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Title: Vegas or Bust  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Vegas Or Bust

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- A

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- A

A/V Quality- A

Time- 1:23

Company- Wicked

Director- Brad Armstrong

Cast- Devinn Lane, Inari Vachs, Miko Lee, Tanya Danielle, Briana Banks, Brittany Andrews, Stevie, Jason McCain, Bobby Vitale, Mark Davis, Vince Voyeur, Dillion Day, Fozzi

Review- Two of my favorite things happen to be gambling and naked women so this movie immediately clicked with me. Unfortunately this movie wasn't as great as I thought it would be. Don't get me wrong. As for as porno goes it's definitely up there on the scale. But I'm a big fan of plot and story and usually Wicked delivers. This time it was more like a standard, jump from scene to scene movie with no correlation between them. Wicked kind of held back on the scenery in this one too. It was definitely different than most movies, but it sort of used that isolated view that's kind of weird. What I mean is when it shows a roulette table that's all you can see because there's a spotlight on it. It gives you the impression that they're in a black hole or something. I find that annoying. As far as the movie looks though, Wicked did a great job. The camera work is really good, although it seems kind of confused about what to focus on. There are four scenes in this movie with two girls and the camera rarely focused on the really good stuff. I've noticed that from this company before though. Well, enough bitching. On to the review.

The movie starts out with a discussion on showgirls and it shows a couple girls dressed up as showgirls doing a little dance on a stage. I honestly couldn't tell who these girls were, since showgirls are all supposed to look alike and these girls did. They were heavily decked out in makeup, including lipstick, eye shadow, and glitter. They're also wearing pink gloves, pink boas, and weird pink headpieces. This whole scene is accompanied by some interesting techno music which gets really annoying really fast. Luckily once the girls get to fingering each other the music dies down a little, letting us hear their moans of ecstasy. Unfortunately that's all the girls do in this scene, aside from some very brief licking. For some reason girls fingering each other just doesn't do much for me. To top the whole thing off the girls break out a pink dildo to use on each other. It matches their clothes well and both girls take it up the snatch and ass before the scene is done.

For the next scene we get to watch Tanya Danielle and Devinn Lane take on one guy. Tanya starts off as a roulette dealer but before you know it she's on all fours on the table getting fingered by her guy. Devinn strips and bends over next to her so she can get fingered, and then it's time for some oral action. Tanya lies on the table on her back with her head hanging over the age while the guy slams her mouth with his cock. This is a great angle and it was really fun to watch her blow him this way. Meanwhile, Devinn is lying on Tanya and licking her tits, but not really focusing on much else. It's Tanya's turn to fuck first, riding her man rcg while Devinn watches on and stares in jealousy. There is a condom used in this part too. For her next act Tanya bends over the roulette table and spreads her butt cheeks so she can take it anally. She manages to take about of him into her, and he's pretty big. While she's hitting it from the back she has her face buried in Devinn's crotch and is licking some snatch. To finish off, Tanya gets on her back again, this time taking it up the ass, while Devinn mounts her face, although you only get some overhead shots of that. The scene finishes up with Tanya taking a load in the face. It's strange that Devinn didn't really do anything in this scene. Maybe she just happened to stop by the set and got bored.

Every casino has a count room, where all the money the casino receives is bundled and counted, but not in that order. I'm pretty sure the people counting the money don't look like Briana Banks, and I'm damn sure they don't strip down in the count room. I bet most of them don't have two armed guards standing watch, both wearing Matrix style sunglasses and identical clothing. This scene is your standard two guy one girl scene where most of the time the girl has a cock in her mouth and the other one is in her pussy. Only Wicked could make this scene as good as they did. With their great cinematography, background music, and people they turned what's usually a boring, standard scene into something that was actually enjoyable to watch. Just seeing Briana's shiny ass cheeks, glistening from her own pussy juice, is enough to excite most people, such as myself.

The next scene deals with the cigarette girl, which I don't know much about since I don't smoke. I assume that they exist to deliver cigarettes to all the greedy fat asses, like myself, who don't want to stand up when they're gambling. The cigarette girl is played by Devinn Lane again, and she's wearing a red jumpsuit sort of thing that I guess most cigarette girls wear. She spends about five minutes smoking a cigar that she pulled out of her tray of goodies (an actual tray you perverts) and then she masturbates on a stool. It's pretty fuckin' boring. Boring scenery, boring action. She does use two dildos on her ass and pussy, but it's still boring.

Now this next part was, uh, different. Devinn Lane (in case you haven't guessed, she's the star of this movie even though there's no plot) and Stevie are dressed as lounge singers, and they're singing. By singing I mean that Devinn is lip synching for three minutes while Stevie stands next to her and acts like she doesn't know what the hell is going on. When the song's over the music cuts to some mellow, hypnotizing music and fun time begins. This scene is pretty much the same as the first girl/girl scene. It starts off with some very brief licking (not enough damnit) followed by some fingering and dildo play. Whoever wrote this movie needs to stop watching TV and get a better imagination.

High rollers can be lonely people, but the guy in this scene won't be. Vince Voyeur is lying on his bed wearing red silk pajamas and makes a phone call, presumably to an escort service. Lo and behold, the door to his bathroom opens and Devinn Lane and Miko Lee emerge. Now that's prompt service! I need to go to Vegas more. The two girls flash at the camera a bit, not really doing anything, while the background music repeats "Bad Girls!" over and over. When it gets down to the fun stuff Miko does an excellent job sucking Vince's cock, taking all of it into her mouth like the pro that she is. Like most of these scenes Devinn just kind of lies behind Miko and fingers her, but doesn't do much else. Miko's the first girl to get some cock. Vince slaps on a condom and while she's bent over starts railing on her from behind while Miko licks Devinn's pussy. The next position is Vince underneath Miko as she bounces up and down on his cock. When Miko takes it up the ass she's lying on her side and seems to love every minute of it. Devinn just lies by the side and watches the action. Vince ends up spooing into Miko's waiting mouth while Devinn licks the excess off of her tits.

Of course, what would Vegas be without instant marriages? That's the last segment in this unusual Wicked movie. Brittany Andrews, a really hot blonde, drives through the service with her new husband Dillion Day, but I guess they can't wait until they get home to consummate their marriage. Brittany starts off the honeymoon by unleashing Dillion's big cock and licking it like a Popsicle. I get excited just watching her work. For her brief oral excitement Brittany takes it bent over some car seats and Dillion spends most of the time licking her ass. They also start fucking the same way, using a condom. They fuck with her mounting him away on the front seat and then with her lying on the trunk before he cums onto her tits. Despite its semi-boring scenes and lack of plot this was still a good movie to watch. I don't think I'd buy it, but it's good for a whack or two.


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