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Title: Young Muff #2  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Young Muff #2

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Quality-B

Time- 1:27

Company- Armageddon

Director- Derek Newblood

Cast- Kate Crown, Candi Daze, Suzanne Storm, Kelli Sparks, Milena

Review- This movie has the exact same problems as every other Armageddon movie I've seen. Namely, whoever directs them has no imagination. It gets tiring watching the exact same thing over and over again, whether they're different people or not. It bores me. In other Armageddon movies I've seen, they use the exact same set and same sexual positions over and over again. This one is slightly better in the fact that it uses different locations. But every scene starts with a blowjob, every scene ends with a facial, and there's no variation between any of them. There's just no originality. Plus the girls weren't all that hot. You can find a better movie with teen girls where they do some cool and original fucking.

The first girl up is Milena, who's a hot dark skinned girl with pigtails. She's sitting backwards on a bar stool in her bra and underwear when a guy walks in saying something about ordering a pizza. It was pretty lame, until the guy starts arguing with the director about how lame it was to do this, and since it's porn they should just fuck. It was actually amusing. When they finally get done arguing Milena climbs down off of the stool and shoves the guy's cock into her mouth. She does a decent job sucking him and is able to take most of him into her mouth. To start the fucking she bends over on the counter and we get some really good shots from below. The guy drags her onto the floor where she mounts him facing the camera, and there we get to really see her shaved pussy in action, accompanied by some loud slapping noises. They finally make it all the way to doggy style until he pulls out and cums all over her face.

The next girl is Candi Daze, a cute little blonde with a nice tight body and real, but large, tits. I would guess that she's just over 18. When she's stripping down she's a little shy at first and not willing to show her body, but she gets over it pretty quick. She's shaved her bush into just a little patch, and she's tattooed some eyes and a nose over it, giving the impression of a mouse. Pretty cool. Her guy comes in off camera and starts to feel her snatch, but only for a few seconds. Before you know it he's naked and she's licking his balls and cock with her pierced tongue. From the way she gives this guy head you can tell it's not her first time. She uses lots of tongue, spit, and hand movement. By the time she's done her tits are almost drenched in her own spit. The director must've been impressed with her head giving skills because you watch it for a long ass time. The fucking starts in front of a fireplace on a cushion, with her mounting him and bouncing her ass up and down on his cock. Candi switches around to fuck him facing the camera, and then she lies on her back to take it mish. The music isn't very pleasant to listen to, because it sounds like they took the same five seconds and repeated them over and over. Hopefully you'll be concentrating more on her moans of pleasure than on the crap music. They fuck doggy style for about four seconds until he pulls out and jizzes in her mouth.

Next we have Kelli Sparks, a decent redhead with a big, natural rack. As usual the scene starts out with a blowjob, although she doesn't do as good a job as the other two girls. The first position they take on is rcg, where you can hear some excessively loud slapping and you get to see her pierced labia. The next position is doggy style, and you can still see the red marks on her ass from when she was jumping on him previously. While he's fucking her the guy pulls out a red vibrator and shoves it up her ass for a bit. When they switch to mish and he's pounding her with his very hair ass she uses the vibrator on her clit. They roll onto their sides, where you get a really nice shot of the action, and before you know it she takes a load on the face.

Kate Crown is the next girl, and she's the big star of the movie, I guess. She has the biggest picture on the cover anyway. She's not that great looking. Kind of like that girl in show girls. Just not that hot. Anyway, like the others, the scene starts off with a blowjob and then moves almost immediately into mish. We get to see some rcg, and then Kate lies on her side and takes it up the ass. I guess that explains why she's the star player in this flick. She moves up onto her knees, still taking it in the backside, and then takes her shot in the mouth.

The final girl is Suzanne Storm, a decent looking girl with pigtails. It's funny how they put these girls into pigtails to make them look younger. It doesn't seem to work for me. As you can guess the scene starts out with a blowjob. This girl is a spitter too, though not as much as Candi. At one point you even see a big gob fall down and land on the camera lens. Suzanne and her guy start fucking with her on her back on a couch, and then they switch spots so she can mount him. She kind of has a big ass, for a not fat girl. The next position is doggy style, where she proceeds to take it up the ass. They then switch to rcg, still taking it up the ass. I guess Kate isn't the only one in this movie to like it from the rear. And of course, the movie finishes up with a shot in the face. Like all other Armageddon movies I've seen, this one reeks of repetitiveness and the girls weren't as hot as they could've been. You might want to check out something else.




Bonus Scene - This was kind of disturbing. It was two chicks who sort of look like body builders getting it on while some dude slapped their asses the whole time. He eventually gets involved in a three way, but it was still disturbing. But hey, it was an extra 16 minutes of porn, right?




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