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Title: Wicked Surprise  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: C+
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


Wicked Surprise

Kid Cocky-

Overall Rating- D

Female Looks- C

Male Looks- N/A

Sex- N/A

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- D

A/V Quality B

Time- Too Long

Company- Noose Video

Director- Rick Savage

Cast- Tara Indiana, Tina Tyler, Natalia Ashe, Lolita Arianna,

Review- This is a hard movie for me to review. First, I have never been into heavy bondage, and second there is very little here to review. There is no sex, no penetration, no dudes, and no hot chicks. I just watched this movie, and I basically feel confused. Not aroused, but more or less confused. I would be upset if I had just bought this video, but it was a screener so I got my monies worth. That is, the movie was free and I think it was priced right about where it should have been.

Let me explain the movie. The main mistress is Tara Indiana. Tara''s not bad looking, and neither are any of the other girls. In fact, if they were cleaned up a little they would probably be above average. Basically, Tara takes three ladies and physically abuses them in a sexual way. Other than that, there isn''t much to say about the video. The girls get their nipples tugged on, the clothes pins latched to their bodies, and candle wax dripped on their skin. Throw in a little bit of spanking, and you basically have the entire video. One girl gets a ball gag put in her mouth, and another gets her nipples pumped until they look like they are going to explode. The nipple pump scene was worth watching, but it was worth watching in that "so painful that I can''t look away" kind of way.

Don''t get me wrong, Kid Cocky understands that a little rough sex can be fun, but there wasn''t even any sex here. Hell, if I wanted to see some hoes get smacked up, I would do it myself. (Of course, all of you know that I am actually against hoe abuse, but you get the point.) This video is the kind of stuff that ladies like Tipper Gore show when she tries to get the world ban pornography. These guys need to realize that by making this shit that they are just providing ammunition for weirdo''s who want to ban free speech.

Anyway, I know this review is brief, but this video doesn''t really need much explanation. Basically, if you want to see some average looking white chicks beat on each other a little, and you aren''t interested in seeing any actual sex... then you would probably want to rent or buy this movie. If that is the case though, you are probably the kind of guy who purchased movies like "Bum Wars" and "When People Blow Up." Personally, I would save my money and buy another porno. Legend Direct, the parent company of Noose Video, actually makes some good stuff. Maybe try out Trailer Trash Nurses, Ace in the Hole, or American Nymphet.

Pimp In and Peace Out

Kid Cocky

"Cruisin'' thru town in my jacked up truck eyes open cuz I''m scopin'' for a big butt slut

One that I can take straight back to my house and have her suck my dick and put my balls in her mouth"




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