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Title: Dangerous Obsession  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Bob Chinn's Dangerous Obsession

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- A

Extras- A

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:34

Company- New Era Entertainment

Director- Bob Chinn

Cast- Kim Chambers, Keri Windsor, Kristal Summers, T.J. Hart, Stevie, Evan Stone, Lee Stone

Review- This movie continues the saga of Peter Magnum, played by Lee Stone. He's a private investigator that seems to get more tail than bad guys, but that's good for us. This series is great if you enjoy a good story with your porn. There's always great looking people, plus not incredibly stupid plots mixed in with hot sex scenes. Plus this movie comes with an extra disc for a behind the scene feature that's worth the cost. Check this one out.

The movie starts out with a truly exciting (cough) scene with Stevie and Evan Stone running from the cops. There car won't start, and sure enough you can hear the sirens in the background, although they don't appear to be getting closer. This was all shot in black and white too. Evan convinces Stevie to go and get there money, and then it cuts to five years later. Evan hasn't seen Stevie since the cop chase, but he regularly got letters from her. Then one day they just dried up. He goes on a search for her, and that takes him to an old friends house. The friend is Kim Chambers, and she's conveniently wearing a bikini. Kim tells Evan that Stevie hid the money and that she left, but she won't tell him where. For a welcome home present Kim decides to pleasure him the way males enjoy being pleasured. It starts out with some kissing before Evan shoves her obviously fake tits into his mouth and starts sucking her nipples. He slips off her bathing suit bottom and spreads her legs on the couch so he can shove a few fingers in there and munch on her clit. Then it's her turn to give him a fantastic blowjob, using lots of spit and her hand to stroke him as she's sucking. Plus she's able to take his whole cock into her mouth, which is pretty impressive. They start fucking with her mounting him facing the camera, and then she gets on her knees on the couch. While he's fucking her this way he shoves a thumb up her ass and the camera makes sure to zoom in and give us a good shot. They finish up doing it mish before he moves up and blows into her mouth, where she promptly swallows every last bit. In their post-orgasm bliss they discuss where to find Stevie.

Evan and Kim go to a restaurant to discuss a P.I., the infamous Peter Magnum. During this scene Evan has a flashback in black and white where he knew Lee Stone. Lee needs to borrow a condom to fuck some good-looking blonde (Keri Windsor). Lee goes into the bedroom to pleasure his new beauty, and fucking ensues. He starts off by hiking her dress up and burying his face in her crotch for some good pussy licking. Then they flip over and before long she moves down and gives him some spectacular head. She starts off with a few teasing licks on his shaft and his balls and before you know it she has half of his cock down her throat. Their first position is doggy style, with a condom of course. Keri flips onto her back to continue the action and we get some real good shots of her big labia being pulled apart as he reams her. Lee ends up ripping off the condom and cumming all over her stomach. Back in the restaurant, Evan is pissed at Kim for letting Stevie get away.

Stevie and Mike Horner are sitting in a living room complaining that Evan is going to come looking for him. Stevie thinks he's a lying dick and Mike just thinks he's going to get his ass kicked. Stevie decides to alleviate his fears by pulling his towel off and shoving his dick into her mouth. After the bj it's her turn to get licked and it's always fun to see her pussy. She doesn't shave all the hair away, plus she's hot, and she has a great looking pussy. It's fun to imagine what it would taste like. Mike moves up onto the couch to start fucking her while she's on her back, with a condom. She flips onto her knees to take it from the back and then she busts out some rcg, which gives us some great shots of the action and some good slapping noises. Mike finishes it up by cumming all over Stevie's pierced tongue.

In Peter Magnum's office, Lee gets a phone call from Kim. She hands the phone over to Evan, and Lee accuses him of killing someone named Mike. I have no idea who that is. I think he's this weird looking hairy guy from the flashbacks. Speaking of flashbacks, let's have another one, this one from the point of Lee. I guess Mike was Lee's cousin and Evan was supposed to take care of him. He must not have done a very good job. Back in the present day, in Kim's home, Stevie calls. Stevie says she has Evan's money and he's supposed to meet her in her hotel room. At Kim's house, Mike fixes her a drink and you see him slip some kind of drug into it. Within ten seconds she passes out. When Evan shows up at the hotel room, Mike has two guys waiting for him in ski masks with baseball bats. He gets his ass kicked, although you don't see it. Lee gets a phone call from Kim, telling him that Evan was almost killed. Kim says that whoever set Evan up was the one who killed Jimmy, so Lee decides to go look into it. Before he leaves he sends his assistant T.J. Hart to keep Kim company. T.J.'s pretty hot and she sort of looks like Christina Applegate.

When T.J. gets to Kim's apartment, Kim doesn't want any consolation. She does want some sex though. The girls share a few passionate kisses and for you few guys out there the girls do some toe sucking. T.J. licks Kim's feet and Kim licks Kim's feet. She is actually able to bend her foot up into her mouth. It's pretty impressive. Too bad she can't do the same with her snatch. T.J. is the first person to lick some pussy, and she does so with enthusiasm. She even fucks Kim with her tongue. When it's T.J.'s turn to be pleasured Kim gets out the ice and while licking uses it to drive her off the wall. In the end they do bust out some toys but at least there's still a lot of oral action going on. Overall this was a pretty good lesbo scene.

In the hospital Evan tells Lee about being jumped by Mike. Lee wants to go kick Mike's ass, but Evan convinces him to send him to prison where he has a bunch of friends, and he'll be guaranteed to get his ass kicked. Lee and a cop friend of his devise a plan to get Mike busted by having his old partner turn him in for the death of his cousin. Make sense? Probably not, but it does if you're watching it. At Lee's office T.J. is talking to his cop friend (who's kind of an ugly, nasty guy) and they decide to fuck. T.J. lies on the desk so the cop can pull her panties to the side and lick her blonde pussy. It's kind of disturbing watching him do it, and I think he might have a toupee. He moves right up to fuck her mish with a condom, and then she flips over so he can do her doggy style. She even takes it in the ass while she's on her back. It wraps up with him blowing on her stomach.

Lee convinces Mike to go back to the place where he beat Evan so he can bust him with his gun. Eventually he winds up arresting him and sending him to prison. As a topper to the movie, T.J. goes to the hospital to give Evan a sponge bath, and Stevie shows up to help. The girls head straight for his cock and take turns sucking it. While Stevie blows him, T.J. moves down between her legs and lets her plop her pussy right down, for some good sucking. Then Stevie moves up to mount Evan and T.J. gives a helping hand, sometimes licking Steve's ass and sometimes licking some dick and pussy. I have to give T.J. some credit. During this whole part she does an awesome job of keeping busy by licking and sucking. It was quite erotic. When it's T.J.'s turn to get fucked she takes it on her back with a condom while Stevie plays with her tits. The movie winds up with T.J. getting fucked doggy style and Evan pulling out to cum in Stevie's mouth. A great scene to wind up a fantastic movie. If you're a fan of a good story in your porn, along with great sex, the Peter Magnum series is a must see, and this movie is no exception.



Bonus Disc - Hour long making of, including interviews. Very cool.




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