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Title: New Girls In Town #2  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


New Girls In Town #2

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- Extra scenes, photo gallery, trailers, etc. Lots of extras.

A/V Quality - B

Time- Unknown

Company- Wicked Pictures

Director- Jonathan Morgan

Cast- Monica Sweetheart, Bobbi Barrington, Little Jody, Tommi Rose, Jenna Haze, Sandy Knight, Sondra Hall, Elizabeth Delmar, Jay Ashley, Jonathan Morgan, Brad Armstrong, Pat Myne, Craig Moore.

Review- This DVD gets a thumbs up from me. In the Randy West style of brief interview, masturbation and fuck scene performed by newbies, Jonathan Morgan brings a refreshing change of personality and makes it all worthwhile. Jonathan is personable, funny and develops a good, comfortable rapport with each girl before bringing on the nookie, and he is actually kind of cute. Much improvement over the Up and Cummers flicks! He was not annoying to listen to or disgusting to watch like his counterpart. In fact, I think I am his biggest fan. Enough about him, bring on the girls.

Jenna Haze is a saucy brunette who has been in the business a couple of weeks. She says she has enjoyed porn "since she was a little girl," and that her first sexual experience was with a girl at age six. She lost her virginity at age 14 and says she would rather suck cock than just about anything. She shows off her ability by looking at the camera while sucking cock, which is pretty bold. She takes a hard slamming and flips on her back for a tongue load.

Bobbi Barrington is a kind of weird-looking Aussie blond, but she is cute. Her chosen fuck-man is Pat, and he takes her in a bubbling jacuzzi. She has nice floppy tits. She says she likes a lot of finger work and she gets it. After some fucking, she takes a rather reluctant mouth load. This scene featured too much instruction and guidance from Pat, which just became distracting, so have your mute button handy.

Tommi Rose is up next and I have seen her before. She has a very blasť attitude and does not like to reveal much personal information. She wears a g-string with a string of pearls stretched between her pussy lips. Her man is a good looking, built guy with a ponytail. Score for Tommi! She gets some very good cunnilingus and reciprocates with an energetic blowjob, but this long-legged beauty is all business. Her maturity belies her young, tight body. She is not very passionate in this scene, I have seen her very turned on in another performance (which I think ironically was an Up and Cummers) and this scene paled in comparison. Still, I would keep an eye on Tommi Rose, she can be really hot when she is turned on, but I guess ponytail man just didn't trip her trigger.

Little Jody is another Australian whom any man would love to have in his bed. She is a blond babe who has only been in 2 movies. Brad gets to work her totally shaved pussy over. Blowjob, RCG and missionary follow with a terrific closeup of a very nasty mouth load of jizz, after which everyone cracks up laughing, again showing how comfortable this set must have been for all involved.

Sandy Knight is a little too hopped up for my style. Immediately, one is reminded of Didi Conn in Grease, as Sandy wears a silver bob hairstyle and has a somewhat squeaky voice and hyper energy. This is her fourth movie in two weeks. Her first sex was at age 12 with a 22 year old guy. She says she just cannot wait to get her hands all over her girlfriend for Jonathan's camera. They trade very close-up tongueing and then share a double dildo while sucking another double dildo. This girl is ready to be a porn star and looks like she will do just about anything to get there.

Best of the DVD was Monica Sweetheart, a young, Hungarian sex kitten in lacy lingerie. She is very, very cute and has a really sweet pussy. Jonathan takes this one himself, smart man. She gives a blowjob like she really wants to be doing it, like his cock is just a flesh popsicle on a hot summer day. Her box is shaved with a perfect triangle of pubic hair. Jonathan gives her just the dicking she needs and she licks his balls as he cums all over her tits. She swallows a big, creamy load with a good close-up of her spitty mouth action.

Overall I really enjoyed this DVD except it was TOO SHORT! Fortunately, there are two bonus interview/sex scenes and some extra masturbation scenes, plus some previews, photo gallerty, etc. A really good value with some cute babes and great sex, and everyone is having a good time. That's what its all about!



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