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Title: 12 Storkes to Midnight  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


12 Strokes to Midnight

Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- D

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- C-

Plot/Acting- Overdubbed

Extras- One extra scene with no sex, a bunch of very bizarre strippers in Prague.

A/V Quality - A

Time- Unknown

Company- Wicked

Director- Marc Dorcel

Cast- Meridian, Dolly Golden, David Perry, Bettina, Glioi Sky, Daniella Rush, shall I continue?

Review- This is a french porno overdubbed in English, among other languages. The cover bills it as "explicit eurotica," what a cool word! In truth, it's like secretly watching your dad's porno when you were 12 years old. Maybe it's the cheesy porno music. Maybe it's the old-fashioned lingerie and stockings. Maybe it's the silly overdubbed groans, moans and dirty talk. Whatever it is, it's not one I would recommend buying if you live in the USA unless you like your porn very tame. There are a couple of lesbian scenes and a three-way with a drunk girl at a New Years Eve party. There is some driving assfucking and a lot of kissing, which is a nice change. The lead blond is adorable with a knockout smile, tight body and gorgeous, waist-length hair. All these french girls somehow manage to be ladylike and slutty at the same time. Again, the most hilarious aspect of this movie and also the most annoying is the overdubbed sex noises. This is particularly hysterical during a party orgy scene where everyone is going "woo!" "oh yeah," etc. only just like in the Godzilla movies, no one's mouth matched the words. I watched the scene more out of entertainment from the overdubbed orgy conversations than the sex itself, picking up such great ones as "Woo, yeah, come on, baby!" and "Oops, sorry, didn't notice you there!"

Frankly, my favorite part of the movie was seeing Paris on New Year's Eve, which is where the whole film takes place, complete with fireworks over the Eiffel Tower. The video filming had a very realistic effect.



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