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Title: Sexx the Hard Way #3  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Sexx The Hard Way Vol. 3

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- C+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- B+, this is a double sided DVD. Side B contains a plethora of extras including hard-core previews and trailers and interviews with some up and cumming starlets including Jewel De Nyle, Bridgette Kerkove and Cherry Mirage.

A/V Quality- B+


Company- Digital Sin New Sensations

Director- nacho Vidal

Cast- Stacy, Sandy, Andrea, Victoria, Stella and Sabina + nameless cocks and T.T. Boy.

Review- I always hate to start a review out this way but I have to say that this is some very mediocre and forgettable porn. Sure the girls are good looking and the packaging gives the appearance of some hot fucking action but unfortunately the air of appearance dissipates as we watch these girls in action. Mediocre and luke warm sex. The girls look average for porn chicks, which is to say they are cute. The two cover girls Sandy and Stacy are very, very cute and sexy brunette Sabina Black is a fucking hottie as well. It's just too bad that the action is so average and warm. The cover must have ample airbrushing on the chicks since most look better on the box than in the video. All the chicks on this DVD are Euro-sluts who's English is limited but they do speak the burning language of sex well enough for everybody to get along and have themselves some sex.

The first scene is actually one of the hotter scenes but it didn't do all that much for me. Perhaps that has to do with T.T. Boy rather than the actual sex. T.T., in my experience, is very good at degrading the women that he works with. That is not to say that I cannot appreciate and get turned on by certain forms of degradation and humiliation in certain contexts. His attitude towards these girls does not seem to be an act. He seems to really look down on them with contempt and a complete lack of respect. Again, its not that I don't enjoy watching some humiliation etc. its just that this scene really did not work for me and I actually felt like I wished I could have given those two girls a hug and treated them to some therapy after the scene. The scene takes place in a kitchen where these two girls in scantily clad outfits are supposed to be maids or something as they are doing dishes and cleaning. T.T. walks in makes a few rude and insensitive comments and immediately starts harassing the help. Of course, even without adequate foreplay or attention the girls are rearing and ready for action and the 3 way fuckfest ensues. There are some creative and athletic positions as they work their way up to the all important pop-shot. T.T. is fairly gross in my opinion and though he has a good dick and he knows how to use it is general appearance and demeanor more the cancel that out for me. Victoria and Carol look great covered in sperm and that ends the scene.

Next scene stars a really gross dude who has too many tattoos in areas that just are not sexy. He makes gross almost painful facial expressions as he fucks and he has some nasty scarring issues that should have been treated with body make-up prior to his scenes. The chick is fairly hot. I believe it is Stella. She is looking around for her vibe and lube when she is caught by that nasty cock I was just describing. This blonde has stacked titties, pretty eyes and mouth, long legs, a taught tummy and a pretty pussy. She gives some nice oral action with good eye-contact. She uses a lot of hand action and lets him pump her mouth quite a bit (which I find very hot). Neither one speaks very good English and this meat puppet's attempts to talk dirty in English are not very hot and actually kind of distracted me from the action at hand. He returns the oral favors as she leans back on the bed looking so pretty as she spreads he long legs and plays with her sweet tits. He gives her an initial missionary penetration and she really shows off her body as she stretches out to accept his meat. Although she looks great she kind of just lies there letting him fuck her. The heat and energy is low. The chemistry between these two is low and I suppose that if I were her I wouldn't be too excited to have to fuck him either. From missionary they go to a modified spoons and finally to reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. He spends some time chocking her (putting his hand around her throat) as they fuck and although it looks pretty hot she doesn't seem to enjoy it and watching a chick fuck who is not enjoying herself is kind of a dud. She pulls off of his cock and milks the cum out of his shaft with her sweet mouth for a weak facial to close this scene.

