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Title: Kobe's Tie  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: n/a


The Feature: OK, in a nutshell. Girl goes to party with boyfriend Joel (Kobe Tai and respectively). The party turns out to be a little on the risqué side, you know, typically porno star get-togethers with people having impromptu sex in the middle of a crowd. The cool thing is that everyone is wearing a French Enlightenment type face mask (including the couple who is doing it on the floor), giving way to the I don't know who I am having sex with but I don't care theme. The unfortunate things about this impromptu scene is that they cut away from the crowd and the only two you see are the couple going at it anally. It would have been nice to have left most of the shots at a wide angle, allowing us to see them have sex in the middle of the party, as opposed to using pour imagination. Kobe introduces Joel to the hostess (Brooke Ashley), who in turn gets Susan (Maya Chavez) (dressed in a belly-dancers outfit) and the three head upstairs. Of course, given the nature of the party, they are going to have raging sex. The great part of this scene is towards the end when Susan rides Joel moving her hips back and forth so fast you think she is going to rip his dick off. All the while the hostess is not far away playing with her panties as she watches this little bedroom romp. Downstairs, Kobe is asked to dance by Ben (Mark Davis). They begin to dance, but the strange thing is that there isn't any music. Some might think this romantic, I thought it lame. Joel, however, is nailing Susan until he can't take it any more and he blows his wad on her face. The next scene we see the two of them getting dressed as, you guessed it, Kobe walks in, gets pissed, throws her tie down and walks out. Ben picks up the tie after everyone leaves. You can see the lame Cinderella adaptation developing can't you? Next we see Kobe at home with her two friends, who are consoling her due to the pain and anguish she is in because her boyfriend cheated on her. Are you kidding? She is asking her girlfriends if the guy she met at the party will call her, even though he doesn't even know her name. Soon the three start kissing each other all over. Each taking turns in the other's nether regions. This scene is very slow and sensuous in the beginning, until Kobe busts out a vibrator. From this point the blonde fucks Kobe with the vibrator, while Kobe bangs her clit. The best part of this scene is when the blonde and the brunette do each other with a double-sided dildo. I love the double-sided dildo action. It gets me rock hard to see two women doing it to each other. This is the great scene in the movie, and should not be missed. Unfortunately the hotness of this scene had little to do with Tai. Next we see Ben on the cell phone trying to find Kobe's number. He calls Kobe's number, and Kobe's hostess answers the phone. It is not until she finds out that he is a Stockbroker that she plans to meet him, and also plans to impersonate Kobe. We then see the two of them coming back from their date, Ben notes that she seems different than when they first met. This, however, doesn't stop them from moving their little scene upstairs and fucking each other's brains out. Ben starts slowly by licking her nice tits, then moving down to eat her out. Ben pushes her legs back to get as deep as he can go. She then sucks on Ben's dick, spitting on it and sucking on his balls for good measure. Ben fucks her from behind, holding her hips tightly as she screams out. He is fucking her so hard that he is literally pushing her face into the bed. Ben puts her legs over his shoulders and pounds his point home until he blows an ounce of his white love pudding all over her face. We next see them putting their clothes on, and Ben attempts to give back the tie. However, she picks up the wrong one. As they go downstairs Kobe walks in and immediately see the tie and says, You Have My Tie! This prompts Ben and Kobe to go upstairs. Ben and Kobe start out dancing again (still with no music), they kiss slowly. Ben moves slowly from kissing her deeply on the mouth to sucking her tits. Then he moves even further to suck on her pussy lips. All the while Kobe is screaming in excitement. Then Kobe sucks on Ben's dick until Ben is as hard as granite. Kobe then rides Ben in reverse, and we get to see the expression on her face as Ben's big dick digs into her. The (for something a little different) Ben fucks Kobe from the side. Kobe all the while is still moaning up a storm, so much so that Ben can't take it anymore and Ben cums on Kobe's face. Then Kobe finally gets her tie back. I would criticize the plot, if I thought there was one to criticize. The only thing that saves this film from being an utter disaster is the lesbian scene in particular the double-sided dildo. That scene is hot, unfortunately one scene cannot save a film.  

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