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Title: Sky- Extreme Close Up  
Reviewer: Gary  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Sky Extreme Close-Up

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating-A-

Female Looks- B+/A-

Male Looks- B+

Sex- B/B+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- Fully interactive menus, jump to chapters and sections of chapters/scenes, bonus scenes and of course information on Vivid's DVD website.

A/V Quality- A

Time- 4+ hours of wall to wall porn!

Company- Vivid

Director- N/A

Cast- Sky + meat sticks and a few extra pussies because we are so horny we deserve them (Devon, Kobe Tai, Azlea Anistia, Dasha and Chasey Lain to name a few)!

Review-This is a massive compilation of Vivid Girl Sky's greatest hits (or fucks) so-to-speak. It reminds me of the "Deep Inside" series done in the early nineties showcasing stars like Savannah, Teri Weigel, Nikki Dial and many, many more. This DVD is chock-full-of scene after scene of fucking and sucking starring Sky and her "friends" getting it on. No plot or theme. Just fluffy, glossy Vivid-Girl porn. Because almost every scene has the same girl sucking and fucking in the same style I would suggest that you make sure that you are REALLY in to Sky before purchasing this DVD. I find her to be cute (as all Vivid girls should be) but her looks varied from scene to scene from 6ish to 8ish on a scale of 1-10. By far she is not my favorite Vivid-Girl and after four hours of watching her I am reminded why. Sky is very pretty to look at (even if she does have many plastic parts) but she lacks the sexual drive, passion and nastiness that marks animalistic, crazy hot sex. Even if I did like Sky more the scenes became incredibly predictable and were not that hot at times. Every slut has a style of sucking cock and boy is Sky consistent...that is to say that all the bjs started to look alike, mechanical and cold. Even the sex, the moans and groans that she used, became similar. Of course, they all have their own style but after 4 hours (even after I broke it up into 3 sittings) it all started to look alike...same girl, same bj, same positions, same moans different dick and place-setting....I guess was just too much of the same girl having the same sex (and not hot enough to justify the redundancies) for my taste. Don't get me wrong...she was pretty and performed well enough (some scenes were much hotter than others) but after the same thing over and over it looses its passion, fire and excitement.

This DVD had numerous scenes on it. Too many to describe and touch on them all here. However, there were several scenes that stood out above and beyond the rest....

The scene between Sky and Bobby Vitale is a scorcher. They seem to have some real chemistry... and why not? After all they are both fucking hotties and they clearly dig each other. Bobby goes down on her beautifully shaven snatch. He fingers her and shows off her delicate pussy lips as he heats her up to get her ready for serious slut duty. Bobby does a fine job going down on her and really turn the heat up as you can hear her moans increase in intensity and frequency and she starts squirming and writhing all over the bed while pulling on Bobby's hair and the sheets. She takes over going down on his massive member working his meat puppet with her hands, as she can't take him very deep into her throat. She licks his balls, then spreads his asshole to bury her tongue in there while Bobby strokes his cock (nasty! You go you two!)...Bobby is quiet but he looks like he is genuinely enjoying this gorgeous little doll's attention in his nether regions. Some nice camera angles show Sky's near-perfect little body off nicely during her oral tour of duty on Vitale. Bobby slips on a condom and Sky climbs aboard the Vitale bologna-pony for a reverse cowgirl ride. Her tits are in prime view as she bounces up and down...He takes her doggy and then missionary before finally relinquishing his man milk all over her flat, hard tummy! Big smile on both of their faces. Yummy.

I mention the scene between her, Dillion Day and Chris Cannon not because it was a blisteringly hot scene per se. It's that there were some great threesome positions in there including Sky on her back getting tittie-fucked and pussy fucked (miss) simultaneously. And when you spend as much money as she did on her tits it really is a shame not to let us fuck them (or at least watch them getting fucked). There was also a position where Sky was riding cowgirl but brought her feet on top of her dick's thighs while she road him. I found that pretty hot in and of itself. The sex is fairly luke warm but great positions and camera work make it worth mentioning here. Plus the double facial money-shot is nice too.

