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Title: High Octane #7  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


High Octane #7

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- A-

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B+

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- B-

Extras- B+

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:30

Company- Hustler Video

Director- Patrick Handsome

Cast- Uncredited Europeans

Review- Hustler''s foray into DVD is a no-brainer. Deep pockets don''t always make for quality discs, but High Octane #7 is a solid offering from Larry Flynt''s production house. Filled with a cast of beautiful yet nameless Europeans (which is the case with several of Hustler''s videos), the disc even has a somewhat decent (and not too obtrusive) storyline. Very well filmed by director Patrick Handsome, the quality of the footage is typified by the healthy and sexy glow the actors'' skin seems to have in every scene. Not a knock your socks off title, but it''ll satisfy the upper class porn-hound.

The plot involves a female reporter and her male photographer going to a spooky house to interview a horror novelist. The dialogue is dubbed into English but it''s surprisingly well done. The voice actors do a decent job. The novelist''s assistant, a blonde with skinny legs, shows them in and leads the photographer off, telling the reporter to wait.

The journalist reads a book and visualizes the sex part.

We see a blindfolded woman on an ottoman. A beefy body-builder guy in a hood and leather straps (and nothing else) comes up to her and snaps his fingers. She comes to life as he gropes her breasts and sticks his fingers in her mouth. With another snap she gets into position to suck his cock (and she does it well), a third snap and she climbs on for some reverse cowgirl. The snapping control is very hot. It''s played well between the two of them, giving him dominance and keeping it interesting as they fuck. They go at it for a bit before he has her bend over and he primes her asshole with his tongue and fingers. After a time he taps that ass and she takes it well. The control aspect makes this a stand-out scene. It ends with him dumping a load in her gaping hole.

The scene cuts back to reality and the photographer is shown the house by skinny legs. They pass a sexy maid on her hands and knees scrubbing the floor. Skinny legs stops to watch her and the photographer starts to fondle his guide. She pushes him away and gets the maid to kneel over the couch. Skinny legs then rubs herself and offers the maid to the photographer. The sequence is another neat control scheme, the lady giving the maid to the guy is hot. The domestic gives the guy a blow job which is uninspired, but the views are pretty good. In fact this scene is full of great camera angles, getting the three of them framed well throughout. The fucking starts and the skinny leg lady stays out of it, opting to simply watch the other two and finger her own cunt. The maid takes it in the ass on her sides and then in cowgirl, both nice to see, before the cum shot ends the action.

After some plot, the photographer goes to bed and dreams of the skinny legged assistant and a redhead woman doing each other. Can''t be bad. They fool around with a dildo and the assistant fucks the redhead''s pretty pussy with it while licking her clit. The action is high-class. The two women look good together and play to the camera well. The assistant sits on red''s face for some decent cunt lapping before getting fucked with a thick dildo. We get excellent looks at the ladies as they play, and the doggy style fucking is a good time. The dream ends soon after.

Building on the plot device that the horror novelist and his house are spooky, the reporter hears the sounds of spanking and then faints. She dreams of a black haired beauty in sexy lingerie getting spanked by a hunk. It''s a light spanking (though it lasts for a while) and the girl is enjoying it. So are we since we get to see her long, sexy legs and fine tight ass. She gives him a hummer in gratitude and uses her tongue to good effect before climbing on for a grinding reverse cowgirl ride. It''s decent action since she gets into it, wiggling as she gets fucked in a couple of positions. The camera keeps us well informed of what''s going on. The missionary is cool, with those long legs of hers splayed wide as she gives the guy smoky, lustful stares. It''s a fine scene and ends with a mouth shot.

And finally the reporter and the writer get to have some sex. At first, she''s out cold on a table and the writer gropes her unconscious form. She wakes when he gets to the nipple sucking and she''s not disappointed. The reporter has tan skin, great legs, and very long blonde hair, she''s a dish. Unfortunately, he''s not really good at licking snatch. She, however, looks good on all fours with his cock in her mouth. The fucking begins with missionary (a lot of in and outs) and progresses to cowgirl anal. The views are great and they pump away until the writer spews gobs of spunk onto the reporter''s tongue and face. It ends there, with no further plot.

OVERALL: This is a polished flick that delivers good sex, good looking actresses and actors, and long scenes. The heat is not blistering and that''s the only drawback. Not to say that it isn''t hot, but every scene won''t peel the paint. Into high-class babes and good sets? This is your disc.

EXTRAS: A chapter search with excellent sub-chapters, an interview with director Patrick Handsome, a slide show from the movie stills, 18 long previews, and a URL.





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