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Title: When the Boyz Are Away, the Girlz Will Play #6  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


When the Boyz Are Away, the Girlz Will Play #6

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- A-

Male Looks- n/a

Sex- B-

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- A

A/V Quality- B+

Time- 1:30

Company- Jill Kelly Productions

Director- Jill Kelly

Cast- Ashton Moore, Star E. Knight, Tanya Danielle, Jenna Haze, Samantha Sterlyng, Sondra Hall, Aria, Alexis Amore, Allysin Chaynes

Review- All girl flicks tend to be a bit more airy than earthy. That is to say, there''s a good chance it''ll involve soft-focus and cooing instead of sweaty fucking. When the Boys Are Away, the Girlz Will Play #6 falls into the soft-focus category. That''s not bad, but let''s just put that up front. This is not a nasty film. The idea is that Ashton Moore, during an interview, reveals her fantasies, which get played out with her and a few friends on full-blown sets. Ashton herself is a cutie, with good features, very fake boobs, and a great set of solid legs. She does have some dumb tattoos (including a Playboy bunny on her left tit that is conspicuously absent on the box-cover photo) but she''s easy on the eyes.

Ashton starts out by telling how she''s married so she can only do girls. Not a bad start. She then relates her first fantasy, getting done hard and kinky by Tanya Danielle. The scene cuts to a black padded room with the two ladies in matching vinyl outfits. They dance around before rubbing and stripping. There are curves worth seeing and a lot of silicone. Ashton spends some quality time on her partner''s pussy before getting a bit of licking herself. The problem, though, is that the tricky camera filters are annoying. Sure, Tanya gives Aston a good tongue-fucking, but it''s all washed out. Why is this considered a good thing? What porn-viewer says, "Please, make these naked ladies hard to follow with ''arty'' film techniques."? Not I. There are some good views of Ashton on her back and spread wide as she gets more tongue action, and it''s not a bad scene, but in the interview she actually calls it "rough." Ha. It''s arty-porn-lesbian-sex, it''s not rough.

Next we get to see the pampered princess fantasy. Ashton is in a tiara and gets attended by her "milk fairies," Aria and Allysin armed with a bathtub and jugs of milk. They climb into the white liquid and splash around a bit. Aria gets between Ashton''s legs and shows a great talent at pussy eating. It''s some of the best cunnilingus on the whole disc. Aria does most of the mouth work in this scene, probably because she''s so good at it. Strangely, Ashton is hardly seen. We see her crotch, some leg, but she''s often out of sight. Ah well, it''s an OK piece of action and ends with a group kiss.

Ashton then relates a story about a "bad scene." It was cold and wet, she says. What we get is a group of three girls in the bed of a pick-up truck that''s filled with dirt. They don''t take enough advantage of the dirt. Their feet get a bit muddy, but they certainly aren''t using the location to its full mud-wrestling potential. They do, however, take full advantage of the slender and pretty Jenna Haze and her loud moans. Ashton eats her out to a chorus of happy noises before they switch it up and Jenna dives into Ashton with a vibrator (while getting one herself). The best part is a tangled knot of girls with one on her back in the dirt, Ashton sitting on her face and fucking Jenna with a vibe, as Jenna eats out the lady in the mud. We get good views of that and it''s not a bad thing. Overall though it seems a waste to make a point of the scene being in dirt and not really using it.

That brings us to the stripper fantasy. Ashton plays customer to the fine blonde girl on the stage. She gets to do a bit of pole work and gives Ashton a brief lap dance before pulling her on stage and stripping her down. It''s very hot. The stripper tongue-fucks Ashton''s twat like a pneumatic drill, enthusiastically pumping as Ashton keeps one leg raised. The camera angles are good too, letting us see the action and keeping it interesting. Ashton sits the stripper down and uses a dildo on her. We can''t see shit for a while, but eventually we''re shown what''s going on. She does good work, and her partner rubs furiously at her own clit. And that''s about it for the scene. There''s only two things that happen, really --tongue fucking and dildo fucking. But it''s a good time.

After some talk about modeling herself after Marilyn Monroe, Ashton goes into her final fantasy. Alexis is there dressed in a hot red dress, Ashton has her legs and fine ass in full effect as they watch a naked Star (and her large fake tits) pretend to play piano. Alexis sucks on Star''s pussy, as the tawny lady holds her leg high, and Ashton licks on her nipples. The views are good in this scene, but the camera filter gets annoying again. Alexis gets some attention from both her partners, which isn''t too exciting. Then Ashton takes a dildo from Star for a long while. Kisses end it all and the disc fades off into credits.

OVERALL: OK, it''s not a bad flick. The back cover of the box claims that this is the "Nastiest Girl, Girl Series" but there''s nothing in there to prove it. Sure, it''s girl-girl and it''s a series, but it isn''t nasty. If you''re looking for some pretty women doing each other in porn-style (not particularly into it, but acting well) then this won''t disappoint. If you''re looking for nasty, try another box.

EXTRAS: There''s a chapter search and a photo gallery from the movie. You''ll also get photo galleries from four other movies. The really neat thing, though, are the four behind-the-scenes vignettes from four different Jill Kelly Productions. Each one a glimpse into the porn world, a phenomenon that is growing with DVD. These are fun and worth a look.





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