I don't usually go for all girl scenes but one on this DVD really stood out for me and tried to change my opinion on this topic. The scene between Sky and Azlea Anistia is fucking hot and nasty. Those girls really know how to get themselves going. And they go about it in a nasty and degrading fashion; two of my favorite qualities in porn! They talk filthy and nasty in a semi-degrading manner while they explore all of each other's holes with fingers, tongues and toys....They start of in a rocking and rolling 69 where Azlea is on bottom bent in half with her legs folded back by her head and Sky on top. Plenty of ass slapping, pussy spanking fingering and spitting. Then Azlea goes down on Sky with Sky encouraging her on with words like "that's it bitch, fuck me slut..yeah, you like that bitch, you like that you fucking bitch?ya, use your tongue and fuck my pussy". Azlea really works Sky's pussy over too; relentless showing little mercy if any. Sky reaches over to put on a black strap on that she lays into Azlea with. Azlea's big tits are flopping around and she takes that black cock up her sweet fucking hole.

Tyce Bhune gives Sky a hot fuck in their scene together. Sky looks really good in this scene and she seems to really like Tyce. There is chemistry and a passion between them that comes across on screen. The way she kisses and caresses him seems genuine and loving. This scene was hot and semi-romantic even; a good scene for couples who enjoy pretty vanilla-porn together. Tyce does a great job eating her pussy and working her in to a wet, furious frenzy with his fingers and tongue. Sky gives her usual adequate at best bj and then they move into the fucking. Nice shooting around his condom. They work through the requisite positions smoothly and without too much mechanics before Tyce shoots a very creamy load all over Sky's very tight, firm and fuckable ass.

The lesbo scene between Devon and Sky also deserves special mention. Partially because Devon is such a fucking hottie with a mouth and body that were just made to be a fuck slut. But again this was a girl-girl scene that I thought was pretty hot and kept me interested and hard and since girl-girls don't usually do it for me I thought the scene deserved special mention. Also, it was nice to see a pussy other than Sky for a change! Devon is a near-perfect porn slut. Beautiful face, great teeth, perfect tits, a hard, tight tummy, a sweet, firm shapely ass, long toned legs and face that can look as innocent as a baby and nasty enough to melt your heart and make your cock hard in a split second. Yummy.

Three more hotties that deserve mention are Dasha, Dayton and Kobe Tai all of whom get the opportunity to showcase their special anal talents. They are all living fucking dolls and the scenes, although fairly standard Vivid-porn, are all pretty hot and worth mentioning and worth watching even more. Save these for when you have had enough of looking at Sky.

The final scene that I will mention is probably Sky's piece de resistance. Its been a while since I have seen a slut brave enough to take two cocks in her cunt at the same time on film and Sky proved just what a nasty fucking slut she is by accepting the double-dick fucking like a champ! Sky takes on Pat Myne and Julian for a blistering (and pussy stretching fuck party culminating with two good sized cocks in her sweet (not so little) hole. Some nice dp and threesome positions (including more titty-fucking) and good camera work. You can tell Sky is a little uncomfortable with both of those sausages up her snatch but what do you expect? Besides, as long as you know it's all on the up-and-up and little discomfort on a sluts face can be a real turn on in the right context. Sky was trying so hard to be so slutty that her discomfort only served to show us that she was pushing her sexual envelop and she was enjoying it to boot...how much more could you want from a fuck-slut than for her to be eager, put forth effort, be fucking sexy and slutty and to try extra hard just for me, oops I mean us, her fans!

A great investment for your money. More porn than you can shake your dick at in one night and plenty of scenes to choose from. Just make sure that whatever DVD from the extreme close-up series you pick, that you really like the slut starring in it. After all you are going to get wall to wall porn chock full of scenes of your favorite vivid-fuck-slut. I am not sure I would have picked Sky but there are plenty other Vivid girls that I would love to have an extreme-close up DVD of.




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