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Title: Hustler XXX #8  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: A


Hustler XXX Video #8

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- B+

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B+

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- Tons of great trailers, jump to chapters and a nice slide show of images from the shoot.

A/V Quality- A

Time- Over 2 hours

Company- Hustler

Director- Pierre Woodman

Cast- 5 European cunts and several European cocks.

Review- I was so stoked to see a copy of one of Hustler's XXX videos in this month's batch of reviews that I just had to watch it first. After a visit to Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Bourbon street, where I was treated as near royalty, on my last excursion to New Orleans I had high expectations as to what carnal treats I was in store for. My expectations only grew when I realized that Pierre Woodman was recruited away from Private to Larry Flynt's Hustler Video line.

With such high expectations and anticipation I would have thought that I would be in for some disappointment. After all, once one has such high expectations of something the reality generally falls short. I am pleased to say that the combined efforts of Woodman and Flynt proved that theory wrong. Both men upheld their reputations as great porn makers, the content of the video was as good as the packaging and the girls looked as good in the video (with cocks in mouths and cunts) as they did made up all pretty on the box cover. Way to go guys!

There is no coherent or cohesive plot or theme to this flick other than great looking girls taking on multiple cocks and smiling pretty for the camera. This is a series of vignettes all involving multiple guys on a cute young thing. Yummy! Also, since all these girls are European fuck sluts there is very little dialogue to be distracted with...its just wall-to-wall sex.

Scene One involves a guy working a late shift in some sort of brewery or distillery. He's going about his usual business when out from one of the vats pops a cute young blonde with great natural tits and a sweet, sweet smile. She immediately goes down on his cock exhibiting adequate yet enthusiastic oral skills. He accepts the oral and moves her up into one of these stainless steel vats. He gives her the minimum requisite oral attention she deserves before bending her over for a standing doggie in a steel cart. This girl is one beautiful slut and it's a pleasure to watch her take cock. All of the noise these two make catches the attention of another stud that works there. After watching her ride that cock in cowgirl for a bit he can't stand it anymore and he offers to throw his meat into the equation. The two dudes tag off and dude two takes over while their little fuck slut rides him reverse cowgirl. She has good energy and is vocal with her guttural moans and groans. She sucks off dude one while she takes a great ride on the bologna pony. Woodman gives us some great camera work and angles along with sufficient close ups of the action and the clarity of her really pretty little pink pussy is just awesome. Next she takes one cock in her ass reverse cowgirl. It takes a while to ease in there but I guess that's because they don't believe in much lube on this set of this scene. Eventually they shove that dick in there and thankfully her mouth is full of cock to muffle her near screaming moans. Next they roll her over and switch holes. Now dude two is sitting in front of her getting his dick sucked while she takes it doggie anal from dude one. You can tell that she is really starting to enjoy her scene because her cock sucking improves, it becomes more spirited and the more she gets into it the better they fuck her, the better they fuck her the more enthusiastic she becomes. As she gets sluttier and sluttier we approach the mandatory DP for the scene. She climbs on to ride the cock she was just sucking while dude two shoves his man meat back into her ass as they double team this moaning, wanton cunt. Her moans actually sound pretty realistic as opposed to over-the-top and unbelievable. They fuck her real good like this for a while until the guy in her ass pulls out and pops on her poop-chute and the other guys cock. She pulls the cock out of her pussy and sucks him off until he blows his creamy load on her face. Well-earned sweetie!