The next scene stars the two platinum blonde cover girls, Stacy and Sandy. These two sex-pots are sexy as hell. Stacy is my favorite between the two. Her nipples and tits really turn me on. They are both European of origin; given their accents I would say Czech, Hungarian or something of the like. Stacy has a tattoo on her arm which although its not totally sexy does not take away from her white-hot beauty. These two kittens start of pawing at each other while Nacho talks to them from behind the camera. He asks if they are bored and would like to have sex. Of course they say yes. He asks if they will do each other. Of course they say yes. He asks if they are lesbians and Stacy replies that she is a "little lesbian" while Sandy says that she is a lesbian with Stacy only. We are treated to some pretty and glossy lesbo action involving fingers, tongues and a bright pink double dong before meat enters the equation. Even though he is still behind the camera Nacho manages to grope a little ass a lick a little pussy to get in on the action. If nothing else, nacho gets points for being able to film and participate in the scene at the same time. He enters Stacy first (as I would have too) as these two kittens lay back on the couch each with one end of the dong in their mouths, presumably to keep them from getting too bored. Nacho works his way back and forth between these cuties and the next thing we know we are treated to a sweet POV double bj with both of these super-hot sluts looking up like little meowing kittens as they relish Nacho's thick pork roll. This is really pretty to watch (too bad the energy isn't higher). He takes them doggie and then they dildo each other for a while until some new meat (with a terrible hair cut) cums onto the scene. Where he comes from we don't know but hey, obviously porn does not need to make sense to sell. They go down on him before each takes a ride on his bologna pony cowgirl and reverse respectively. He turns them over and takes them doggie and missionary before launching a load of man goo all over Stacy's mouth and Sandy's ass. It looks very pretty but there is not much authentic heat or enjoyment to the scene.

Next up, Andrea in her green latex mini and another nameless euro-cock. What sets this meat apart from the others is that he has a nice big, thick, long and pretty cock. He even has a pretty good clue how to use it so as not to waste all of that groovy man-flesh. Andrea is not all that good looking. Actually, she has a pretty decent body but her face is kind of plain, average and disappointing. She sucks good cock as she drops to her knees to get her man hard. He man gives her adequate and very brief oral favors before turning her around to enter her doggy with one knee up on the table in front of her. She moans and groans realistically as he pumps her twat full of flesh. We get some close ups on her pussy that reveal a fairly large pussy hole. He doesn't seem to fill her tightly even though he has a nice size hunk of beef. SLUT! He fucks her missionary with one leg over his shoulder and gives his thumb to her to suck on and get slutty with while she takes a dicking. They move into a hot standing position with one leg on the ground and her other hooked over his arm as she rides and he pumps in this flexible standing schtupping. Still standing he pulls out and holds his cock on her ass and pumps between his hand and ass for friction until he unloads a tiny amount of mayo on her sweet buns.

Finally we get to Sabina Black. She is perhaps the sexiest girl in this DVD. She looks sexy and nasty and yet still retains a girl-next-door- ishness about her. She has nasty fuck me eyes, great natural tits and a sexy but natural body. This scene also has some decent heat to it, especially relative to the rest of this movie. As it is the finale and one of the hotter scenes with the sexiest girl I will not reveal too much. She looks great, sounds great and fucks great. Her oral skills are a little weak (average and adequate) but what she lacks in skill she makes up for with enthusiasm and effort. She fucks that same gross tattooed fuck from earlier. He finally delivers another weak, thin and small load for her to end this scene which shoulda woulda coulda been a scorcher with a girl like Sabina. Sabina delivers some nice post-cum head and the scene fades. One final question or thought that I pose is, how can you get paid to have sex with gorgeous girls who do all the slutty things in the world for you and not make it a point to save up a thick nasty, jizz load as not only a reward for your slut but also for the integrity and value of the production you are working on. If I were getting paid to fuck these chicks I would not have sex or masturbate for a day or two before the scene so I could deliver a respectable and enjoyable payload for the money shot. Hey, I guess that is just me. There is just something so disappointing about finishing the scene with a pathetically small and weak cum shot.




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