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Title: Extreme Teen #11  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: A
Male looks: C+
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Extreme Teen #11

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- C

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Quality- A

Time- 2:04

Company- Extreme Associates

Director- Luis Cypher

Cast- Kat Langer, Stacy Richardson, Brandi Lyons, Mia Starr, Angel, Sabrina Jade, Mr. Marcus

Review- Luis Cypher has a knack for giving the viewer what they want. They want to see fucking, and the way he positions his cameras give the viewer the best possible angle to see all the good action. Not only that but he chose six good-looking girls, all with natural but large tits. This combination of close-up sex and hot sluts made this a pretty good movie.

The movie starts out with some first person action involving Mia Starr. She's a pretty cute blonde with little girl pigtails. She's standing on a ladder for some reason or another and the guy holding the camera is looking up her skirt and trying to convince her to fuck him. Gee, I wonder if she will. The guy holding the camera is extremely annoying and keeps moaning and saying "You're a bad girl." Why is it that all of these interview style movies have retarded guys doing the interview. He spends some time fingering her and spanking her while she's bent over the ladder until he convinces her to come down. After some kissing and tit play she drops his pants and jockey shorts so she can deep throat his damn thick, hairless cock. He bends her over a table in the workroom and starts fucking her from behind, with one of her legs up to give the viewer some really good shots of her hairless pussy being ravaged. She's pretty wet too, although that could be from lube. I'm starting to really like the director of this flick. When they switch to mish he has the guy do some interesting squatting type fucking, which gives us some good shots of her ass and pussy as she's being fucked. It's always nice to see what's going on during the scenes. During the mish sequence the guy gets up and mounts the girl's face to have her suck his cock while she plays with herself. Kind of a cool little intervention in between the action. I tried to count the number of teams this girl said "yeah" during the scene but I can't really count that high. It was a bunch though. Mia and her man move over to a chair so she can mount him, and once again there's some good shots. She switches around to face the camera, and at one point the guy even picks her up, using his arms to bounce her up and down on his dick. The guy ends up unloading onto her face. A damn good scene overall. Plenty of good camerawork should make the rest of this movie pretty good.

The next scene starts out with Angel playing some one on one basketball against some guy who looks like a neo-nazi. You know, he's covered in tattoos and has a bald head. She's not wearing anything sexy, just a baggy shirt and pants. At the beginning there's some kind of bet made that some guy is gonna score if one of the guy's scores a basket. It takes them a long damn time to score though because they suck at basketball about as much as I do. By the way, Angel's a damn fine looking girl, a really hot blonde with a tight body. After the game her, two guys, and the cameraman go back into the house and wind up sitting on the couch. The dude she's sitting with on the couch is a really tall kind of goofy looking guy with an overbite and really bad 80's hair. He's actually in a scene later in the movie too. I'm not sure what kind of bet they made but the guy takes off his pants and she starts to suck his cock on the couch. Before ten seconds pass they (the guys) have her strip down to nothing to continue the blowjob. This girl has great, natural tits. Perfect size and it would be great to squeeze them. She does an excellent job blowing him and while she's doing that he's fingering her shaved pussy which isn't very wet at all. The bj goes on for quite some time and then the fucking starts with her mounting him, with the help of quite a bit of lube. It's weird watching them fuck too, because neither of them is making a sound at all. They switch to rcg, which gives us some great shots of her big tits bouncing in the breeze. She's still perfectly silent except for some heavy breathing and the slapping sound their bodies make. It's interesting too because on the DVD cover she has a tattoo on her left side and in the movie it's on her right. I was pretty confused at first but I suppose they just flipped her picture for some reason. Anyway, the silent porn couple move onto their sides with only the sound of slapping to keep us entertained. I've never seen a chick this silent before. She does appear to be enjoying herself. The final scene is mish on the couch before the guy cums onto her face.

