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Title: On Her Back  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The Feature: Mozart, Sex and High Art—with this combination you can't go wrong. This film is a period piece, taking place during the height of the Italian Renaissance. We are transported to the workplace of Michaelangelo (John Morgan), who is hard at work preparing his sculpture of David with the help of a model (Marc Wallice). David however, is too well endowed to keep his cock steady. It keeps swinging "a-back-and-a-forth" (imagine it spoken with a New York's Little Italy Pizzeria Italian accent). The funny thing is that I have seen the sculpture of David by Michaelangelo, and trust me the two look no where alike. Thankfully, stunning Nikki Randall lends a hand, to keep David's cock in place. Randell is one of the few porn stars whose appearance doesn't scream "PORN STAR" when she appears on camera—which is quite refreshing. She is a pleasure to look at clothed, which lends to the excitement that sooner-or-later (preferably sooner), we will see her without them. While Michael is busy concentrating enter a messenger to ask if he will do a Madonna. One of the many witty retorts in this intelligently written script is Michaelangelo's reply: "In 400 years, who will give a shit about Madonna." We then find out that he has been offered to paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. Unamused by this possibility, he accepts begrudgingly. We are then introduced to Michael's sister Michaelangela (Dyanna Lauren), who is frustrated in her own right, because she is just her brother's assistant and she feels that she can be so much more. This fact will be borne true as we progress through the movie. As Michael leaves the courtyard to see the Pope about his new assignment (accompanied by a Bishop played by Bud Lee himself), we see Randall bring statuesque David to life. The two fondle and kiss a great deal, and take their time undressing each other. When Randell's corset is finally removed we see her tits in all their glory. Perfectly sculpted mounds of white flesh. David wastes no time in sucking on these mounds of love, but also enjoys plowing her pussy with his tongue. Randell sucks David's cock until he is solid as marble, stroking his dick between her lucious tits. David then takes her from behind as she raises a leg and leans against a birdbath. This is pulse pounding fucking with David grabbing her hips and throbbing ever forward. Randall moves to the grass where David takes her again while she is on her back. Randell takes the pounding quietly (trying to keep her hat from being pounded off). Angela and Francesca (the very sexy Ana Malle) watch this scene from afar, as David plasters Randell's stomach with a gob of love goo. The Bishop delivers Michael to the Pope (Joey Silvera), who is reading the book "Honor Thy Father" when they enter. The Pope asks if Michael wants a smoke, and offers Michael personally the opportunity to paint the chapel. Another witty component is that the Pope is portrayed as a type of religious God-Father. We cut back to Francesca and Angela discussing the sexual politics of their age. Francesca instructs Angela that she must feel at ease with her sexuality that (of course) leads to a righteous lesbian scene between the two. Walking along a path is the beautiful Jenna Jameson who uncovers Francesca and Angela in all their glory. While Francesca sucks on Angela's tits and eats her out, Jenna is not to far away finger fucking herself. This was all a lesson in love from Francesca to Angela (I want to be taught too!). As Francesca strips (I didn't know they had bikini tan lines in the 16th century), she notices the ripe Jameson who needs to be picked. The two kiss and fondle in a scene that is not to be missed. I mean who can resist two of today's hottest porn stars going at it in full-fury. Francesca loves to suck on tits, licking Jenna's nipples hard. Jenna, in turn, eats Anna out, while Dyanna best of in the background. Jenna and Francesca switch and Francesca fucks Jenna with her tongue as Jenna moans in ecstasy. Anna licks everything insight, not wanting to miss a spot, and even licks Jenna's asshole to top the scene. Trust me this scene is not to be missed, especially for porn enthusiasts who want to see Jenna in one of her very first scenes. Michael returns from his meetings with the Pope and makes his sister Angela angry because Michael accepted (in her mind) too little money for the job. Michael replies "how much could it cost—all you need is some paint and a few brushes." Angela leaves pissed off, while Francesca enters the room. As if her scene with Jenna wasn't enough, Francesca decides to try her own method of convincing Michael that Angela should paint the Chapel. This scene starts out very funny, making ploys to all those things guys fear and love about getting a blowjob. The blowjob is great, but just when you thought the scene couldn't get any better Nikki Randall shows up and helps Anna with her mouth full. Soon enough Michael is slurping his way to heaven on Francesca's cunt, and then Michael and Randall switch where she becomes the primary muff-muncher. This frees Michael to fuck the shit out of Francesca, while Francesca eats out Randall. Then Randall is on her back on a table while Francesca is eating her out and Michael fucks Francesca from behind. The climax is when Michael blows his load on Francesca's face, ending a very hot fuck scene that is not to be missed also. Anna Malle is hot and would make any man plaster her with his paris. (Sorry about the bad cliches). The next scene opens with Michael and Angela entering the Chapel and thinking it too big to do anything worthwhile with, and Angela storms off frustrated with Michael's philistine attitude. Angela is then comforted by Francesca and the two decide to visit the Pope themselves to plead for Angela to be given the chance to paint the Chapel. The Pope is the epitome of comedic-hilarity: "Hey, get that Leper out of here and tell him to take his arm too." Alas, Francesca and Angela are turned away without being granted an audience with his eminence. Dante (Colt Steele), a mysterious figure that arrives in the movie from nowhere, meets Angela and the two go for a walk. Where Francesca was intent on teaching Angela the ways of making love to a woman, Dante shows her how to make love to a man and how to use the power of her pussy for good instead of evil. All we see here is them kissing, however, in the next scene, Dante appears while Angela is pleasuring herself and is more than eager to help her attain orgasmic satisfaction. Dante finger fucks her until she is oozing with enthusiasm, and what better way to show your appreciation than by giving a blowjob. Angela sucks on Dante's cock with an inferno of passion. And then Dante takes her. First while she is on her back, and then from behind, where Angela moans and screams in rapturous ecstasy. Finally, Dante unleashes his joy by cumming on Angela's back. We then see Francesca giving it that good ole' college try by talking to Michael about Angela. Francesca is a modern woman, not squeamish about discussing sex or doing it for that matter. However, Michael is initially not willing to discuss the possibility of Angela working alone, but cums around and decides to confront the Pope himself. Yet Angela has beaten him to the punch, for she takes it upon herself to try the Pope once more. And let us say that the Pope is more than receptive to this offering, not wasting anytime at all in eating out Angela in his office while shoving a digit or two inside her. Here we come to the only let down in the movie—we come to find out that the Pope is not the Pope after all, but rather his twin brother. He merely pretends to be the Pope to get chicks. I think it would have been more historically accurate as well as enticing if the story had left this out, and we were left to believe that the Pope really was the Pope, but I guess you can't have it all. Angela is sucking on the Pope's cock, when the Bishop walks in. However, instead of being astonished, he merely backs up and closes the door (I guess this isn't the first time he has witnessed such a spectacle). From here the Pope fucks Angela from behind, and then switches to Angela riding on top of the Pontiff''' pulpit. Finally the Pope lays her on her back on his desk and takes pulling on her hips and dragging her pussy to his cock. Finally the Pope lets his faith explode all over Angela's pussy. It is here that we find out why Angela would be better suited to paint the Sistine Chapel, but we also discover the meaning of the film's title. I cannot remember having such a full experience from a porn film. I enjoyed every aspect of this movie thoroughly. Although the sex scenes were toned down a little, which would probably make this a better couples movie than it would be material for solo-strokers, the movie was balanced, sexy and full of great fucking. I encourage you to check this one out—you won't be disappointed.  

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