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Title: Young as They Come #3  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Young as they Cum #3

Overall Rating- B+

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- C

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- C

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:21

Company- New Sensations

Director- S. Taylor

Cast- Judy Star, Krystal Steal, Luna, Daisy Dukes, Aimee


The first young girl is Judy. She is a cute blonde with natural tits and an outstanding little body. The setup here is she is playing cards looses and pays up with sex. Her blowjob is shallow, but she makes up for it with great eye contact, hand action, and lots of licking. They start fucking with a RCG, a long and well-shot doggie, and spoon. However, the best sex is the long mish that follows. There are some excellent full body shots of Judy, a quick blowjob, and midway the guy goes down on her till she cums. The scene ends with the guy pulling out and jerking off till he cums on her chin and tits. Judy gives some good post cum head.

Aimee is a longhaired brunette playing the part of a teen at home alone. Aimee's face is average, but her ass and small natural tits make up for it. After getting eaten out and finger fucked on a couch, she tries her best at taking down the guy's cock but gets only the head in her mouth for some half inspired oral. Aimee jumps on for a decent RCG, standard mish, and doggie. He finishes by jerking off and landing one good shot on her face. This scene is fairly weak with the sex at times looking boring and routine.

Krystal Steal is next up and if any of you wonder what Christina Aguilera would look like as a porn star, this might be the closest thing. I've seen her in a few videos and the knock on her is that she doesn't have that "X" factor that pushes the normal girls into porn stardom. She may or may not be the next superstar, but you cannot deny her tight body and fantastic ass. We begin with her and a guy on the couch watching some porn and she plays the sexually aggressive one. Even though she uses some bad high school moves on the parolee its good enough to get both parties completely naked. After this short seduction, Krystal gets down to business with a decent blowjob getting only the head in her mouth and plenty of hand action. He returns the favor with some pussy lapping, which she seems to enjoy. Krystal gets fucked in a long mish, a great cowgirl, decent doggie, and a RCG with good shots of her body. The guy finishes by jerking off and dribbling out mostly missing her face except for one small shot that lands on her forehead.

I've seen Luna in mostly solo masturbation scenes and didn't know that she made the jump to full on boy-girl scenes. Hopefully she made the right choice in crossing over. Her scene starts with her reading a book on a couch, wearing a lacy top and booty shorts, and falls asleep till our parolee enters the room. There is a slow build up with lots of groping and undressing till Luna takes the guy's cock down her throat. She gets about half in her mouth and uses a fair amount of hand action. Luna gets fucked doggie first throwing in some dirty talk and instructions for a slight dom touch. Luna also makes a lot of noise and moans throughout the entire scene. An outstanding RCG and a long mish wrap up the fucking. The guy jerks off and cums on her chin and tits. Some might not like the constant noise from Luna, but I think she pulls it off well and adds to the heat of the scene.

Daisy is a tight brunette with a natural rack and cute face. She is trying to convince a photographer to take her on and starts blowing him to change his mind. Daisy's technique is shallow, getting only 1/3 in her mouth, but shows nice eye contact and twists her head around a lot. While getting eaten out Daisy has some cute little grunts and moans and seems to enjoy the attention to her clit. The mish fuck gives us some good shots of her body; likewise, the following doggie shows decent heat and more body shots. Spoon is the last of the fucking and the guy finishes by jerking off and missing the facial by blasting the couch above her and only landing a few drops on her forehead and face.

Overall: This is a kind of rarity in porn these days. What you get with this DVD is hot young talent getting fucked one on one with no anal whatsoever. The eye candy on the cover definitely delivers and the heat in most of the scenes is good. You have four great scenes with Aimee being the weakest. The one complaint I did notice is there are some softcore non-penetration shots in each scene lasting for about ten seconds. Its not horrible, but you will notice it. If weren't for that, I'd make give this an A rating. If you want extreme DP's and anal scenes you might want to skip this, but if your tastes run more vanilla this DVD is right up your alley.




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