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Title: Ooze  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: n/a
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B



Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- B-

Male Looks- n/a

Sex- A-

Plot/Acting- A

Extras- A

A/V Quality- A-

Time- 1:27

Company- OGV

Director- Jim Steel

Cast- Tina Tyler, Jeanna Fine, Nina Hartley, Nikki Fairchild, Angelina De Carlo, Chloe, Rene Larue, Maya Divine, Chenin Blanc, Alexis Amore, Ava Vincent, Sharon Kane, Lauren Montgomery, Lola, Shayla La Veaux, Gloria Leonard

Review- Ever notice how many all-girl titles feature women in hooker make-up fucking each other as though they would rather be at the dentist? And did you, the discerning all-girl fan, ever wish there was more hardcore, nasty talking, pussy pounding girl/girl porn? Director Jim Steel is here to grant that wish with Ooze. The cast list alone should make your jaw drop. It''s like the female all-star porn team. At first I thought it was a compilation flick, but no, it''s all-new and it''s wild. There are some problems with the technical side of things (there''s a bit too much sound looping for one) but most of the camera work is thoughtful and the script is decent.

Tina Tyler plays narrator, telling us directly about the characters in Osmond women''s prison ("Ooze" for short, it''s a spoof on the prison drama "Oz," if you hadn''t guessed). It becomes apparent that some thought went into the costumes and make-up. Both are drab and evocative of prison (by porn standards, anyway). The women are as raw as I''ve ever seen them and they''re varied in age and type.

The first action scene involves three ladies. Chenin has just lost at strip poker to Chloe and Rene. So she has to pay up by tongue fucking Rene as Chloe holds the back of her head. Rough and enthusiastic. Rene is a solid girl with big breasts and she talks dirty to her tongue-toy. Chloe spreads the two others on a bunk, legs wide, so she can finger them both at the same time. She then eats Chenin as Rene four fingers herself vigorously, which is hot. Meanwhile, Maya, in a separate cell, masturbates silently. The sound here is great. Whenever it shows Maya we can still hear the three others fucking away in the background. And it''s highly erotic to watch Maya do herself and squirm in total silence. Cutting back, Chloe is squatting on two sets of fingers. She begs for a total of eight fingers in her cunt and her partners oblige, giving her four each (why can''t we just see fisting? Eight fingers is ok, but not five?). It drives Chloe to her trademarked, shaking, glassy-eyed orgasm and she briefly chokes one of her hand-maidens as she cums. She adds her own fingers and cums again then asks them to spit on her to simulate a cum shot. Weird, but damn hot. Maya is still at work, fucking her cunt with a dildo until she cums without a sound before turning over to sleep. A hell of a start.

There''s more plot that involves a snitch and describing the power dynamics (Nina Hartley''s character has all the power). The warden, played by the immortal Gloria Leonard, watches all on secret close-circuit cameras. A guard, played by Lola, and the infirmary nurse (Lauren) plot a bit of payback for the mouthy Jeanna Fine. She''s dragged to the infirmary and held down. However, it''s impossible for anyone to top Ms. Fine. She turns the tables and immediately has the other two serving her hungry body.

Fine has been away for a while and she''s gained some curves, but it''s not flab. She''s still a genius at talking dirty. Within moments, this scene becomes the most driving, nasty, and intense in the film. Lola goes down on Jeanna, who holds her lap-dog to her crotch as the nurse tweaks her nipples. After a bit, Jeanna bends Lola over and has her eat Lauren as Jeanna fingers her deep and makes filthy comments. Jeanna switches places with Lola and gives her a dildo to fuck her with. The butch foul-mouth then takes a double dong and sticks about a third of it in Lauren''s snatch. And then...man, oh man. Then Jeanna swallows the other two thirds so she can get to Lauren''s pussy. Really. No trick involved, Ms. Fine does an honest to God deep throat on that rubber prick and, while she''s down there, licks at Lauren''s snatch. She does it about eight times and each time it''s astounding. Meanwhile she''s getting fucked by a large dildo and moaning like a banshee. It''s nuts, and it''s wild and it''s worth the price of admission. Classic stuff. The scene ends after a time, and you may want to take a moment to get your breath back.

Nina Hartley has a visitor, fellow porn-veteran Shayla La Veaux. At the same time, Sharon Kane seduces the innocent Ava in their cell. Nina is more like a man with women then most men. She''s in charge (though not as commanding as Jeanna) and gives Shayla a good time. Both of them have spent many hours at the gym and it shows, keeping age at bay. They paw at each other and get into it quick. Meanwhile, Sharon takes her time with Ava, seducing her and talking her through some of the action. The contrast works well and keeps things very interesting. Sharon, unfortunately, is scary skinny. She''s obviously working out, but there''s nothing to her but bone and muscle. It''s kind of like watching Michael Jordon on the Wizards. Lost a step, but still a legend. Nina gets eaten and then goes down on Shayla''s pussy like it''s a fine meal (and I won''t say it isn''t). Sharon and Ava kiss tentatively, then more deeply, before trading off nipple suction. The implants abound, only Ava has a natural set. Sharon gives the younger girl a lesson on where to touch her, and she learns well, driving teacher wild.

The scenes cut back and forth with skill. The switches aren''t jarring. Sharon eats Ava''s twat and Nina fucks Shayla with a strap on. Shayla grinds into the toy with gusto. It''s a fine ride when she climbs on in cowgirl, showing off her nice ass and good legs. The other pair switch rug munches and end things with a mutual masturbation that''s all right. Nina finishes Shayla by feeding a big dildo into her ass. It''s a long process and the views are good. That ends things for those four.

Plot gets plotted with the evil warden and then it''s time for the shower orgy. Ah yes, women''s prison shower orgies. This one is the best I''ve seen. Throw Jeanna Fine, Chloe, and a box of dildos into shower with a fistful of hot and eager women and you have created a little bit of heaven. The fucking is intense as one hole after another gets jack-hammered with plastic dick. It''s not genteel. They''re all using both hands to plunge the depths with fake cock. Jeanna and Chloe get off on one another, with Chloe getting sent into her orgasmic trance and Jeanna growling filthy curses like a bull-dog. Ava gets into it as well, fucking Alexis with both heads of a double dong. Rene and Chenin (or is it Maya?) are not to be outdone, ramming thick dildos into each other like they were going for a speed record. And in the corner Sharon Kane and Tina Tyler wrap their naked legs and arms around each other to kiss sweetly. It''s marvelous. The only disappointment is that it isn''t an hour long.

That ends the sex portion of the disc. There''s some more plot to contend with (Ava gets sent into Nina''s cell as a snitch and Sharon gets put in the hole) that hopefully is setting up a sequel. I''ll watch it if it ever gets made.

Overall: Ooze is a sampling of some of the best porn has to offer. Good acting, decent story, and hot action. Very hot. The women are varied in type and shape and age, which is a refreshing change from cookie cutter Barbie dolls. The story isn''t just an excuse for the sex, it''s actually told with the action. The women are having a hell of a time and that heats up the whole disc. All-girl fans should check this feature out for the incredible, nasty action and the engaging plot. It''s not often a fuck flick comes around with both those elements.

EXTRAS: There is a chapter search, and a photo gallery, good cast info, and five previews. There''s also a behind the scenes section which is interesting and a director''s commentary track that you can listen to over the movie. Which, surprisingly, is witty and insightful. Jim Steel is a funny guy, and his commentary can help you appreciate the thought and effort that goes into porn. It might surprise you. Even if you don''t like the movie, but like porn, you''ll hear something to interest you in his dialogue.





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