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Title: Man Juice (Gay)  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: D-
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: C-
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: n/a


Title: Man Juice

Overall Rating: F

Female Looks: N/A

Male Looks: D-

Sex: F

Plot: N/A

Acting: F

Extras: D-

A/V Quality: D+

Date: January 21, 2002

Production Company: Macho Man Video

Director: Karen Dior

Cast: Brandon Bryce, Vincent Cannon, Vince Harrington, Chad Evans, Enzo Fereni and Adam Shephard


Ever been out on a date and half way through you think to yourself; "what the hell are you doing girl?"? Well everyone, watch Man Juice and I guarantee you'll be doing the same exact thing. I'm not quite sure what Macho Man Video thought it was doing when it released this one, but I'm going to sum it up real simple; bad sex, unattractive men, terrible flic.

The film is a series of three vignettes that all take place on the same set; black garbage bags hanging from the walls made to look like curtains. The first scene involves Brandon Bryce and a red hair boy. Unfortunately I can't give you the other actor's name because the biography extra of this DVD included mostly joke pictures of the actors (see my gripe below under DVD extras). They start with Brandon Bryce going down on "Red" and then Red returning the favor. Both actors have plenty of meat to shove down someone's throat, but unfortunately both tools were utilized poorly. Neither actor looked very good at sucking dick and what was even worse, neither of them seemed very happy to be receiving it either. Shit honey, wouldn't take very long for a smile to come across my face if someone was sucking my cock. The fucking finally starts after Brandon fingers Red's hole for a little while and we are forced to sit through a couple more minutes of unarousing sex. Although Brandon's pelvis gyrates like a good fuck pig, this scene completely lacks sex appeal and does nothing for one's libido. Red comes while getting fucked by Brandon and then Brandon pulls out and positions himself so that he can squirt all over Red's face. I thought things were looking up, but again the actor's inability to carry off the sex ruined this scene. While Brandon is jerking himself off and coming, Red squishes up his eyes and mouth so tightly that it looks comical. I understand that getting come in your eye burns, but Red honey, if you're going to be in porn, try and turn me on.

The next scene involves a twink and an older, hairier man. The older man enters from behind the black garbage bags, gropes on the twink for a little bit and then spins him around so he can play with his ass through his ripped jeans. Oral action begins and again both actors bring to the screen nice sized pieces of man meat. They're big and stay erect, but again neither actor looked committed to the oral sex they were participating in. A poor rim job follows and then the older man begins to fuck the twink. They screw in several different positions and the viewer is allowed a good number of close ups. Although the sex gets a little better when penetration occurs (I said just a little better), I still found myself uninterested in the sex. Part of it was because I found both actors to be unattractive, but most of it was due to the fact that the same couple of sex shots were shown over and over again. That is a big "no-no" in my book. If you don't have enough good footage at the end of the day, just make the scene shorter and save your audience the hassle of watching something they've already sat through. The jizz shots are up next and while the older man is on his back jerking off, the twink is on his knees in front of his face preparing to shoot sperm. The twink comes first and as in the first scene the older guy squishes up his face in anticipation of getting come on him and ruins the effect the movie is trying to create. He comes shortly after and the scene is over.

The final scene involves a blonde and a brunette and begins the exact same way the other two did: with one actor hanging out in front of the garbage bags until the second actor enters. Upon entering, the blonde begins sucking off the brunette and immediately we become aware that we are in store for another bad suck job. They then switch positions and blonde boy gets his hole ready for a rim job. The brunette licks his hole a little bit and then decides to finger it a little. This part also falls flat as the brunette merely pokes at the ass in his face and fails to make the audience believe that what he is doing actually feels good. The fucking begins and to no surprise at all it is non-arousing and boring. The blonde boy, who is bottoming, rides the top's dick for a while and then lays down to take some more cock up his ass. Throughout this part, he is on his back and appears as though he is relaxing in a nice hot tub rather than getting fucked in the ass. A double-headed dildo is pulled out briefly and then the come shots arrive... well, come shot really. The top gets over the bottom's face and then squirts come on it as seen before in the first two scenes. Then, to make this movie even more of a failure, the bottom fakes an orgasm as the camera remains focused on his face, not letting the audience see a come shot. This of course is "no-no" number two in my book. Obviously if your actors aren't coming they aren't enjoying themselves... and if they aren't enjoying themselves during sex... well then they're just silly.

For me personally, this movie was a flop. Not only were the majority of the actors unattractive, but the sex they displayed on camera was unenjoyable for the viewer to watch and by the looks of it, unenjoyable for the actors to participate in. Most of the extras were your run of the mill chapter and sub-chapter selection, a photo gallery and a bios section, which brings me to my last gripe. All of the bios, with the exception of one, Brandon Bryce, had pictures of everything but the actor themselves. One was of a dog, another was of a pussy spread open. Maybe these are inside jokes for the actors and producers of this film, but if a viewer, after watching this film really enjoyed one of the actor's performances and was interested in finding out who he was, how are they expected to when they aren't given the opportunity to match up a name with a face. Or is this just the actor's way of keeping himself unassociated with trash titled Man Juice.

Duffy Boy

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