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Title: Bridgette & Friends Explosed  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Bridgette and Friends Exposed

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- B+

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- C+ behind the scenes from two Jill Kelly Productions features (not very interesting or sexy) behind the scenes photo galleries and jump to chapter index.

A/V Quality- A


Company- Jill Kelly Productions

Director- Jon Yuma

Cast- Bridgette Kerkove, Layla Jade, Rebecca Lord, Bobbi Barrington and Angela Crystal

Review- A fine production from JKP featuring all very hot women and adequate meat puppets. There is nothing natural about Bridgette Kerkove anymore except for that she is still all woman. That being said she is a fucking hottie. If the Barbie Doll company were to make a porn queen Barbie, it would look like Bridgette. Huge, fat dick sucking lips, long butt length blonde hair, sexy eyes, a long, slender well toned torso, long sexy legs and nice bubbly but not large ass and don't forget those huge fucking silicone globes. Mmm, mmm, mmm...yummy fuck slut. And that girl is one nasty mother-fucker. Excellent. Layla Jade is a nasty talking British tart with a pair of hefty hooters enhanced by the surgical knife. She is another plastic fucking Barbie Doll that could easily be the model for Porn Queen Barbie. And of course, sultry, French fuck slut Rebecca Lord is also featured on this DVD. Her sexy accent and thin, toned body and her nasty, nasty fuck me eyes will get your blood racing (to your cock that is (for all of you guys)). Bobbi Barrington is another British cherry who is damn cute to look at although she is a little on the soft side but that makes for some nice cushion for the pushin'. And by no means is she fat or hefty just a little soft in all of the right places. She looks great riding cowgirl and she sucks dick pretty good too. All right, enough with the introductions....

Scene One: Slurp, Suck and Spew Slut. This scene stars the illustrious and sexy as hell Bridgette Kerkove and Rod Fontana, a gross, bald, overweight male with tits near as big as Bridgette's (okay not that big but a bra may be useful to this guy if you get my drift), and nasty cock. That lucky mother-fucker gets to have his piece of meat sucked, drooled on, spit on, licked and other nasty, nasty wonderfuls performed on it by a woman so hot that in real life he couldn't get anywhere near her let alone get her attention. Bridgette displays above average oral skills and gets down right slutty on his meat member. She talks nasty, drools and spits a lot and gives great eye contact. Her fat dick-sucking lips look great, even around Rod's rod. This is a strictly bj scene but don't be disappointed. Bridgette is great and Rod shows his appreciation all over her chin and over-inflated globes. You go Bridgette.

Scene two: Sunny Summer Swingers, starring Rebecca Lord, Bobbi Barrington and Ian Daniels. Two more stunning sluts bring an international flavor to this scene and lucky Ian Daniels reaps the benefits of these spicy lovelies. We start off with Rebecca and Bobbi on a couch sunning themselves outdoors while reading. They are obviously getting bored. Of course the suntan lotion comes out and needs to be applied so the two hussies don't get their soft, satiny skin burnt. Yes, folks, we all know what happens next. Porn+ 2 horny sexy sluts+ sunscreen and boredom = what? You know it...lesbian sex!!! These two sexy lasses fucking get each other all worked up just in time for Ian Daniels to appear on the scene ready to let the girls get nasty on his fuck stick. They do a fine job. Rebecca always gives great oral, especially blow jobs and though this was not her finest bj performance she still gets high marks. Bobbi's bj skills are not as aggressive and do not shine as brightly as does Rebecca's but I would let her suck my cock and I know she could keep me hard. In other words, she still turns in a good blowjob and certainly earns the fucking that she is rewarded with for her fine oral efforts. Bobbi is treated to Ian's rod as she takes it doggy while licking and readying Rebecca's sweet snatch for her turn on Ian's bologna pony. Director Jon Yuma gives us some nice camera angles. I especially liked Rebecca's shoes and the way they showed off her French manicured toenails, go figure. After Bobbi gets sufficient cock to satiate her initial desire for dick, she lets Rebecca take a ride on Ian while she cools herself off with a block of ice. With her large natural titties as a playground for the ice we are treated to some sweet, hot images to take to our bedsides with us. Rebecca climbs on for reverse cowgirl but leans back and lets Ian do the hard work for a while, accepting his deep strokes with enthusiasm. She is wild with her screams and moaning and while she is getting a little on the skinny side she still has great toned muscles and looks awesome accepting Ian's fuck rod in her pink fuck hole. Rebecca's sweet French pastry pussy milks the cum right out of Ian and he blows his load over both Bobbi and Rebecca's faces while standing over them. They lick it up. It's hot!