The next girl is Stacy Richardson, a semi-cute blonde with pigtails. She's being interviewed by Luis Cypher in an office and she's telling him that she's 19 and loves to fuck. She tells him that for her interview she's going to suck him and fuck him. I wonder if I can do these interviews for my company. Stacy has a fascination with staring at the camera, which tells me that she hasn't done this much, although she seems fairly comfortable with it. They kiss a bit while she's fondling him and then he removes his pants so she can suck on him, the whole time glancing at the camera. She does a pretty damn good job sucking on his cock too. This is another girl with natural tits that are pretty big and look very enjoyable. Before you know it she's not wearing any pants and she's mounted him with the help of some lube. Luis really seems to enjoy spanking this girl and her ass is very red by the time they switch to mish on the couch. They bust out some rcg at the end until she takes a shot in the face. A fairly mundane scene, unfortunately.

Next we have Kat Langer, a really hot blonde with a great body. She's walking down some railroad tracks with her boyfriend (that tall lanky fucker from a couple scenes ago). It turns out they're drifters and the really, really annoying cameraman is following them and talking to them. Eventually he offers them money if they come back to his place and fuck on the camera for him. Naturally they agree. Kat starts off by pulling out the guy's dick and giving him a good blowjob before she strips down and mounts him. Thie girl has about four big tattoos on her body, which distract from her hotness a little bit, but not too bad. She does have a couple cool looking thunder bolt things right above her shaved crotch. The worst part about the scene is that the guy is wearing socks, which I don't have a problem with, but he's got giant holes in the toes which is disturbing to look at. The two guys roll over so he's lying on top of her and then switch to doggy style, with some really good close-ups of the penetration. Did I mention that once again this chick has really large, natural tits? Luis must have a skill for finding these girls. They fuck on their sides with the girl spreading her pussy apart for the home viewer and even licking her own tits at one point. As usual the girl takes a load in the face. At the end the camerman tells them they're not getting any money and then it cuts out. It was very exciting.

Brandi Lyons. Where do I begin. This is the third scene I've seen this girl in and she's gorgeous. She sort of looks like that foreign chick from American Pie. The worst part about her is that for some reason the only guy she'll fuck is her boyfriend. Normally that wouldn't be an issue but her boyfriend is fucking disgusting. He looks like a heroine addict. He weights about 80 pounds, is very hairy and white, and has no muscles at all. Yet the filmmakers know she's hot so they have to put him into the scene too. It's difficult to watch a chick this hot fuck such a nasty troll. Did I mention that the guy has a gay ass looking ponytail? He's like a not fat Ed Powers. I didn't pay much attention to this scene for obvious reasons, but it breaks down into a blowjob (at least the guy has a big dick), some mounting by both parties, some mounting anal, and then a shot into the mouth. Brandi, if you read this, please either get a new boyfriend of start fucking some real men. I can't stand seeing that pasty, hairy ass lying on top of your gorgeous body.

The movie wraps up with Mr. Marcus and Sabrina Jade. Sabrina's a really hot brunette dressed up in a school girl uniform and covered in tattoos. What is this thing recently with porn chicks having a shitload of tattoos? Anyway, Marcus is lying on the bed and she comes running up and yanks his pants off to suck him. They eventually move onto the floor where she continues the action, and then she mounts him on the bed, facing the camera and facing away. She really gets into the fucking, bouncing up and down like a rabbit and screaming obscenities. In a funny part they're fucking mish and Marcus is on the phone with some guy describing what he's doing to the girl as he's doing it. I don't know why, but at one point he holds the phone up to her head so she can moan into it. The sex gets really energetic in this scene, with lots of bouncing and Marcus pounding her like a jackhammer. The movie wraps up with a facial. This was by far the best scene in the movie, with the two people having so much sexual energy it was very fun to watch. Overall this was a pretty good movie with some good sex and great camerawork. It could've used some better looking guys, but the hot, natural teen girls helped balance it out.




Extra scene - Some chick giving blowjobs to four or five guys in a wrestling ring.




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