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Title: Exposed  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B



Reviewer- Sheyna

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- B

Sex- B-

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- A

A/V Quality - A

Time- Unknown (long)

Company- Digital Sin

Director- Nic Andrews

Cast- Kylie Ireland, Monica Sweetheart, Daniella Rush, Sunrise Adams, Logan Labrent, Kelsey, Felicia Fox, Stevie, Lea DeMae, Tommi Rose, Brooke Lane, Breena, Nichole, Dillon Day, Erik Everhard, Mark Davis, Evan Stone

Review- This DVD is highly recommended for women or couples who like very flashy, expensive-looking porn with minimal smut and yet minimal plot. The premise is Kylie Ireland designing a magazine in her office and as she looks at different photo layouts, they come to life and perform acts of porno debauchery. The menu moves more slowly than most DVDs. There are lots of extra features including over 500 images in the still photo gallery and an audio commentary track featuring Nic Andrews and Kylie Ireland, which I listened to most of while rolling my eyeballs. There are terrific sets, fantastic costumes, far out special effects and cool music with no nasty anal speculum or cum-drooling antics.

Listening to the director's commentary track is briefly interesting when they are describing incidents that took place on the set or details about the costumes or anecdotes related to the making of the film. Unfortunately, there is too little of that and far too much of Nic Andrews and Kylie Ireland working out their personal vendettas with each other and the other performers, as well as discussing their personal feelings about the 9/11 tragedy. They both end up sounding immature and unprofessional and I wish I had turned it off sooner than I had. If you rent or buy this DVD, save the director's commentary soundtrack for sometime when you are very, very bored or skip it altogether, but I definitely recommend you enjoy the DVD without it the first time around.

There are several masturbation only scenes in this DVD, each featuring flashy lights, far out costumes and nifty photography tricks. The first is Kelsey, who gets crazy on herself in a room where everything around her is on fire! Great music and effects in this scene which is entirely Kelsey posing and groping herself. Felicia Fox and Dillon Day have a session that gets her screaming on a car in a garage. She is a sexy, mature babe who grinds her tight, pierced pussy all over him reverse cowgirl. Czech hottie Danielle Rush takes on Evan Stone dressed up like feathery angels, proving their acrobatic prowess in three positions. Evan's balls hang low in this scene and she sucks them up eagerly. She wears a tiny feathered bikini and has small tits. She takes an open mouth jizz load and sucks him dry.

A cool scene follows featuring Kylie Ireland and Logan Labrent dressed dominatrix style with Sunrise Adams as their innoncent, naked nookie toy. Lots of cool flashing lights, black latex and some yanking around on a leash and pussy cropping before Kylie fingers Sunrise with black latex gloves. Kylie takes a two-toy DP, they all start kissing, and then the scene ends, completely abruptly! I was ready for these girls to keep going, but that was the end. Way too short!

Another masturbation scene follows with more flashing lights and cool music while Breena squirms around facing Kylie and they have a masturbate-off that is finger licking good. Later on we get to watch exhibitionist Tommi Rose dance all around and wiggle. I saw this girl in Up and Cummers #96 when she said she loves to show off, and she gets a great opportunity in this film. She wears sexy black lace pants and bikini top and gropes herself although never goes farther than stripping. Too bad, because she can fuck like a wildcat. Another single girl scene shows off pretty blond Nicole, a first-timer, posing all over a cool jungle scene but never getting nasty on herself, either. She just feels her sexy self all up for you. Lastly, short blond haired Brooke Lane dances around in black latex a la "Flashdance" with water being sprayed on her and gets only slightly masturbatory.

Monica Sweetheart is real pretty with thick lips and sweet, sexy lingerie in a feminine bedroom. She gets rubbed through her panties and a flicking cunt job before trading a ball sucking blowjob and taking it doggy style. Her man should have taken off the wife beater t-shirt though because the scene is otherwise romantic and sexy. She swallows his cum and rubs it, albeit sweetly, all over her face.

Kylie then takes on Erik Everhard wearing a sexy dress made of pearls and a big furry coat. These two look very estranged in this scene and listening to the director's commentary goes into detail on why. Apparently she was completely pissed off at Erick throughout the whole scene and said she hurt for a week afterward. Big surprise that it shows in the scene and made the scene not worth whatever terrible agony she suffered for making it.

Stevie and Leah, a brunette and a blond wearing filmy black outfits, get it on in a garden with a freaky alien looking dildo. Even the director says, "this scene is just not very masturbatory." Again, this lesbo party ends way too abruptly, right when it looked like they were starting to enjoy themselves.

Even though the sex is not as nasty as I like it, the quality of this DVD really shows. The director is creative, although takes himself too seriously in my opinion, but gives an excellent quality product in the end. If you like your porn pretty, this is a great choice.



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