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Title: Deep Inside Dayton  
Reviewer: Kid Cocky  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Deep Inside Dayton

Kid Cocky-

Overall Rating- A-

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B+

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- A (Chapter Search, Bonus Facials, Bonus Scenes, Gallery, Previews, Web)

A/V Quality B

Time- Over Two Hours

Company- Vivid

Director- Various

Cast- Dayton, Alexxxis Tyler, Shelbee Myne, Cassidey, Devon, Envy, Venus, Adajja, Aurora Snow, Chennin Blanc, Cheyenne Silver


Vivid DVD rarely disappoints, and this is no exception. Dayton is hot American girl who busted onto the porn scene a couple years and has never looked back. This video shows some of her hottest scenes, and it truly earns the title "Deep Inside." For those of you who don''''t know who Dayton is, I suggest that you check her out at vividdvd.com. She is a long legged blond, and despite the fact that she is an ex-stripper, she still has her natural tits. That''''s right, she has some small natural tits that will make your mouth water. Quite honestly, I like this natural tit trend in porno. I mean, it is fine for a girl to get a boob job if she has nasty looking boobs. It is also a nice option for a girl to get implants if her boobs are beginning to sag, but as long as they are young and beautiful, leave those puppies alone.

So, what do you get when you purchase this movie? Well, you get to see Dayton with some pretty big named porn stars. I would say that the most well known porn names that you will see Dayton with are Cassidey, Devon, and Alexxxis Tyler. However, I honestly think the scene that steals this movie is one that included then newcummer Aurora Snow. I''''ll tell you about that scene in a minute, but first I''''ll finish telling you what this video has to offer. There are four bonus facials in this movie. Of course, Vivid offers more than just facials. They actually include full scenes from some of their other well known movies, and the scenes end with facials. For example, you will see bonus scenes from Downunder, Chasey Loves Rocco, Debbie Does New Orleans, and Pimp. Vivid doesn''''t give you half assed scenes either. They give you 15 minute sex scenes. Stuff that you can really sink your teeth into. Vivid also gives you four more bonus scenes, an image gallery of Dayton and four previews. Damn, you gotta respect the fact that Vivid always tries to give you your monies worth when you purchase one of their DVD''''s. No other company in the industry offers more bonus footage than Vivid.

Ok, now let me tell you about the scene that stole this movie. It is a little scene with Dayton, Aurora Snow, and some unknown white dude. It is shot in amateur format, and it is hot. This is an older scene, but it is fun nonetheless. As hot as Dayton is, Aurora was the chick that really got me off in this scene. In this scene, the girls introduced themselves, and told their ages. Aurora was 18 and Dayton was 23. Quite honestly, Aurora really looked 18. Barely 18. She had naturally perky tits, nice long natural brown hair, and just enough baby fat to make her look like a teen. The dude in this scene took turns fucking Aurora and Dayton. By the way, Dayton must have about 10% body fat. Quite honestly, she is one of the most slender girls I have seen in porn in a long time. There is no unnecessary fat on her body. Aurora was still new to the porn world in this scene, and you could tell she was getting some helpful hints from Dayton while getting fucked. For example, Dayton helped Aurora hold her hair out of the way while she was giving head. She also showed Aurora how to assume the piledriver without having your neck hurt as much. That''''s the kind of information that is worth knowing. Anyway, Aurora was just so shy and timid, but she took a cock like a genuine professional. Dayton even tossed her salad. Damn, that''''s hot. By the end of the scene Aurora''''s pussy was gaping so wide that Aurora could spit into the hole from about 8 inches away. I should mention that Aurora also licked the juices off of the guy''''s condom right after he pulled it out of Dayton''''s pussy. That''''s the kind of stuff that only a dirty girl will do. Good job Aurora. Also, in this scene we got to see a Aurora take a cumshot in the eye. Although you could tell she didn''''t appreciate it, she was a good sport and didn''''t seem to be too upset about it either. After that, Dayton showed her real life distaste for cum when she suddenly turned timid and decided not to lick it off of Aurora''''s face. That''''s alright honey, we understand that cum doesn''''t taste that good.

Well, there were ten scenes with Dayton, and each of them were entertaining. I particularly liked the one where she kept having pussy farts. I don''''t know why, but I (and the actors in that scene) found that pretty funny. Hell, that''''s the kind of stuff that happens during real sex. I''''m surprised you don''''t see more of it in the porn world. I guess that kind of stuff usually gets left on the editing room floor. Anyway, this movie is a must for any real Dayton fan.

Keep on Trucking''''

Kid Cocky

"From the Federal Building to Bellisle, you gotta have big tits, a Tigers jersey, and a gap tooth in your mouth to make me smile." Kid Cocky 2002




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