Scene two takes place in an office. A great looking brunette in a sexy tight dress (presumably a secretary) walks into her boss's office. She looks stunning in her dress but thankfully she is not in it for long. She strips out of it to reveal large, natural gorgeous breasts with great shape and nipples. God her tits look great in every position from every angle. What a babe. Her boss goes down on her smooth shaved snatch before shoving his fuck stick in her tight, young hole. She has a great body and the missionary on the desk really shows off her flat, toned tummy, arms and her long, slender, well-toned legs. He pulls out of her and moves to a leather couch where he gets some nice oral attention from this sexy little fuck hole. We are treated to some really sexy and nasty eye contact too. She climbs on board his cock for a little cowgirl ride and we are next treated to some great views of her ass before a second cock joins the party. He walks in completely naked and without a word stands next to her and directs her sweet little mouth around his already erect member. She bounces up and down long enough to get the feel of working two cocks at once before they switch and the new guy fucks her from behind standing while the other cock gets sucked off. Although her oral skills diminish as she gets fucked at the same time she delivers some very high energy to the scene and is great eye-candy. They move to a reverse cowgirl and then to a missionary on the desk again. This time one guy is fucking her while the other sits on the couch to watch. She gets slammed hard on the desk giving us a great show of her awesome titties flopping up and down. Quite lovely. To finish off the scene the couch guy stands up and she starts a double bj on these two until finally she gets a double load of extra creamy man mayo on her innocent looking face.

The next scene takes place in a produce warehouse. The girl in this scene is probably the hottest blonde in the movie. She takes on three guys on a forklift loaded with palettes of potatoes. This girl is a fucking hottie. She has beautiful wavy, long blonde hair, seductive eyes, a sweet little mouth (perfect for sucking dick) great natural tits with pert nipples, a flat, toned belly, long toned legs and pretty feet to boot. She takes on a black stud and two white guys. We start off with hand job and fondling and quickly move to a three-dick bj. Understandably intimidated by the plethora of cock before her, she steps up to the plate and gives an effort-filled blowjob and looks very good doing it. Again, what she may lack in actual skill or technique is made up in effort and enthusiasm. Good job baby. She climbs on one of the white cocks for some cowgirl that really shows of her near-perfect little ass and long hair. During her ride she sucks cock and gets spanked. Woodman gives us some great angles here, including bird's eye, and the action really starts to heat up as she starts to really enjoy what a slut she is getting to be (and on camera too, what a turn on baby). Her eyes speak carnal volumes on pleasure. She rolls over to take it missionary from the black stud while she alternates licks on the white dicks. Man does this chick have stamina.

They continue to roll through the positions until everybody gets to fuck her pussy and her ass, they do some blistering dp and finally she gets some nice facial to close the scene. Again I reiterate what a gorgeous fucking babe this hottie is. Not only does she look good but she looks good being a nasty 4-way fuck slut and cum receptacle for these cocks.

Okay the blonde in this scene ties with the girl from the last for best looking on the DVD. Damn another near perfect looking fuck slut that Flynt and Woodman hand picked for our viewing enjoyment. She may even be slightly more perfect than the last but the last was slightly more natural (girl-next-door type). Anyway this vision of beauty and sexuality personified plays another secretary in an office romp that turns into a mini-gangbang/orgy with her taking on three guys. I won't spoil this scene with a blow-by-blow account of the action but the action is nearly as hot as this chick and that is saying a lot. Needless to say Woodman finished the scene with some great facial splash shots. Man, this chick looks hot even with her face covered in semen.

The last scene features the only raven-haired girl on the DVD. I don't usually go for short haircuts on girls but she pulls it off well. She looks young and fresh and is very, very cute. There is some very nice pov camera work as she gets primed up for her dicking with fingers and is made to spread her pussy very wide for the camera to really show off the oral attention that she is awarded. Enter: two more cocks so she has something to put in her mouth while tongue services her twat. She gets fucked doggie by one dick while her stomach is across the lap of another and she has the third dick deep in her mouth. Next she gets spooned while sucking off the others (this really shows off her sexy tummy and legs. Again another slut with great legs. Thanks Pierre and Larry. This is kind of a n average three guys on one girl scene including vaginal, oral, anal and dp with the exception of the camera work, the fine resolution, the great angles, the good looking participants and the high energy. Its not blistering white hot but this is good porn. She takes a triple facial to finish the scene and the camera shows us all that jizz dripping down her face, tits and stomach.

All in all, great porn from Hustler. The girls are magazine quality beautiful and they are all young and willing. Where some might be a little inexperienced they make up for that with attitude, effort and enthusiasm which as we all know can count for a lot when you are in the bedroom. The camera work and quality is exceptional. Have fun and bring your tissues guys!




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