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Title: Real Naturals #15  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


The Real Naturals #15

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B

Time- 2:15

Company- New Machine

Director- Ed Powers

Cast- Veronica Velour, Ayla, Tawni, Misty Parks, Trask, Ricky, John, Alan Knight, Ed Powers

Review- Usually the worst part any Ed Powers movie is Ed himself. He's a nasty, ugly man who insists on being involved in what could be an awesome movie. He usually has the hottest chicks you can find who are willing to fuck on camera, but with him involved it's just not that fun. Well, this movie could be your solution. It's made by Ed himself, but luckily he's not that involved. There are four scenes with four hot chicks, and they each bring their own guys who are all decent looking. Ed's only involved in two scenes, and luckily for us he's only briefly involved in one of them. So what you get is a really hot amateur movie with good-looking people and only brief shots of the troll man. Plus there's a chick involved who looks just like Britney Spears.

The first scene opens up with Ayla. She's a really hot brunette 20 year old who's half Irish and half Mexican. She's planning on fucking her boyfriend Trask on screen for the first time. After a brief photo shoot and short interview she stands up on the bed and strips for us. She has pretty tiny tits. They're not really there, but I don't know any guy who wouldn't love to suck 'em anyway. Before her boyfriend joins her Ed hands her a small vibrator so she can pleasure herself. She must've done this before because she knows what she's doing. Most of the time she has two fingers shoved up her snatch while she's working on her clit with the toy. After the solo scene it's time for Trask to show up and make love to his honey. He climbs into bed, already naked, and they share a romantic kiss. He's a decent looking guy. He's not a model, but he's sure not Ed either. Ed orders Trask to spread Ayla's legs and he does so without hesitation, as most of us would. He does a fairly good job of licking her for about five minutes, then it's his turn to lie on the bed for the obligatory blowjob scene. She does a good job, and you can tell she's enjoying it because her eyes are closed the whole time. Or maybe she just doesn't want to look at Ed. I wouldn't rule that out. This goes on for quite some time, until she eventually mounts him and rides him like a wet donkey. Actually, she hardly moves. It's the guy that moves the most. She's just kind of sitting there and you don't get any really good shots of the penetration. That's solved when they switch to mish with one of her legs up in the air. Then you get some really nice close-ups of the action. After switching to doggy style she mounts him again, this time doing a little bit more of the moving. Once more on her back, and then Trask pulls out and cums onto her stomach. This scene was hot and fun to watch, but I think they could've cut down on it a bit. It came in at just under an hour long. I mean, that's pretty damn excessive for one scene.

Alright, another scene. This one has Veronica Velour and Alan Knight. Veronica is a hot blonde with slightly curly hair. She sort of looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. Veronica is deaf, and Alan is using sign language to explain things to her. She's so hot it doesn't really matter though. Alan's a decent looking guy, and if it were just him it would be pretty cool. Unfortunately Ed's going to join in so we'll be forced to see him naked, but at least Alan will be there to sort of counteract the nastiness. It's kind of amusing having Alan ask Veronica to masturbate in sign language. I should remember that one just in case. After stripping down Veronica does a very cool masturbation scene that's a little too short. Uh-oh, here comes the Ed monster. He wants to eat her pussy and she gives him permission, so his hideous face destroys what was once so beautiful. If she's disgusted she doesn't let one, because she's writhing around like she loves it. While the troll is licking her Alan moves up near her face and shoves his dick in her mouth. Then Alan lies on the bed so she can suck him some more, and Ed moves up to fuck her doggy style. Boy is it fun seeing his pasty white thighs and him wearing a black shirt the whole time. Luckily the camera focuses more on the blowjob than on his dick. It doesn't take Ed long to finish up and before you know it he pulls out and blows onto her back. Now it's Alan's turn to taste some pussy. Unfortunately for him it's been tainted by Ed dick, but he doesn't seem to mind. They bust out some 69 action which is fun to watch and they fuck mish very briefly before Alan pulls out and creams on Veronica's stomach. Overall a very hot scene, except for the parts with Ed in it.

The next scene is fuckin' awesome. The girl is Tawni and she looks like she could be Britney Spears' twin. She's a 22-year-old blonde. The only guy that she'll fuck on screen is her boyfriend Ricky. You ladies will love him. He looks like he could be in Backstreet Boys or one of those other groups. When she strips down for some photos you get to see her absolutely perfect body. Damn is she fine. Ed asks her to play with herself, and she wastes no time shoving two fingers into her snatch and fucking herself with them. Ricky moves into the scene for a brief kiss and almost immediately heads down to her crotch to give her some lovin'. She's so hot she can't keep her hands of his dick and strokes him as he's eating her. She even turns over onto her knees so he can eat her from behind. Next it's his turn to get licked and he lies on the bed so she can do her business. He has a pretty big cock and she manages to take about a third of it in. For a weird change of pace he gets on his knees to and she gets down there to suck on his balls. For the first fuck shot we get some rcg and some mounting, both very fun to watch. This girl loves it too, from the amount of screaming that she's doing. Next it's on to some doggy style and then mish. The guy cums inside her, and when he pulls out you see it dripping out of her pussy.

The final scene has Misty Parks and her boyfriend John. Misty is a decent looking blonde with a nice body. Misty strips down right away and John comes onto the bed to get his cock sucked. While she's doing an excellent job blowing him he's got his hands between her legs playing with her clit. He even gets his head down there a couple times to give her some licks. Uh-oh. Ed's back for this one. While Misty's blowing John Ed moves in for some very brief pussy eating. Now John lies on the bed, getting his cock sucked again while she also uses her hands to play with his balls. Ed moves up from behind and starts fucking her doggy style but he's smart enough to realize nobody wants to see it and you focus more on the blowjob. Unfortunately they switch spots and it's Ed's turn to get head, while he's wearing a condom. Thankfully you don't see too much of that. It's back to Ed's turn to fuck and he does so mish while John's cock is in Misty's mouth. Ed blows a load in his condom and is nice enough to pull it off and let it drip onto Misty's tits. At least he comes in with a rag and cleans it up for us. John moves down between Misty's legs and starts fucking her while she's on her back. John moves up and blows his load all over Misty's face, mostly across her eyes. If you love hot amateurs you'll want to see this one. If you can ignore the few moments when Ed's involved you get some hot sex with hot people.



Ed's bio

Trailers - 5

Transmissions - These are always fun to listen to. They're clips from Ed's radio show on KLSX in Los Angeles. It's the same one I heard before, but it's still amusing.




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