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Title: Infidelity  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Company- Wicked Pictures

Director- Brad Armstrong

Extras- Previews, behind the scenes, interviews, photo gallery, casino, biographies, you name it.

Time- Unknown

Cast- Devinn Lane, Inari Vachs, Sydnee Steele, Kristal Summers, Tina Cheri, Bridgette Kerkove, Nikita Denise, Amber Michaels, Herschel Savage, Nick Manning, Eric Price, Lee Stone, Mark Davis, Jason McCain, Joel Lawrence, Brad Armstrong, Cheyne Collins

Review- I liked parts of this DVD a lot. The plot was believable, centering around a Sex Anonymous meeting and what brought each participant there. The acting was surprisingly pretty good, especially that of one of my favorite performers, Brigette Kerkove. In fact, her acting was almost too good. She was extremely believable, confessing her private secrets about alcoholism and sex addiction. It was kind of strange to watch one of my favorite porn sluts in such a seemingly personal role. The worst acting by far was by Devinn Lane. If you like completely unwearable sexy shoes, this movie is packed with them, too. Scene breakdown is as follows, with the dialogue taking place in 12-step meeting style of narration.

Inari gets it on first with Krystal Summers and a cute cuy with dark hair. They're in a lovely living room setting with a fireplace and its all very believable. The girls are wearing sexy corsets and there is some pretty good blues guitar music in the background. Inari gets some serious fingerfucking. Lots of sucking noises as she and Krystal give this guy a great double blowjob with lots of knob sucking action. Great camera work in this scene. The guy fucks Krystal until she is just mewing and squeaking like a balloon getting rubbed. He pulls out and cums and the girls just suck it up like crazy.

Sydnee Steele plays a rock music groupie who loves to be covered in cum. She gets right to work backstage and takes on three cocks very competently, never leaving one unattended for long. She starts off sucking all three and then fucks each one separately. She really seems cock hungry and can really take it, but she is working hard no doubt. She loves to lick them all clean. When they are done, she picks up her clothes and leaves, like a good girl.

Devinn plays a dyke who turns married women into lesbos. Shye works Nikita Denise's shaved box into a frenzy on a staircase and in a bathtub. She needs to lose the bandanna around her head in this scene. They take dildos pussy to mouth and Devinn's big, natural, floppy tits are great to watch as her chest heaves. The overdub on this scene brings a little Japanese Godzilla movie factor into it - the nasty talk doesn't quite match the mouth movements. She expertly works a very long string of butt beads into Nikita's tight asshole and takes her time pulling them out with her mouth while her hands are busy simultaneously working the shit out of her pussy, a great part of the scene! Then Devinn straps on a black cock and they have a ride. This was one of the better lesbian scenes I have seen.

After this, Sydnee takes a smoke break with one of the guys and decides to blow her SA sobriety by smoking his blue-veined Havana as well. She worships his dick and takes a mouthload.

Next up is my favorite, Bridgette Kerkove. She takes a very long cock in this scene and loves to suck it, looking right up at her muscular guy with those gorgeous eyes and big, fat, wet, cocksucking lips. Her snatch is totally shaved and her big globes, as always, are just monstrous and gorgeous. Talk about bolt-ons! There is a great close up of her taking a long ass fucking that really shows her worked-over pussy. She takes a spitty mouth load at the end. I just love watching this Barbie doll fuck.

Herschel Savage then gets a taste of Tina Cheri in a restaurant. She gives him a blowjob with lots of tongue flicking and they fuck on the table. Her bolt-ons, in contrast, just look silly. This is a yucky, skippable scene. She is not very attractive (that's putting it kindly) and he is just grose, sweaty and over the hill.

Amber Michaels then takes an athletic RCG outdoors on a junky, dirty roof overlooking the city skyline. This scene was exciting due to its outdoor location but was lacking something. The performers were completely impersonal. She takes a nasty faceload.

Inari finishes the DVD by taking on a guy whose ears stick way out and would never get her in real life. She gives a really good blowjob and rides him like crazy. She is very wiggly and squeaky in this scene and she is quite a hottie.

My personal commentary on the DVD is this: The sex was pretty good, the stars were great to watch, the camera work was excellent and the acting was actually enjoyable. That being said, I was really disappointed to find that even the 12-step Anonymous programs are not considered sacred in the world of porn. Alcoholics Anonymous and related groups make a very big deal out of not promoting themselves and keeping things private, almost never being portrayed in the media, and I feel that this movie really stepped over the line in that regard. The movie didn't use actual AA slogans, but they were very close and the format was the same as a 12-step meeting. However, in this meeting, all the participants were not only bickering and insulting each other, but stepping outside to suck cock during the break, which is completely unrealistic and insulting. Believe me, anyone sitting in a 12-step meeting has a very personal reason for being there and is probably facing rock bottom in their lives. I found it disturbing, disrespectful and sad that this DVD would exploit even people's most intimate, searching, and painful struggles. I guess nothing is sacred in the world of porn.   


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