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Title: Killer Pussy #6  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nacho Vidal's Killer Pussy #6

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- C

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- B

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:50

Company- New Sensations

Director- Nacho Vidal

Cast- Amanda, Gabriella, Maria Ricci, Monika, Veronica


This installment of Nacho's series begins with Nacho and two of his friends dressed as devils. The corresponding angels are two natural euro blondes all good looking and with tight bodies. A play by play would be way too confusing so I'll try to highlight the bright points. Both girls get fucked vaginally and anally in every standard position. There's a standing and doggie DP and a nice RCG and cowgirl in the mix. The scene ends with one of the guys jerking off and delivering a good-sized load on one the girl's face and the other guy gets jerked and cums all over the place including on the camera! Both girls look great and this is a good start to this DVD. In addition, Nacho and his cohorts didn't slap, spit on, or generally mistreat either of these women.

Nacho is off to find more women to fuck and we get two more good looking blondes in the same kind of angel outfit. This time Nacho has these two women for himself and they give a nice double blowjob. One hops on for a RCG and seems to have a problem with Nacho's cock, so the other blonde jumps on and with some work, manages to get most of Nacho's lumber in her pussy. A new guy comes into the scene to take on the other girl. Nacho switches to mish, while the other blonde does her best to deep throat the other guy's cock. There is an excellent shot of a side-by-side cowgirl and RCG. They follow with an anal RCG and a mish DP. One of the blondes gives some excellent ass shots while getting fucked doggie and then we get a doggie DP. The non-Nacho guy pulls out and jerks off a load for a decent facial and some nice post cum head. Strangely, Nacho does not deliver his own cumshot and is off to find more pussy.

The next girl Nacho finds is sleeping in bed and gets her pussy and ass eaten out. After some brief finger fucking they start fucking in a long mish then a great RCG. A nice cowgirl turns into another good looking slow mish fuck. For a break, she goes down and shows some average blowjob skills and only really gets the head in her mouth. They finish up with a side doggie and Nacho's pulls out and jerks off a few shots on her pussy and then puts himself back in for a more fucking. These two seem to have a lot of chemistry between them and they don't play too much to the camera. Notice how they seem to focus on each other most of the time rather than the camera, great intensity. However, even with this focus, I have one complaint with this scene, which are too many close-ups of Nacho's face. Edit these out and this is a smoldering scene.

As a bonus scene, we get a dark haired euro with nice natural tits. She is looking under a couch for a ring. This turns into a solo scene with some very close up shots of her working her pussy. After a while Nacho gets into scene and places his dick through a hole in the back of a chair. They begin the fucking with a RCG and then an impressive feat of strength with Nacho holding her up for a standing RCG. A standing doggie follows up and then she goes down and we get some very slow no hands head and some excellent POV shots. Amazingly Nacho holds on to his load and goes back to fucking mish. The scene ends with him pulling out and jerking off on her pussy. Nacho goes back in for some post cum fucking.

Overall: I was expecting worse from Nacho, but this DVD surprised me in that there was some genuine heat between the guys and girls, or at least they acted like there was heat. Regardless, what you get in this movie is six good looking euro women and some great fucking. Again, I'd cut out some of the close-ups of Nacho's face in the third scene, but other than that, go out and rent this movie.




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