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Title: Vortex  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: n/a
Male looks: n/a
Sex: n/a
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: n/a


Bottom Line: The movie has its moments, and some great fucking. The great part is all of the costumes and period scenes (not that kind of period). But the downside is that some of the scenes could have had a little more to them. The Feature: 7 Chapters Think Hugh Hefner production of Quantum Leap. Scientists have created a time travel machine. We open with Dr. Frank Packer (get it-'pack her') (Dave Hardman) in the laboratory inspecting the machine. Its got this cool '007' feel to it, with a lot of bells and whistles and gadgets involved in the first 5 minutes. We then cut abruptly to Juli Ashton getting some major digit rubbage from a co-worker in a backroom. Because hisface is so buried in her pussy, licking and fingering it, it takes a few minutes to realize that it is Doctor Dick (Tony Tedeschi) who is getting Juli to spurt out the good stuff all over his face. When Julie sucks on Dick's love muscle she pays special attention to sucking on his balls, taking each in her mouth one at a time. I love blow-jobs scenes, so its not hard to please me. Yet this one is about average; the cool thing is that she keeps her white pumps on while she gives a tongue massage to his cock. Juli takes it from behind in the office, holding herself up between a chair and the table as Dick's condomed cock pounds hers from behind. Juli is enthusiastic; and really gets the shit beaten out of her while she is on her back. Juli also has great tits; they not too small, and yet they are not overwhelming either; and boy do you get to see her tits flailing back and forth here. There is a cut in the middle of this scene to Dr. Packer being confronted by another scientist, who tells him that he is not authorized to be in the lab. Packer just laughs his evil laugh at her. When she tries to enter the lab she finds that she has been locked out of the computer. We then cut immediately back to Dick giving Juli exactly what she wants—a nice glob of love glue right on her tongue. Unfortunately this was not the most memorable cum scene (low grade as far as ounces if you get what I mean). Yet Juli recovers by sucking out the last little bit of cum left in his cock. At this moment another female scientist barges in to warn the two cum drenched intellectuals that Packer is getting ready to use the machine. They all race down to the lab to stop him, but when they get there, like all bad guys, there is no reasoning with him. He is a bitter man and there is no stopping him. The good guys finally break in and get Packer, but not before Packer pushes Juli into the chair and sends her racing through time. Julie awakens from her trip in a Western Brothel, dressed in a Red French-style Dancing Corset, with two cowboys (one of whom is Klye Stone) knocking on her door outside. Juli wastes no time in getting into her role as the 19th century traditional fuck rag. Juli sucks on Kyle's cock while Juli gets her asshole tongued by the second aforementioned unknown. The great part about this scene is Juli's clothes—she wears these killer white stockings throughout the scene. In fact most all of the clothes remain on during the first half of the scene, which is real, quick and dirty. The scene is rude and raw (love spit just drips into and out of Julie's gaping cunt). Julie works hard sucking off each guy as the other takes a turn at fucking her. Then the scene turns into a great DP scene, with Juli getting the great chocolate love punch. When the two cum on her face Juli's mouth is gaping. The scene ends with Juli dripping with cum—still wearing her choker and stockings. Again the great part of this scene (while the fucking was just ok) is that the clothes were realistic and they kept some of them on during thescene. It is here that we then find out the Juli is unable to control her actions when she travels through time, and that she must follow through on the actions of the characters that she inhabits. I thought it was odd that a Doctor had no problem fucking and sucking two unknown cowboys. But then again I think it would have been nice to see Juli get it when she was in character as the Doctor too, but that probably would border on being a rape scene. Back at the lab, our man Dick, has forgotten all about his love Juli. He is busy getting Vicca down on her knees. Of course this doesn't take too long—this is porn man we don't have time for courtship. She has beautiful red hair and loves to play with his cock with her tongue. We get some great shots of Vicca on her knees, in her white panties and black pumps, as she enjoys Dick's knob. When it comes time for Vicca to get fucked, she is still wearing her black pumps and it sitting on a table. The action is so hard that he almost knocks her and the table over in the process. Then Vicca gets it from behind while resting her knees on a chair. Vicca is incredible to look at, and this is one of those scenes where you can't wait to see her get that load shot right in her face. The best shot in this scene is her getting fucked while she sits in the chair and has her legs wrapped around Dick's neck—all the while she is still wearing the pumps. The only downside to this great fuck scene is that you have perfect shots of her asshole but nothing ever comes of it; that and the fact that the cum scene wasn't all that hot (it obviously