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Title: Jizz Junkies  
Reviewer: Gary Neumann  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: D-
A/V Quality: C+


Jizz Junkies

Reviewer- Gary

Overall Rating- c

Female Looks- c+

Male Looks- c

Sex- c+

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- included a pictorial with some images not from the movie, jump to scene/chapters, trailers: which consisted of three box covers with no actual trailers to speak of and links to some adult pay sites. The extras did not even contain the extras advertised let alone have anything worth noting.

A/V Quality- Good; B+

Time- Running time: 89 minutes+ extras

Company- Armageddon Entertainment

Director- Slain Wayne, Rob Black and Layne Parker

Cast- Jasmin St. Claire, Betty, Varonica, Shawna Edwards, Diamond, Ice, Jennifer Lee, Bette, Luciano, Backey J, Claudio and Earl Slate

There is no real plot or theme (other than jizz craving whores getting that which they crave) to this dvd; that is one of its strong points. No plot, just raw sex one scene after the other.

The first scene opens with a man sitting on the couch with a rock hard cock. Two skanky looking girls come in, kneel before him and start sucking him off. The girls peel off their clothes to reveal average bodies inked with tattoos. After a bit of meager cock sucking, Shawna Edwards climbs on top for a ride while revealing a large tattoo over her belly, which I found most unattractive and distracting, as I watched her bounce up and down for a ride on that balogna pony. Plenty of Diamond pulling that cock out of Shawna's fuck hole and sucking and spitting before replacing that cock in her cunt and letting him fuck the shit out of her some more. Next, Diamond is treated to meaty bone and fucked sideways while exposing one of the hairiest pussies that I have seen in mainstream porn in quite some time; not to mention her sagging belly rocking with the rhythm of the fucking. I'm not sure who she can find to eat that mess of hair pie but good luck finding him sister! After Diamond takes some cock and Shawna had her turn to lick pussy juice from man meat in-between cunt pumps, Shawna climbs on board the anal express for some backdoor action. Lucky Diamond is charged with the duty of licking that cock clean in-between anal pumps and the scene culminates with the two girls putting their eager faces together to receive a nice coat of jizz while timidly tonguing each other.

Next, Betty has her turn to prove that she too is a "jizz junky". Looking all kinds of skanky, Betty walks in, strips off her mini-skirt and top. Luciano asks who the fuck she is (like she's such a fucking nympho she'll strip and fuck for complete strangers for nothing in return) to which you cannot understand her reply. Luciano asks, "feel like sucking my cock?" to which she answers, "sure why not" and the jizz junky is off. She starts the obligatory bj with some near-deep throat demonstrations and then Luciano stands so he can give her a proper mouth-fuck while trying to choke her by shoving his cock further and further down her throat. He bends forward to let her lick his asshole and balls before bending his dick underneath him to let her suck him off from behind. She takes it in the pussy doggie-style and then he lays into her ass with some anal romping. Plenty of ass to mouth and a nice touch showing Betty sucking Luciano's toes while he fucks her from behind. He fingers her asshole and the camera catches some nice gaping shots as he makes her suck his fingers clean direct from her sweet little brown hole. He alternates fucking her ass and then her pussy and face as he bends her in half and then repeats from the spoon position before finally depositing his load over her face.

The next scene highlights what I am sure is every aspiring actresses' dream-role: crack-whore getting "date-raped" by a fat, balding, graying man and his anxious side-kick all the while being told that she is good for nothing except smoking crack, sleeping and being used as a fuck whore. Ice, with her over-inflated, silicone filled tits and scraggly bleached blonde hair with way too many roots showing and her fake pink dragon-lady nails makes her border on looking like a white trailer-trash queen. She is passed out (in crack-land euphoria) in these two guys' house. They can't wake her up and since she has stayed the night they figure they deserve some sort of compensation so they rape her while she's in a foggy, incoherent state. How one gets an unconscious girl to suck cock is beyond me; perhaps practice makes perfect or perhaps it was just in the script. She sucks, they fuck, they tag team, she takes in the ass, they dp she wakes up in time to get on the floor and accepts a double order of extra milky man fluids on her face which runs down over her heaving fake titties.

Scene four gives us some European flavor as Varonica and Luciano join carnal forces together. Luciano walks in on Varonica on the phone and she asks who he is. He replies" a naked man" (hey I've heard all I need) and she says she is a horny 18 year old student. Luciano says I want to fuck you and the cat-and-mouse game is over. Varonica performs the best bj of the movie for Luciano before he buries his fuck stick in her hole. He fucks her fast and furiously in this position before he stands up and lets his cum ooze down his cock making Varonika lick it off just before it fell from his shaft. Then he leans back and she climbs on for a nice cowgirl ride on that oh so loud and squeaky bed. Luciano then takes her doggy-style until he has another oozing, trickling orgasm right on her puckered little asshole. Using his man-milk as lubricant he shoves his cock in her ass and takes a ride along the Hershey highway. There's some ass to mouth sucking and then she climbs on top again this time taking in her ass before Luciano delivers a special facial all over her proud and smiling face.

The final scene starts off really hot. Jasmin St. Claire is being held down by two men on the stairs. One rips her shirt off to reveal her beautiful if-not-fake- titties as she screams and pleads for them to leave her alone, let her go and not to hurt her. The screams are throaty enough to be believable until she almost laughs when one of the guys tells her to calm down as she struggles to get free. She sucks cock being choked by a belt as they threaten to kill her if she bites their dicks or puts up a fight. Her cock sucking skills are good and despite the rapey theme of this scene, she starts to really get into the dick sucking at hand. Then they take turns fucking her and she sucks the others dick. All the while they are threatening her and insisting that she must like what they are doing to her. She pleads for them to stop and not hurt her. They chokehold her and then dp her. They both plant big loads on her face and then leave her looking confused and slutty as hell.




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