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Title: Dirty Little Sex Brats #3  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: C+


Dirty Little Sex Brats 3

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- C

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- F

A/V Quality - D

Time- Unknown

Company- Digital Playground

Director- Dirty Mike

Cast- Tabitha Stevents, Sydnee Steele, Lola, Dolly, Jessica, Viviann

Review- This is a collection of vignettes that rates only fair. The girls are not that stunning and neither is the sex, but the poor camera work really pushes this DVD into the "forgettable" category.

Starting off is Tabitha Stevens, who is one of the least attractive women in porn, in my opinion, even with the piled on makeup she wears in this and every film. She has such a skanky horse face that every time she says something nasty (and she always does), I can't help but picture a porn version of Mr. Ed. She sluts her way into an adult video store and pisses off the employee, then grabs a dildo off the shelf, spits on it, and flips off the employee while shoving it up her snatch. Very classy. She then gets on her knees and gives the guy a deep blowjob. Her globes look utterly ridiculous as she lays on her back for a banging from Mr. Minimum Wage. You can see her slit is freshly shaved during his pussy licking session, followed by some deep RCG. Eventually, he cums all over her outstretched tongue while still wearing his white athletic socks. Stupid.

On the cover is a gal named Lola who looks slutty and nasty, but in her vignette she is a sweet, young, innocent babysitter fantasizing about her employers, a classy couple dressed in black, taking her one at a time. This gal is very young-looking and convincing as an innocent teen. They never show the entire woman who is with her throughout the lesbo action but it is Jessica, a buxom classy brunette. There is some short but very close up pussy licking. Next she fantasizes about the husband, who is uncircumsized. After taking a fucking, he shoves his cock down her throat and pushes her head back and forth roughly, eliciting real tears from this frightened, confused cutie. She takes a nasty spooge open mouth jizz lunch and makes a spitty disgusting mess of herself at the end.

Viviann and Sydnee Steele next try to convince some black motherfucker to hire Viviann as a teen underwear model, but first they have to prove her worth. Sydnee is great in this scene and really steals the show. First this guy gets a great double blowjob with Viviann going up and down the shaft while Sydnee sucks his balls vigorously. This is a sweet scene but here the camera angles really start to deteriorate, unfortunately. There is a good closeup of Viviann riding this black monster but he's wearing a condom (boo, hiss). Sydnee spreads Viviann's ass and spanks her while she's getting fucked but keeps making that constant porn star hissing sound that is so annoying. What the hell is that, anyway? Sydnee keeps taking this guy's cock in her mouth straight from Viviann's pussy and then gets her own box eaten by both of them. She also licks his big black feet. They both suck him off and he cums on their tongues. A pretty good scene except for the shit camera work.

Lastly, we have Dolly, a buxom blonde with no personality who finds herself in a motorcycle shop getting gangbanged by three ugly bikers with beards and no condoms. She gets her ass tongued while sucking one cock and eventually takes a really tight ass fuck on top of a motorcycle. But nothing can save the really poor camera work here and frankly, three dicks is one more than this gal can manage. Someone keeps getting left out in the cold. They all three cum on her face and again she slobbers herself into oblivion, spit and cum drooling down her chin.

The only extra is a slide show.



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