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Title: Crazy About Latinas #3  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Crazy about Latinas #3

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- C+

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- C+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- B+

A/V Quality- B

Time- apprx 2 hours.

Company- New Machine Publishing

Director- Randy West

Cast- Tina, Charlene Aspen, Misty Mendez, Louise Mattos, Melina Devora, Felicia, Vince Voyeur, Peter Duncan, Eric Everhard, Ronnie Cox and Randy West.

Review- Another new line from Randy West for NMP. As the title implies this DVD contains scenes involving latina women getting stuffed like a turkey on thanksgiving morning. As a general rule I don't go for the ethnic DVDs. This is not to say that I don't like ethnicity but I think that genres like this reinforce differences between races and ethnicities rather than helping to bridge the gaps of color of race within our society. Whether Asian, white, black or Latina (for examples) let the women be judged on their own merits (like how nasty and slutty they can be or how well they can smoke a veiny Havana) rather than what country they or their ancestors are from. But enough PC bullshit, this is porn!

I generally have very high expectations from Randy West and this is one of the few times that I can recall that I was a bit disappointed by his efforts. There was a lack of heat and passion and therefore most of the sex is fairly tame and average.

Scene One: Felecia and Melina Devora. Felicia is such a cutie. She has a pretty face and smile with great teeth. Her small tits are pert and sweet and her nipples are downright sexy. She has a great bod and long sexy legs. I have always enjoyed looking at Felicia although I must complain that I never see her take any cock. Like Janine Lindenmulder she is a veggie only kind of gal. In my regular life vegetarian is good. When it comes to sex and women, veggie-heads are a disappointment. Even though Felicia is getting on in years she still looks sexy. Her play friend for this scene is much more of a plain Jane, especially when put next to Felicia. She looks more Mexican and Hispanic than does Felicia and she does have beautiful long hair. Felicia is really into her cute toes but I guess that only reinforces for me that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This is a very informal and relaxed scene/ set as you can here candid and comfortable dialogue with Randy. This is a veggie scene so of course I wasn't that in to it. I tried to for Felicia's sake. These two roll through the veggie buffet and end caressing each other. Ah, how sweet. Can we see something a bit nastier now please, Randy? Thanks.

Scene Two: Louise Mattos. Louise takes on the well-hung Vince Voyeur in a romp that starts off in the kitchen. Vince makes some rude remark to Randy about how he normally bends chicks over the toilet but in this case he'll bend her over the sink. Louise delivers an above average blowjob with great hand and tongue action. Randy can't take it anymore and has to eat her pussy. He hands Vince the camera and they swap. Vince then fucks her standing doggie over the counter before they move into a bedroom set. She rides him seven different ways to Sunday. Louise looks sexier when she is in control of the sex and the scene. In fact, I enjoyed watching her ride on Vinnie's meat puppet. Finally she sucks the cum out of him as he plants a load of his jizz all over her pretty chin and chest.

Misty Mendez is the star of the next scene. She is a Mexican with bleached hair making it a sort of reddish platinum blonde color. She has great tits, although they are surgically enhanced, and sweet nipples. She has a nasty look about her and as far as porn appeal goes she is the sexiest slut on the DVD. From a girl-next-door perspective however Charlene and Tina tie. In Misty's scene she gets the chance to demonstrate her sexual stamina taking on both Randy West and a young, nameless cock. She makes Randy cum multiple times in this scene, which is BTW the longest scene on this DVD. But first, in typical Randy West fashion he has her show off her assets to us, namely her tits, pussy and ass. She spreads and masturbates before giving a really nice looking double blowjob. Randy eats her while his accomplice gets his meat sucked. Then he fucks her while Randy gets his cock spit shined. All the while Misty looks like a pretty little slut. Randy's junior counterpart disappears long enough for Randy to stuff his pole in her hole in a legs over the shoulder missionary before he pulls out and slops his load between her belly and face. She gives Randy some post-cum head before turning to the younger piece of meat to suck it hard and lay it in-between her over-sized breasts. He titty fucks her for a bit (which I always find a turn on if the tits are nice) for a change in pace. He picks her up and she takes a standing cowgirl ride, followed by sitting cowgirl and a reverse cowgirl that really shows off her tits, stomach and bubblegum pink pussy. Double blowjob on her knees, Randy fucks her sideways missionary and plants his second load of jizz right on her asshole as she leans forward and peels her ass cheeks apart to expose her little crinkle-star. Junior fucks her missionary on the couch and deposits his load into her eagerly awaiting mouth.

Guatemalan hunny Tina struts her stuff next. She does a sweet little strip tease before getting down with her stud du jour. She gives him a better than average and sexy looking blowjob with lots of ball licking before he proves his courage by going down on her very hairy bush to return the oral attention to her. She's got great tits that look very, very sexy as she leans back accepting her man's licks and fingers. Missionary, doggy and a very sexy rcg. Tina looks her best in this scene when she is bouncing on his big bucking bronco. Next its back to doggy and her lying on her tummy twisted sideways taking his rapid pumps. He plants his man juice in her mouth, she gives some really sexy post-cum head and treats us to such a happy, proud smile for a job she knows was well done. In fact, this facial expression is the hottest she looks in the whole scene. Youch!

Lastly, Puerto Rican gold, Charlene Aspen cums to bat. Charlene has a very hard ass, which looks great and nice long legs. She has a pretty enough face but the gap in between her two front teeth proved distracting to me. She plays with her cooze until Randy and his new accomplice show up to worship her with their tongues. They tongue her pussy, ass, tits and even a simultaneous toe sucking while she is peeled open for us. While still on her back she gives a very sexy double blowjob with lots of spit. She rolls over to continue sucking cock while the other sausage at hand penetrates her. Next she rides Randy cowgirl while sucking the cock hovering aver her. Damn, she is getting into it and performing well. They switch, she climbs on rcg, then back to missionary for the facial(s)! Nice job Charlene!




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