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Title: Nymph Fever #4  
Reviewer: Levon  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Nymph Fever 4

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- B-

Sex- B+

Plot/Acting- B

Extras- B

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:23

Company- Legend

Director- Jerome Tanner

Cast- Mia Smiles, Stevie, Nikita Denise, Briana Banks, Diamond 4Ever, Gwen Summers


Right from the get go, you can tell that someone has taken the effort to come up with a theme and plot for this porno even down to the bios looking like a dossier.

Nymph fever starts with FBI agents Gwen Summers and a guy discussing a murder. Gwen pulls off this little plot starter with some decent acting brings us to the "plot" which is the dead coming back to life to fuck the living via the Nymph virus.

Mia Smiles flashes back to a cemetery scene and they movie to a bench and get down to business. Mia gives a very energetic and loud blowjob, but is a bit on the shallow side, getting about 1/3 to down. Cut to a nice RCG with some excellent full body shots of Mia bouncing on the guy's dick. They move to a mish with some extreme close up and long shots, which pretty much ruin this segment and then move to a doggie. The scene ends with the guy jerking off a small load on Mia's face and open mouth. She gives some short post cum head. Mia shows a lot of heat and energy in this scene and is very vocal from start to end.

After checking out the cemetery the grounds keeper gets jumped by a very nice looking corpse in the form of Nikita Denise. Having no issues of the dead rising up from their graves, they go back into his shed where Nikita gives some excellent no hands head and deep throating. After a quick munch on her pussy and finger fucking both holes, an impressing four in her ass and at least three in her pussy, the two move right to a long standing anal doggie and then an anal mish. There is a quick A2M and then the guy finishes by jerking off a small load on her face and mouth. She gives some light post cum head play.

Our FBI agents visit a Research Lab headed by busty Briana Banks. We get some more information of the Nymph Fever virus created by a terrorist. Cut to Agent Diamond 4Ever and our terrorist being tortured by methods that the Geneva Convention Treaty can't possibly cover. Diamond gives some excellent no hands head with great eye contact. After thoroughly working over her pussy with his mouth and fingers they jump to a standing anal doggie on a staircase. There are some great long shots of this and some equally lame shots of their shadows fucking. If I wanted to see a shadow show, I'd go ... well I don't know where I could go to see that, but I definitely wouldn't think in a porno. An awkward side anal mish is next and then an anal RCG. The scene ends with him jerking off and cumming on her face and open mouth. She gives some very nice post cum no hands head. This scene has plenty of heat mostly due to Diamond's performance.

[Condom used in next scene.]

Cut back to the Research Lab with Briana and her assistant as they try to find the antidote to the Nymph virus, which involves fucking and sucking. Briana goes down on the guy with some fantastic head and throat fucking. We get a little bit of everything with no hands, with hands, handjob, tit fucking, and some spitting. Briana looks great and I'm not sure how many guys could hold out with the sight of this busty blonde on her knees with her skirt hiked up devoting all her attention to their cock. He gives her clit a decent workout with his tongue and fingers and they start fucking in a standing RCG. There are great views of her ass bouncing on the guy's dick, but way too many close-up shots. I'd prefer some more full body shots, especially in this position. Briana gets fucked mish while lying on two stools. A standing doggie follows, but again too many close up shots and no full body views. The guy pulls out and jerks himself off on her face and tits. She gives some nice post cum head. Briana looks great and the scene carries a lot of heat from start to finish.

We are back in the lab and our FBI agent Gwen catches the terrorist stealing the virus. Gwen gets shot (what dead with no sex scene?!), but in order to save her they use the virus on her to bring her back.

[Condom used in next scene]

In a change of pace, Gwen gets eaten and finger fucked first and then shows some decent blowjob skills. They start fucking mish and then move to a cowgirl with some nice shots of Gwen's ass. They finish up with a somewhat hard standing doggie and the scene ends with Gwen blowing the guy and we get and internal oral cumshot. Gwen lets some the cum dribble out of her mouth and gives a few post cum strokes. This scene has great energy and Gwen is very vocal throughout the entire scene.

[Condom used in next scene]

Our terrorist is back and lurking around the cemetery with the Nymph virus, but trips and gets attacked by one of the living dead. Her method of attack is naturally suffocation via driving her pussy into the face of our terrorist. After a lengthy pussy licking, she shows some lukewarm head getting only 1/3 down her throat. She gets fucked mish and then piledriver. They finish with a standing doggie and the scene cuts to the guy jerking off and cumming on her tits and face. Compared to the rest of the scenes, this is easily the weakest one.

Overall: Out of the five scenes, you get one great, two good, one average, and one poor. Briana looks fantastic and Gwen gives the best acting performance. As for the plot, I wasn't expecting Oscar material, but for porn this will pass. Hardcore Briana fans will want to pick this up and others interested in a light plot with some decent sex will definitely want to rent this title.




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