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Title: Innervision  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B



Overall Rating- C-

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- N/A

Extras- C+

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:15

Company- Vivid

Director- Robby D

Cast- Kira Kener, Charmane, April


Well I was very excited to finally get a chance to see Kira Kener, one of the new girls in Vivid's stables. Let's see if she falls into the same no heat, no sweating Vivid stereotype or does Miss Kener bring something extra to the table.

DVD starts out with Kira at a bar fantasizing about sex. Now my first impression of Kira is that she has a beautiful face and nice body, but her implants are a bit on the scary side. They are probably pushing a full D cup and the scar/shape of her areola's are just plain unnatural. I haven't seen Kira pre-implant, but I'd be interested in seeing what nature gave this woman.

[Condom used] Now the about the first scene. After getting some quick finger fucking and pussy lapping, she gives a decent blowjob with a lot of hand help. Her technique is a bit on the shallow side, more of a handjob with her mouth over the top 1/3, but from the sound of it, she makes up for that with a lot of suction. They move to a cowgirl and she does some nice grinding on the guy's cock, not to mention that her ass looks great. They move through mish to an anal piledriver and back to mish finishes up the sex. The guy finishes by pulling out and jerking off a small load on her pussy. So with this first scene, Kira upholds the Vivid mold. She has a gorgeous face and body, but lukewarm sex. Give her kudos for the anal, but not much else.

[Condom used] Ah what would porn be without the old reliable "delivery guy" scene. After being invited into Kira's kitchen we get to see what her idea of a tip is. Let's start with the obvious again, in that Kira looks great sitting spread on the counter while getting eaten and frigged. Sadly they skip the blowjob and move right into a standing doggie with Kira having one leg up on the countertop. We get a cowgirl with some nice bouncing and then the guy revs up to about 120 slams a second. They finish up with a mish and the scene abruptly cuts to the guy jerking off and cumming on her tits.

[Condoms used] The next dinner party setup is very short and we have Kira and Charmane with two guys. They pair off and both girls are quite vocal while getting eaten out and finger fucked. A side-by-side mish is next and Kira definitely gets the rougher of the two guys based on the pounding she gets. Both girls flip over for a short doggie. The scene ends with Kira playing with herself and the guys jerking off and cumming only on Charmane's tits.

[Condom used] Our next scene has Kira in a tub with lots of suds. She dives right for the guy's cock and shows off some excellent no hands head and nice energy. They move outside the tub for a standing doggie with Kira making a lot of noise. What should have been the best section comes next, but sadly it is the shortest. We get a gorgeous 29-second RCG. There is only one complete shot of her body and then the remaining shot is a close-up of her grinding on the guy's cock. Twenty-nine seconds! What a fucking jip! Mish is next and they finish with the guy jerking off and cuming on her tits with her leaning back to avoid any cum on her face.

[Condom used] The last scene has Kira as the director of a porn shoot with April and a guy. April is a tight blonde with natural tits. The scene starts out with some fierce cock sucking from April with lots of eye contact, hand action, and even some deep throating. After some pussy munching the two show a great standing doggie with some nice shots of April bucking back and grinding on the guy's dick. The long RCG that follows is what Kira should be taking notes on how a RCG is supposed to be like. April bounces, grinds, and fucks the hell out of this lucky guy. The scene cuts to the guy jerking off and cumming on her ass. There is a short girl/girl scene that follows, but it's not worth writing about.

Overall: Well I was hoping that Kira wouldn't fall into the typical Vivid contract girl, but I'm afraid she has, at least for this movie. She looks fantastic, but her fucking is sub standard. It's ironic that the best scene, the last, doesn't even have Kira in the main action. Compare the first scenes with the last and April shows more energy and raw sexuality that Kira does in four chances. Unless you're a die hard Kira fan, skip this DVD.

While I'm on the Vivid rant, another complaint I have with this DVD is the extra angles and the sticker on the front claiming 4 hours. The main problem with the multiple angles is that yes they are different angles, but shot at a different time, so that the sound does not sync at all with what you're watching. And the sticker that says there is over 4 hours of "interactive fun" ... even with the bonus scenes I don't see how you can get 4 hours out of this DVD unless you add the time to open the packaging and put this sucker in the microwave.




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