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Title: I Love 2 Fuck  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


I Love 2 Fuck

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- C

Male Looks- C

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D

A/V Quality- C


Company- Armageddon

Director- Luciano

Cast- Jessica Jewel, Regan Starr, Natas Flett, Mia, Tiny Nikki Tease, Bethany

Review- This is the second movie I've seen from Armageddon and I have to say I'm really not impressed. This one has the same problems with it that I noticed in the first. Namely, all the scenes are almost the exact same, the scenery is boring, and most of the girls aren't very good-looking. It's like Tom Byron had twenty bucks to make this movie so he had to use his basement and girls from off the street who are slutty and craving it. If you're looking for creativity and excitement, look elsewhere.

The first scene stars Jessica Jewel, who looks like an older girl. Not terribly old, but not in her twenties either. She's wearing a full body fishnet-stocking thing. I really don't find those fishnet things very attractive, especially when they're involved with the sex. After talking to the camera briefly she goes straight for her guys' balls and cock, doing a fairly good and erotic job of blowing him. She has a pretty big rack that swings back and forth while she's slurping, but I can't tell if they're real or not. She does use them to massage the guy's dick though. They start fucking with her on her back on the sofa, and there's some real close-ups of her fishnet covered vagina being penetrated. Kind of disgusting if you ask me. We get some cowgirl next, with the fishnet once again being the only thing I can really focus on in the scene. It's so damn distracting, I can't figure out why she's wearing the damn thing. I suppose it does breakup the monotony of most scenes. If you had to say one positive thing about Jessica it's that she has a shitload of energy to waste bouncing on this guy's wang. In the rcg shot it's pretty obvious that her tits are fake, but I was convinced for a while so kudos to her doctor. Jessica and her man finish up with doggy style which is really disturbing because you can't even see her pussy anymore. Instead all you see is cock, balls, and black fishnet. She takes a load in the mouth at the end.

The next girl is Mia, I think. The movie was kind of vague and I don't recognize her. She's a decent redhead with good-sized natural tits. She starts out playing with her shaved pussy, and before you know it there's a cock in her mouth. She's not able to take much in, but damned if she doesn't try. Her fuck session starts out in the good ol' mish position, followed by doggy style. To top it off Mia mounts the stud and bounces on him for a bit before he blows all over her chin. This was a very standard scene shot on a bed in a room with four white walls. Not too much originality. It's funny to watch her flinch when a blast of spoo nails her in the face though.

The next scene is almost an exact duplicate of the previous one, except with different people. Bethany (I think) is playing with her shaved pussy on a bed in a boring room and some dude wanders up so she can suck her cock. Bethany isn't that great looking. In fact, she looks like she's about 45 but that's just a guess. I'll give her points for being good at giving head since she manages to deep throat the guy and he's pretty large. Like the previous scene, Beth whips through the three standard positions. Unlike the previous scene, Beth takes it up the ass on her side and on her knees, which unfortunately gives us some really close-ups of her really old snatch and ass. The guy creams in Bethany's mouth to finish the scene out.

Just for some variety the next scene starts out with two girls, in the exact same plain white boring ass room. Tiny Nikki Tease, who is anything but tiny, and Bethany, who is pretty tiny. Nikki isn't fat, but she's a big boned girl and has a mammoth and somewhat grotesque rack that's gotta be fake. Bethany, on the other hand, is a semi-cute blonde with very tiny yet perky tits. She also has a few tattoos, including one of the Tasmanian Devil. They take turns eating each other out but like most lesbo scenes they quickly bust out the toys, which are extremely boring to watch.

Hey look, a really good-looking girl in this movie. What a fucking shock. Regan Starr is a brunette with a tight body, perfect sized tits, and an insatiable sexual appetite. Her face could use a little work, but in this movie she's Aphrodite. She's with a guy in an all white room (surprise) but at least this time there's a couch present. After quickly stripping out of her clothes she immediately dives for the guy's crotch and does an excellent job of sucking him off. She does a lot of drooling, and you can see big gobs of spit dripping onto the floor. After having her pussy felt by her lover she moves up next to him for some semi-standing/kneeling fucking. Basically she has one leg way up in the air while he's supporting her and railing away on her. Unable to support her any longer they fall onto the couch to continue the railing, and she has a great looking pussy, especially when a dick is pounding it. When Regan bends over the couch to take it from the back she doesn't waste any time licking her hands and playing with her clit while spreading her pussy lips apart for our viewing pleasure. The scene and movie wraps up with some rcg and a shot to the mouth. I'd recommend not watching this movie. The scenery was boring, the scenes were repetitive, and the girls just weren't that hot. There's better out there.







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