wasn't the first take). But, trust me Vicca would make be dump a whole load of the creamy good stuff--and she would do the same for you too. Back in the lab Dick is trying to establish a telepathic link with Juli through the us of Ann's (Shayla La Veaux) body. Packer meanwhile is able to find his way out of his cell and into the air ducks (damn those air ducks!!!), and he finally finds his way back into the lab without anyone noticing. Packer then makes it into the chair and into the vortex. Juli is transported into a sorority slumber party with Johnni Black and Rayveness. Yet Juli is her mother in this scene (you deal with the Freudian issues here my friend—there are things about your parents that you just don't want to know). After all the idle chit-chat the three notice that the real reason they had the slumber party was to has some hot lesbo love. Immediately, Black opens Juli's legs to reveal her wet pussy. Yet, we were unmoved here, in the end each girl gets it with something plastic, and the only thing worth sitting around for is seeing Johnni Black cum; although watching Juli get fingered in the ass would be a close second. Dick (now in the Vortex) and meets up with Juli, and then Packer shows up in as well. Here we find out Packer's real motive—to tinker with time. To take over people and live their lives. Packer takes over he body of a millionaire (Jonathan Morgan), and through his wealth Packer plans to take over the Vortex project by simply buying it out. The next scene is of the millionaire (Jonathan Morgan) getting it on with the equally sexy Melanie Stone and Nikita. Morgan gets his under Stone's pussy and sucks her pierced cunt, while Nikita gives him a blow job to remember. Stone is the first one to get fucked while she is one her back on a leather couch. Nikita stays busy by sucking on Stone's nipples or by shoving her shaved cunt into Melanie's face. Morgan then takes Nikita from behind while it is Stone's turn to get her pussy tongue fucked. The scene is short and ends with Stone and Nikita getting a love juice facial, but both girls are definitely eye candy. And the great thing is that Nikita doesn't talk too much, so all those post-operative issues that would come to mind about her don't need to crop up and ruin watching this very hot chick. As if Morgan can't get enough hot pussy, we find him in the next scene getting his knob sucked on by Syren. Syren is by no means clean slobbering all over his cock while Morgan sits back and relaxes. It's a good thing that she can suck a mean dick because she's not the greatest to look at—imagine Linda Wong on crack.. The two waste no time in getting right down to fucking as Morgan just flips her around, lifts her skirt and shoves his massive cock into her Asian cunt. Syren is a screamer, and a believable one. She really looks like she is enjoying getting a piece of Mr. Morgan. Jon finally plasters her face with cum, but this does not stop Syren as she continues to drain Morgan's cock of his cum. Back at the lab the scientists are able to pull Packer out of the Vortex. They scientists put Packer back in his cell, and are distraught over the fact that Juli has not been found yet. We then cut to the best scene in the movie simply because it is done entirely in black and white. The scene is obviously a play on all the noire films of the 30's and 40's with Juli as the dame and Ian Daniels as the detective. The scene is cock inspiring to anyone who ever wanted to see Humphrey Bogart give it to Rita Hayworth in the ass. (I never thought that Bogey could be a secret sex hero, but hey why not) Juli sucks a mean cock in the scene, stroking Ian Daniels's cock with her black velvet gloved hands. When it comes time for her to get fucked, we see that Juli is wearing a corset and black thigh high stockings. The great thing is that she leaves them both on for the whole scene. This is the kind of shit that I dig, I love all the clothes left on, it really adds to the realism and makes the sex look rushed (in a good way). I always think that is more sexy that simply being naked. Daniels gets Juli on her back and plugs her chocolate love hole with his condomed cock. When Daniels finally cums he shoots his load all over her tits and the corset. This scene is definitely worth seeing. I wish they had different music the music for the scene doesn't match the period (I personally would have preferred a big band number, instead of the cheesy porn groove, but hey you can't have everything). In the end Packer escapes with the help of Morgan. This leaves Juli trapped in the Vortex. Can you say sequel? The movie actually had an interesting plot. I mean for a porn to have a story is one thing, but to actually have an integrated plot line is sometimes (sometimes?-shit usually) expecting too much. While not all of the scenes are excellent, two of them are truly inspired: the cowboy scene and the black and white scene in the end. Both of these are worth watching and rewatching and rewatching. I mean I don't think Juli Ashton is good looking (in fact she looks like she has been pulled right out of a DQ in Wisconsin), but the clothing on her at the shit. The downside is that the scenes don't take the ideas they employ to the limit; for instance dialogue in the black and white scene would have been totally cool. Another downside is that Jonathan Morgan is not in a lot of the scenes and the scenes that he is in his acting are not up to his usual par.  

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