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Title: Bi-Dazzled  
Reviewer: Duffy Boy  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: C+


Title: Bi-Dazzled

Overall Rating: C+

Female Looks: C

Male Looks: C

Sex: B

Plot: B

Acting: A-

Extras: A-

A/V Quality: B

Date: January 15, 2002

Production Company: Bi Now Productions

Director: Karen Dior

Cast: Katerina, Kira, Sweet Williams, Vince Harrington, Danny Brown, Chance Caldwell & Vince Logan


Bored? Lonely? Tired of sitting at home by yourself on Friday nights with nothing to do but rub one off? Well then damn girls! Sell your soul to the Devil and become the hottest piece of ass around town. That's what Sweet Williams does and in this film he gets more ass than a toilet seat!

It opens with Sweet calling friend after friend, looking for something to do only to be blown off by each of them (and I'm not referencing "blow" in a good way ladies). Finally, in a moment of desperation, Sweet says to himself that he would do just about anything to become popular. Hearing that, our good ole' friend the Devil pops in for a visit. She's there to make him an offer. He'll get four wishes, if she gets his soul. Sweet is a little skeptical and before signing the contract he wants proof. He wishes he could see what Bob and John, two friends that blew him off, were doing.

Luckily for the viewer Bob (played by Chance Caldwell) and John are two horn dogs and happen to be getting it on with a girl, who the Devil transforms into herself. They start with a little sucky-sucky. First the Devil taking both cocks into her mouth and then both the Devil and John taking their turns pleasing Chance and that uncut cock of his. This part drags a little bit, but don't fast forward through it otherwise you'll miss Chance finger fuck the Devil and John simultaneously as he gets his cock teased. It then shows the Devil getting' her "ate out pussy good" while John continues to suck off Chance. Chance eats her pussy like it's going out of style and then throws a decent fuck into her while John offers her his cock. They then switch positions and Chance crams his meat into John's boy pink. John takes it like a trooper and expresses his enjoyment by burying his face deeper and deeper into the Devil's juice hole. They change positions one last time before squirtin' their jizz and making the Devil's milky tits even milkier.

We are then transported back to Sweet's apartment where he must make his decision. Remain lonely old Sweet and never have anything to do, or sell his soul to the Devil and get his brains fucked out on a regular basis? Decisions... decisions. What would you choose? Just what I thought... I'll see you in hell.

The next fuck scene begins after Sweet wishes that he could diddle two of his co-workers, Mike and Pamela. Their opening oral scene lasts awhile, but really allows the viewer to see what each of the actors has to offer. Both men have decent sized cocks and are able to keep them hard while Pamela offers the audience her chest. Her tits are huge... they're round... and most exciting... they're real! Just watch the fun the three of them have licking and twisting their silver dollar nipples. Mike and Sweet then focus their concentration on Pamela's pussy. They pet and play with it for quite some time, making sure that it's good and juicy before burying their bones in it. They each take turns fucking Pamela and then blow their loads. Although each deliver a decent cum shot, I think this scene leaves the viewer wishing that there was more fucking going on and a lot less foreplay.

The next sex scene involves Sweet, the Devil and a demon boy (played by Vince Logan) Sweet wishes to have sex with. The suck fest begins and most of the attention is focused Sweet. They suck his cock and Vince even rims him for a bit. Unfortunately for the viewer, (if rimming is your cup of tea, or should I say cup of ass?) Karen Dior never moves in for a close up and we don't get a good look at the action. The scene continues and unfortunately begins to drag as each actor takes numerous turns toying with each other's fuck parts. Finally the poking begins and we find Vince fucking Sweet as Sweet fucks the Devil. The sex looks pretty good, but once again there aren't any good close ups of the actual "fuck-sertion" so the viewer is left watching the actors hump around on each other. They change positions one more time and we find the Devil on her back getting filled from both ends. Sweet plows her twat while her demon boy fucks her face. Here we get some good close ups of Sweet's rod screwing the Devil's puss and the scene draws to a close as both men shoot their baby making juice on the Devil's tits.

At the conclusion of the movie, the Devil asks Sweet to make his final wish before she takes possession of his soul. What will it be? What ever will it be? Will he wish to have more pricks in him than a pincushion, or will he realize that sex is the root of all evil and he should be saving himself for marriage? Not to ruin the ending for you, (I know you're just hanging onto the edge of your seat), but he wusses out and wishes that none of the previous sex had ever happened. (Note to self: don't hang out with people like Sweet!)

All in all Bi-Dazzled was a decent porno. Although most of the actors in this film were not my type, the storyline, the non-sexual acting and a good amount of the sex made this little flic enjoyable. The overall production quality was pretty good (minus a couple of random phones ringing in the background) and the DVD bonuses were great. Make sure to check out the "behind the scenes" section of this DVD.

Duffy Boy

Email me with questions or comments at: duffy_boy@hotmail.com



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