then, the other girls cum lick it off polishing her chrome dome up quite nicely. You get the point; hot and nasty.

Also deserving special mention is the first scene with two young sluts being taught how to get spanked and suck cock by a more experienced whore. The explicit instructions, eagerness of the young sluts and overall sex was very hot indeed.

Also, the second to last scene with Krystal De Boore deserves mention. Mostly because she is such sweet eye-candy. She is super hot with huge Natural tits. She has a great bod and sure can take cock up any of her holes with the best in the bizz.

This DVD is chock full of 9 hot scenes with only one veggie scene to speak of. This is really good porn and the DVD is quite long and is therefore a great investment for your collection OR a rental that will leave your arm, hand and dick sore from polishing your knob so much. Bring the lube and the tissues!




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