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Title: Young Muff #4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Young Muff #4

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B-

Female Looks- B-

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- A-

A/V Quality- B-

Time- 1:28

Company- Armageddon Entertainment

Director- Derek Newblood

Cast- Allison Tate, Star, Samantha, Phoenix, Sienna, Mark Wood, Luciano

Review- So much of the porn these days is so strikingly similar that it doesn''t take much to make a skin flick stand out. The only surprising thing is how often nothing is done to differentiate a vid from the waves of copy-cat dreck out there. Young Muff #4 manages to struggle up from obscurity with a few tricks. Notably, the girls are all involved and enthusiastic, it seems that Mr. Newblood found a lot of women who enjoy fucking. Also, there are a couple of scenes with great sounds. The dirty talk and moans and groans add spice to the action, making it sexier and more memorable.

Phoenix starts the flick and sets the pattern by being a thin young girl with a nice smile. She''s a blonde, natural tits, and a pretty pussy. She gets on her knees for an older guy named Richard and dives into the B.J. It''s an all right job and lasts for a while before she plugs herself with his cock in reverse cowgirl. The views are good and the moans keep the interest up as she rides. Phoenix is active as she bounces away and twists around for a cowgirl squat, the guy hardly gets to move as she fucks herself on his rod. A nice ass-up mish leads to a doggy style before it ends with a facial. It''s not a bad scene, though it drags at points. Phoenix is cute and isn''t shy to take it on herself to get pumped.

Samantha is another thin, thin girl with no hips, a long face, and good hair. She points out her good looking snatch before a thick cock comes along for her to suck. She turns it up to eleven and bobs away, gagging herself several times. The reverse cowgirl is fast and hard and she takes it for a while before they slide to sides. It''s a nice sequence with hair pulling, throat grabbing, and leg bends. The action lasts a long time and the talk is continuous. The doggy style gets dead-sexy, he grabs hold of Samantha''s hair and makes her call herself a whore. A fine time. Not to mention that the location, a lawn on a hill overlooking the desert, is well suited to Samantha. Good visuals.

Sienna is a wide-eyed gal with dark hair and a big smile. She''s got a good ass and natural breasts. With a breathy voice she claims she sneaks boys into her parents'' house, would we like to watch? Without waiting for an answer, she grabs the nearby cock, a long one attached to a very skinny guy, and starts a slow suck-job. It''s all right, she''s a coy one, however. Throughout the scene, she sighs softly and keeps her eyes half-closed. Not a bad thing, she''s just the quiet type. The positions are all pretty brief, they switch often and the scene is shorter then the others. Sienna stays in her soft-focus mood as they fuck, getting a little riled up when she begins rubbing her clit as he does her mish. It''s slow, so don''t expect fireworks.

Star is two things, the skinniest and nastiest of the girls. With very short red hair, an enormous tongue piercing, and thighs that don''t touch, she looks like a boy with small breasts. This is not bad, and she has the dirtiest partner. He takes charge immediately, instructing her just how to suck his cock. Very hot stuff. They get into a reverse cowgirl and Star rides with pleasure until he forces her to suck his rod again. "Taste your pussy," he commands and she''s only too eager to do so. It''s a fine time all around. He spanks her ass and orders her around as they fuck. He pounds her hard, spreads her cunt wide for the camera, and generally holds, grips and pulls on her head as he pumps away.The views are all right and Star is a pliable doll in his hands. She''s thin enough that he also holds her in the air and plugs her twat. A winner.

Allison Tate ends things with another nasty scene. She''s paired with Vince Vouyer, who needs no convincing to get dirty. He throat fucks her and the drool flies for a while. Strangely enough, Allison never gets naked. She keeps her top fully on throughout the scene and her skirt just gets hiked up to give Vince access. She''s a vocal girl, giving great fuck noises and faces as she gets rammed doggy style. Vince picks her up for an aerial cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Strong man. The views get balled up for a bit, not giving us a clear look. The yells and groans, however, keep things interesting.

OVERALL: The domination play, dirty talk, and constant fuck-noises make Young Muff #4 a cut above the massive flood of similar titles. The girls are into the action and in some cases move more then the guys. This enthusiasm makes the scenes sexy and kept me interested through the disc. I wanted to hear what they''d say next. The camera work was mediocre, but not frustrating. All in all, a good piece of work, if not a classic.

EXTRAS: Chapter search, of course, a photo gallery, an extra scene of Kristi Myst giving blow-jobs to a group of guys (nice face, bad tits), and 20 trailers. That''s a good package.





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