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Title: Quasar Man (Gay)  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: n/a


Title: Quasar Man

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: N/A

Male Looks: C--

Sex: C

Plot: C+

Acting: C

Extras: B

A/V Quality: B-

Date: January 17, 2002

Production Company: Macho Man Video

Director: Karen Dior

Cast: Blake Andres, Danny Chance, Gordon Lee, Jason Nikas and Brandon Bryce


Red Alert Girls! RED ALERT! There are aliens among us and they've come to impregnate the gay men of West Hollywood! That's right, an alien race is dieing somewhere in another solar system due to the fact that they can't reproduce and they've sent our alien adventurer down to planet earth to spread his seed.

The alien is transported to earth and lands smack dab in the middle of WeHo (who could think of a better place to plant alien seed? Not me!). And although he has received a briefing on how he needs to make those babies, our alien figures that it would be best to watch two boys in action before he tries it himself (oh boy... voyeurism... you know I love myself a little peeky-peeky). The boys start in with the cock sucking and the alien, like every good peeping tom, peers through the window and watches intently. They exchange sucks and move into several different positions. Although there are some good close-ups and the different positions keep the viewer from getting bored, this foreplay seems awkward and neither actor really looked like they were good at giving head (Scott? Ken? Free lessons?). Finally the cock-to-ass action begins and the butt cheeks get spread. Top boy throws a pretty decent fuck into his bottom and luckily for the viewer, the bottom remains hard and takes every meaty inch of that boner with pleasure. They fuck in two different positions until finally the bottom gets the come fucked out of him and the top shortly follows.

In the next scene we find our alien friend waiting in front of the public library. A boy walks by, asks the alien if he's looking for action, and then proceeds to take the alien to his house for a good fuck. I first had a problem with this brief dialogue, but then I remembered two things:

1. This is a porno... and

2. They're in West Hollywood. Sometimes boys don't even talk to each other and they're already got their dicks in each other's asses.

Cocks get whipped out and faces get fucked like nobody's business. Although I didn't find either of the actors attractive, I do have to give them kudos for they both had impressive cocks and had no problem taking the other's down to the pubes. More sucking takes place and then the alien finds himself on his back becoming a bottom. Library boy humps ferociously and the alien moans in pleasurable delight as he feels every inch of that cock slide in and out of his alien crater. Positions are changed and both actors remain consistent. The top keeps fucking and the bottom's ass keeps quivering for more. The come shot arrives and the viewer is both delighted and disappointed. While our resident alien squirts a pretty good load, top boy who has been fucking like a pro merely dribbles and finishes the scene.

Luckily for the alien however, this chance meeting in front of the library brings forth yet another sexual encounter. Library boy has a neighbor that's a big bottom and when asked if he feels like topping, our alien replies like a true West Hollywood ho and accepts. It isn't long before he's next door sucking dick. Once again I will have to say that neither man was very attractive, but do deserve credit on their cock sucking abilities. They then move to a rimming session where the neighbor gets on the kitchen table and offers his ass to the alien for lunch. We get right up in the action and HOOOOOOOOOLE-Y cow! Make sure you don't fall into that ass canyon girls (someone's been naughty and has been sticking some rather large things up there)! After that, the fucking begins and the neighbor opens shop and allows the alien to do his exploration. Once again both actors have a lot of fuck in their bodies, but no matter how hot they tried to make it look, I just couldn't get past the ever-prevalent "squish" sound that was coming from the neighbor's canyon (was that an echo I heard?). Finally the neighbor comes as he remains seated on the alien's cock and then gets off to get his partner off. He sucks the alien for a while and then is finally able to make him come after a couple of deep throats. If getting' sticky face is your thing, don't miss this one. The alien squirts a healthy load on his fuck buddy's face, successfully spreading his alien spawn, and successfully concluding the movie.

The bonuses on this DVD were the average and included the usual chapter selection, slide show and actor biographies. The best extra of course was the "behind the scenes" section that I'm finding to be a regular bonus on all of Karen's films. If watching out-takes and learning about shooting porn is your thing, then this is yours. Karen hides nothing and leaves everything in; from actors forgetting their lines to cameras falling to the floor, it's all on display in this bonus.

Duffy Boy

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