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Title: Nacho Vidal's Blowjob Impossible  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Nacho Vidal's Blowjob Impossible

Overall Rating- C-

Female Looks- B

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:30

Company- Digital Sin

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Maria Ricci, Monica, Shelia Scott, Amanda, Jean Fourne, Mika Shirley, Veronica, Mia Stone, Betty Dark, Dina Pearl


This DVD starts out quick with a cute blonde euro with natural breasts and a tight body. They are outside and some of the shots are killed with bad lighting and after some chitchat with Nacho they get down to business, with her on her knees trying to take down Nacho's massive dick. She looks great sucking dick and takes her time with it. Her technique shows a lot of hand action and is shallow, barely getting the head in her mouth, but she likes to lick and play around with her tongue. After a few minutes of head, I guess Nacho needs more and fucks her in a standing doggie, which is pretty much wasted due to terrible camera angles. The scene ends with the euro back on her knees using her hands and mouth and jerking Nacho off for a cumshot that hits just below her eye and in her mouth. This is an excellent start for this DVD.

After the cut scene intro, we get Nacho and another euro blonde working his cock over with her mouth. She has a natural rack, cute face, and tight body. She uses a lot of hand jacking and gets only the head in her mouth. If any of you have ever seen Nikki Dial give head, I'd say this blonde took notes from her technique. She jumps on for a quick cowgirl and then Nacho jerks himself off for a weak load on her mouth and chin. She gives some light post cum head.

Next is an average looking long black haired woman with large tits playing with a pocket rocket? Eventually she starts sucking Nacho's dick for some nice POV shots. She stays fairly shallow, shows a lot of energy, and has some good no hands work. With some help from Nacho, she gets a face fucking and gets about of his dick down, which causes some choking and gagging. She turns around and gets fucked in a short standing doggie. The scene ends with Nacho sitting down and the girl sucking and jerking off a load, which pretty much lands on the ground. She gives some post cum head and an impressive deep throat.

The next scene is split between two different scenes. One with an average looking redhead giving a few poses and then sucking a faceless cock and a blonde who is doing a photo shoot. We cut back and forth between the two. The red head starts in with some no hands and then mostly head play with a lot of handwork. Cut back a few times and now the redhead is playing with herself and getting four fingers in her pussy. She gets fucked mish and then cut to a completely different scene.

We have a blonde on a couch sucking some cock and after a minute or so I guess the guy is not happy with her oral skills and starts jerking off. She remains at the guy's side, but seems bored. After some idle chitchat and now that our lumber is fluffed properly, we get back to more sucking. I can see why the guy had to resort to his own hand, since the blonde doesn't really vary her technique and gives more of a handjob than a blowjob. Eventually she jerks a load out of him that lands on her face and chin. She continues her some technique till fadeout.

Now it looks like we have the scenes that should have been placed two chapters ago. Perhaps this is just an editing screw up, but it kills any continuity from the previous action. We get Nacho tasting the blonde's pussy from behind and then she turns around with a short blowjob. Again, this scene ends very abruptly.

I'm starting to think that they just threw in some editing room floor footage to fill up this DVD, because the order of the scenes makes no sense and the footage sucks. They should have just cut this crap out and thrown it on the tail end as "behind the scenes" rather than drop it in this movie haphazardly.

The next girl up is a blonde with black streaks through her hair. She is a big girl, not fat, just big. She plays with herself and eventually our guy comes over and gets a nice blowjob. Her technique keeps her a bit shallow, but has some nice handjob work. After some no hands face fucking its back to a blowjob and she jerks off the guy till he cums on her hand and himself. She continues with a post cum handjob and gives a few licks.

A very tan, long black haired, natural racked girl is in the next scene and starts by stripping and then playing with a pocket rocket. She has a great ass and nice body. While working herself over with the vibe she gives Nacho a standard foot job, working only with her arches. They move to a more traditional blowjob with her only getting the head in her mouth and using a lot of hand jacking. I think she gives some light dirty talk, but it's in another language, so it's only a bonus for anyone who speaks more than one language. They change positions so that Nacho is sitting and she works the same blowjob, head in mouth and hand jacking the rest. The scene ends with her jacking a load onto his belly. She gives some light post cum head.

Another tan girl is up next, but this one has short brunette hair and is enhanced. We move directly to her playing with a pocket rocket in several different positions. When the stunt cock comes into play she immediately goes to her knees and shows off some decent skills. She moves her head and her entire body a lot during the sucking and also works a lot of no hands work. There are some nice POV shots and she changes up enough so the blowjob doesn't seem repetitive. The guy moves to a sitting position and she face fucks him till the guy pulls her off and jerks off a small load on her mouth and chin. She gives some excellent post cum no hands head.

The next scene has a small breasted girl with short red hair and lean body. She gets eaten out for a very short time, and then works over the guy's cock. She shows some impressive no hands work and gets the guy about down her throat. While the girl is getting fucked mish, Nacho jumps into this scene and tries out her mouth for himself. They switch to a doggie and then the guy fucking her disappears. Nacho takes over and fucks her side-mish and mish. Our wandering guy comes back to fill up her mouth and eventually face fucks her. Nacho pulls out and jerks off a tiny load and re-inserts for a few more strokes. The other guy face fucks her and jerks off on her face and mouth.

Overall: To be honest, I was expecting more from Nacho and a blowjob movie. What we get are somewhat uninspired blowjobs from euro women, who tend to not have the best blowjob skills. Sure they are great to look at, but they tend to repeat the same motions over and over again. And don't get me started with all the fucked up editing and cut scenes, what a complete waste of time. I'd say the first and last scenes have the best energy and the rest you can skip. This is a marginal rental at best.




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