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Title: Young & Dangerous  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: A
A/V Quality: B


Young and Dangerous

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C+

Sex- B-

Plot/Acting- B+

Extras- A

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:29

Company- New Era Entertainment

Director- Bob Chinn

Cast- Scarlet Fever, Kitty Marie, Dominica Leoni, Rachelle DeVore, Justine Romee, Mike Horner, Kyle Stone, Lee Stone

Review- Bob Chinn has made a name with his franchise series. One of the most prolific characters is Peter Magnum, P.I. played by Lee Stone. The Peter Magnum flicks are heavy on plot, and very cable friendly. That doesn''t totally preclude hot action, but in Young and Dangerous things aren''t up to Mr. Chinn''s highest standards. The action is tepid at times, the camera work is a bit too tight for my tastes, and the acting isn''t up to the usual standards. That last one is odd, acting standards in porn, but the Magnum feature Blonde Fury set the bar high and this disc doesn''t clear it. If you''re looking for a warm piece, with plenty of story, try the Peter Magnum series. This may not be the episode to start with, though.

The plot revolves around a hooker/blackmail service. It takes some twists and turns, with a few characters to keep track of, but let''s focus on the action.

Carmen (played by the arrestingly young and pretty Kitty Marie) fools Detective George Lee (Mike Horner) into having sex in the evidence room. She reveals a pair of small natural tits and a fine, curvy ass as George kisses his way along her legs, then turns her over for a tongue lashing. He''s got a talented mouth and she shows her appreciation by letting him feed her his dick. She''s not a bad little cock-sucker and they move on to missionary. The doggy style is nothing special (the camera stays in very close, we don''t get much overview of the action), but it heats up a bit when Carmen squats on the prick for a cowgirl ride. She bounces like a super-ball (a very wet super-ball with a cute ass) and they get sweaty before George blows his load.

Plot happens and a little black book is stolen from evidence, the captain (played by veteran Kyle Stone) suspends George, and Peter Magnum is called in to help his buddy. He sends his sexy assistants to get info, blah, blah, blah. The plot lands Dominique (a hooker-with-a-heart character portrayed by the sexy Rachelle DeVore) and Carmen on a couch, ready for action.

Dominique leads things along, diving into Carmen''s cute pussy with abandon. Both girls are natural beauties. Neither is too skinny, they both have real tits, and Rachelle has a good time throughout this flick. She sucks Carmen''s cunt very well, getting a few fingers in for good measure. The tight camera cheats us of any good looks at Carmen''s great legs, but she takes a turn licking bush. Dominique is thankful, and the scene ends with her declaration that she''s cum. We''ll have to take her word for it.

You can tell that plot is a major element because many times the characters interact without having sex. This happens a whopping three times before the captain (still played by Kyle Stone) admits that he had sex with the lead suspect. He flashes back to the torrid moment.

Anjelica (a surprisingly sensual and sexy Justine Romee, a new favorite) attacks the captain and they suck face like crazy. She''s a tawny latina with fantastic large tits and a sweet legs-and-ass combo. He sucks her twat and the dirty talk starts up. Four of his fingers get up that hole and she is very wet. He feeds it to her and then gets to the missionary fucking. The two of them are clicking in this scene and the dirty talk gets hot (in fact, the "Behind the Scenes" section with extra footage of this scene is worth checking out). She spreads her lips wide for him and the camera work is a bit better than before, though still pretty cable-heavy. The captain''s a sweaty guy, but it doesn''t stop him from holding her arms back and pounding into her hard and fast in a standing doggy. Good stuff.

More story line intrudes (sarcasm aside, for porn, Bob Chinn has the best plots for features) but it gets Peter and Dominique together on a couch. The best scene begins.

The two actors in this scene are also connected. Dominique (Rachelle) is having a great time and Peter (Lee) is just as enthusiastic. She gives a slow and sweet hummer to his trade-mark bent cock. He returns the favor with some tongue work that has her writhing and into it. He really turns her on and we get to see a lot of it. They get to the fucking on their sides and soon flip to doggy style. More good views follow (as well as a little spanking) and he ends up spooing in her mouth. What with passionate acting and good camera work, this scene''s a winner.

The plot wraps up with the bad girls going to jail and the good guys and girls having sex, though not all together. First off:

The captain and Peter Magnum''s assistant Susan (Scarlet Fever with her red hair and nicely toned body) nearly tear each other to pieces with the force of their kissing. They claw at each other on the desk, stripping down until he can stuff his tongue up her twat and suck. It''s a nice job and Susan practically squirms off the desk with pleasure. She then takes his cock down her throat to the base. Very deep, very cool. He give a lot of verbal encouragement and then stuffs his prick into her. It quickly gets fast and hard. He pounds into her doggy style as well, putting her into the world of glassy eyed stares and enjoyable moans. It''s not bad energy as they go at it and it ends on a high note.

Not to be outdone, Peter and the sexy D.A. (the heavily accented Dominica Leoni, whose finely tuned body is a treat) hook up for the finale. He goes down on her pretty, wet pussy and fingers her ass as she gasps nicely. The knob gobbling follows and it''s ok. Soon they move to reverse cowgirl and we get good views of Dominica''s taut bod. He pounds her as she curls up on all fours. Hard, slow strokes make it pretty hot. Soon, though, she asks for an ass fucking. The best moments are during the anal action, as Peter stuff her ass while she plugs her cunt with four of her fingers. Dominica cums and is followed quickly by Peter to end the film.

OVERALL: While not his best work, Bob Chinn''s Young and Dangerous is still a good pick for anyone looking for plot-driven porn (did I actually say that?). The acting is all right and the action is decent. It won''t burn your house down or curl your toes, but it might be a good shot for getting a shy significant other to watch some hardcore.

EXTRAS: Disc one has five language options (for you quintlingual porn-hounds), a chapter search, and four trailers. The Special Edition box has a second disc with an hour long "Behind the Scenes" feature that is actually a good deal of fun. Not only does it show discussions with several of the actors and actresses (Rachelle and Justine are cool, Kitty is a little weird), it also gives you a lot of extra footage.





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