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Title: Lust in Red  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Lust In Red

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- C-

A/V Quality - C-

Time- Unknown

Company- Jill Kelly Productions

Director- Jon Yuma

Cast- Gwen Summers, Rebecca Lord, Olivia Del Rio, Maeva Excel, Verena, Michael J. Cox, Ian Daniels, some other guys

Review- The cover of this DVD says "You cannot walk away from lust," but you sure can walk away from this DVD. Although Gwen and Rebecca are on my favorites list, they don't keep this movie from being overall completely forgettable. Thankfully low on plot, this series of vignettes is also low on decent camera work and features only mildly entertaining sex.

First, Olivia Del Rio pairs up with Ian Daniels in a dirty garage with her dressed up as a biker bitch. She is a hottie with a knockout body, waist length black hair and dark skin wearing a bikini, riding leathers and thigh high red lace up platform boots. Despite her Harley-Davidson headband, these two get it on all over a Honda crotchrocket, and very precariously indeed, which sucks all the passion out of this scene. There are too many weird camera angles although some of them are from the blowjob recipient's point of view, which is good because this girl is gorgeous. She works her titties all over his cock and he sits on her face before they get into a dangerous balancing act on this Honda which just does not work. They are both looking around and at the camera and the whole scene seems disjointed and way too quiet. She takes a mouthload at the end.

Next, Maeva has a garden three-way with Brian and Kevin. She is cute and thin with nice round boobs. One of these guys has a gargantuan cock. She starts off on her knees, lunching on both these engorged members then goes for an anal RCG ride and suck, taking the monster in her ass right off the bat. The guy with the smaller dick wins points for paying more attention to her pussy. Then she gives another double BJ in a hot tub and they move inside a house for some DP action with her taking the smaller guy in the ass this time. Better close-ups and camera work in this scene. They both shoot all other her face but she keeps her mouth shut and does not swallow. This was probably the best scene in the DVD because the one guy's cock is just so monstrous, and because both guys treat her relatively gently, affectionately and with care, even while they are pounding her asshole into oblivion. It's a fine line, but us girls can tell the difference.

Rebecca Lord sucks Ian while Michael eats her unshaven pussy in the next scene, taking place on a pinball table. Good close-ups of some pussy fingering here, then Rebecca goes for the double BJ on her knees. These three have a standard suck and fuck three way but it just doesn't work, once again. Michael is so scrawny, Rebecca looks too thin and they all just look skinny, white and pale in this scene. More precarious balancing on bar stools and crappy camera work make this scene another throwaway.

Next, Gwen Summers takes a bath pouring milk all over herself and starts to fuck herself with a dildo, but then the scene ends. Whatever. She is a cutie with such a young body, but this scene was a complete waste of film unless you have a milk fetish.

Thrown in for kicks is a scene shot "on location in Czecholslovakia," for whatever that's worth. This is Verena, a pretty girl with a lovely body and nice, natural tits taking on two guys in some kind of metal shop. Both these guys have relatively small dicks for porn and she gives them not-very-deep blowjobs. Good anal RCG with good anal close-ups in this scene, but overall this whole three-way just looks like work. They do go DP but the lighting is poor so the close-up is wasted.

Finally, Michael J. Cox, Gwen and Rebecca are at play with a video camera, all climbing all over each other and giggling. These two girls are very pretty and Michael certainly looks like he is enjoying himself. He gets a great double BJ from these two hotties then they each play bouncie-horsie on his lap while the other girl films and plays with herself. The best part of this scene is a sandwich with Gwen on the bottom, Rebecca in the middle and Michael on top, plunging from one pussy to the other, then cumming on Rebecca's tight asshole and the jizz drips down her ass all over Gwen's worked-over pussy.

Blatant condom use in this DVD. Extras were photo gallery and jump to scene, with some photo gallery and Behind the Scenes from completely different movies. This DVD was a definite throw-away, not worth more than a $4 rental fee, and for that $4 you could do a lot better. Keep looking.



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