Scene three: Busted, starring Bridgette Kerkove and Voodoo. This is the only scene in the movie that seems to have anything to do with the title of this movie. Bridgette is working for what appears to be the police to expose and bust Voodoo for whatever charges and reasons (they were not shared with us if they were even thought up). Bridgette is asked to get him to make a move on her and get him into a compromising situation (if y'all know what I mean) so that the authorities could move in. Okay, scene set. Enough with the bull shit on with the sex! Bridgette looks great. She is young in her porn career here because she had yet to have her boob job at the time this scene was filmed. Her natural tits are still sexy as hell and, go figure, her nipples look even sexier on the original boobs they were on. Anyway, her hair is still very long and in a braid and she is wearing this sexy leather outfit with big high-heeled boots. Yummy and delicious. Voodoo is one of the best-looking dudes in porn that I have scene in a while. He has a nice thick, long rod, a cute face, tattoos and a toned, but not over-muscular body. Bridgette has no problems getting him to make a move. Hell, just putting on the outfit she was wearing is enough to get a guy to make a move. She sucks his nice, long cock...once again demonstrating great oral ability. He encourages her with some nasty talking which helps to build the heat of the scene up. He returns the oral favors using his tongue piercing to real drive Bridgette wild. Feeling the necessity for cock she jumps on for a reverse cowgirl ride on his meat pony showing of her skinny, sexy body and hairless pussy. Doggy vag and anal follow. The heat in this scene is good. The chemistry between the two is hot and they build each other up with the mutual dirty talking. All in all a great equation for some hot fucking porn! They spoon anal with some nasty gaping shots of Bridgette's back door before she spit shines her shit off of his dick earning a creamy load all over her pretty, natural titties. He on the other hand earns himself an arrest. Poor sap, but he got some great pussy to see him through whatever time he may serve.

Scene four: Lady in Red, starring Rebecca Lord and Angela Crystal. Stunning blonde Angela must be the Lady in Red since Rebecca is in a long black sexy nightie. Rebecca sits on the couch and Angela does a sexy little dance for her before climbing on the couch and rubbing herself against and pawing Rebecca getting the sex-ball rolling. Both girls look really great, really sexy and that is a treat anywhere, even in porn-land. The girls paw each other, lick and suck on each other warming up for a pretty hot lesbo scene before Rebecca whips out and dons a dark meat strap on dong and takes charge of the sexual situation at hand. Angela performs a bj (probably for our sake) and gets that dong nice and wet so Rebecca can cram it in her from behind in doggie on the couch. Angela takes it well grinding and groaning with abandon before rolling over for a reverse cowgirl that really shows off both pussies very well. Not bad for a girl-girl scene at all.

Scene five: Young Lovers, Starring Lucy Petry and John. This was filmed on location in Czech Republic and there is no audible English in the scene. Lucy is a fucking cutie! A real girl-next-door. She has a look of innocence about her and is genuinely pretty, not slutty looking at all. She fucks fairly well though. She goes down on John, her returns the favor. They roll through the standard positions with one that deserves mention. He is sitting, she straddles him reverse cowgirl but puts her bare feet on his thighs and rides him from there, This position coupled with the camera angle really shows of her trim, sexy body and her pretty feet and toes and they look really hot in this position. He cums on her face and she looks so innocent and na´ve it's really sexy somehow. Yum, yum!

Scene six: Latex Ladies, Starring Bridgette Kerkove and Layla Jade. There is some stupid babble to start the scene off. Bridgette hopes that we, the viewer, are hot and turned on and enjoying her movie so far. She is excited to have gotten Layla Jade to work with on the next scene and she is sure we will enjoy it. They are donned in latex outfits. Layla physically steals the scene with her big tits (better boob job sorry Bridgette), smoother face and sexier out fit. Bridgette is in pink, with pink latex stocking under her heals. Layla has a sexy black teddy on with laces up the front that really shows off her massive cleavage. They talk nasty, lick and suck each other, strip each other, peeling off their latex skin. They use tongues fingers and dildos to satisfy each other's carnal desires. With all of the dirty talking and two fucking Barbie doll looking sexy sluts this is a hot scene, even for girl-girl. Though, I am not sure that I would have ended this fairly hot movie on a girl-girl note. I would have ended on something hotter, but hey I am just a reviewer not a director or producer, I just know how to watch it, stroke off and share my thoughts with the porno community at large. Thank goodness!

All in all folks, good, quality porn. Fairly tame but good energy, high heat and great looking girls in every scene. A good DVD for your money. A fine addition to your DVD porn collection.




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