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Title: Young Stuff  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: C+


Young Stuff: Summer Camp

Overall Rating- C

Female Looks- C+

Male Looks- C

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- D

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:25

Company- Sinister Select

Director- Chuck Martino

Cast- Gabreilla, Tabitha Stern, Rachell Devore, Jenna Haze, Phoenix Ray


There's not too much of a plot here, but each scene is prefaced by a title and a small explanation.

The first vignette is titled Unforgettable and it's an outdoor scene around some stables. Gabreilla is a blonde with a natural rack and tight body. She gets eaten out and then she gives some decent blowjob. She takes about half of his cock down and also shows some good no hands head. The fucking starts out with her getting plowed mish. There's a few too many ultra close-up shots for my taste, but to each his own. She turns around for a nice doggie with some excellent shots of her ass and then a RCG, which also shows off Gabreilla's body. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming in her mouth and tongue with a noticeable choke and gag for the one shot that lands in her mouth. She gives some light post cum head. This scene wasn't bad, but nothing special.

Restricted Area has Tabitha Stern hiking around in the wilderness accidentally stumbling on an Army base and running into one of the soldiers. In order to avoid a situation, she decides to fuck the guy at her campsite. Tabitha shows some nice no hands head and gets face fucked pretty hard. They move into a standing doggie with some great full body shots of the action. Cowgirl is next and then a RCG. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and literally launching six or seven shots in slow motion in her mouth and on her face from a foot away. This guy has tremendous velocity, but sadly its not enough to make this scene anything more than average.

Mr. Taylor's Dilemma has probably the best looking talent of the movie, Jenna Haze. She is a natural brunette with a very tight body and cute face. She is paired up with Rachell Devore and the two start out with some sun tan lotion rubbing which leads to Rachell diving into Jenna's snatch. You get some standard finger fucking and pussy lapping. They switch places and Jenna tastes Rachell for a bit and eventually breaks out a strap on and starts fucking Rachell in a long doggie scene. Cut to Mr. Taylor spying on the two women and confronting the two. After some weak protests, he jumps in and gets a nice double blowjob from the two. Jenna uses a lot of hand action, but throws in some great eye contact. Her reward is a cowgirl fuck where it seems she cums twice and shows some good heat. Rachell is up next for a quick doggie and then back to a blazing mish with Jenna where she does the majority of the fucking. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and dribbling a few shots on Jenna's face and mouth. They both give a few post cum licks. Jenna alone makes this scene the best so far.

[Condom used] The Picnic has Phoenix Ray, a natural busty blonde, in yet another outdoor scene. She gives some nice no hands head and then gets eaten out on a park bench. She jumps on for a RCG with plenty of full body shots. Doggie is next and finally mish. The scene ends with the guy jerking off and cumming on a very closed mouth and face.

Overall: This DVD is about as average as you can get. Having only four scenes doesn't help, but I guess you can count Jenna's scene as two since it goes from a girl/girl to a threesome. If you couldn't tell from my review, I love Jenna. She has a great body and cute face and shows a lot of heat in her fucking. The other three scenes aren't bad, but just don't show anything new or especially inspired. Rent this DVD only for Jenna Haze and nothing else.




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