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Title: Internal Affairs #2  
Reviewer: Sheyna  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Internal Affairs Ultimate Cream Pie #2

Extras - lots of photos, no freebie previews

Company- Fallen Angel

Director- Luc Wylder

Cast- Rayveness, Dee, Julie Meadows, Monique DeMoan and their boyfriends.


Cream Pie: An internal cum shot where the camera must linger on an uninterrupted close-up of the cum oozing out! OK, I admit it. This video sat on my desk waiting to be reviewed for several months because of the subject matter. I'm glad its finally over. This is definitely not my thing, nor do I think it will appeal to most other porn fans, but if you like disgusting close-up shots of women squeezing fuck juice out their various holes, knock yourself out. In fact, you can have my copy. YUCK! I gave the movie a B- because it did have some redeeming factors.

What I liked about this DVD: Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk are very likeable, if silly. I've asked it before and I'll ask it again: Whatever Alexandra Silk is smoking, where can I get some? She is just hilarious and they both seem baked outta their gourds as they chat with the viewer and the performers, but I still enjoyed their interaction. They bring a human quality to this DVD which is very refreshing. Each of the performing pairs seem to be a romantically involved couple. They are all very sweet and affectionate toward each other. The camera work is passable for gonzo video with outstanding close-ups. I really like the way Luc talks gently and encouragingly to each of the girls at the end of their scene, even though I don't dig what he is gently encouraging them to do. There is a good selection of not only photo gallery but extra photos from the DVD as well as individual bios. The sex is real, natural and somewhat affectionate and everyone seems very happy to be there.

What I did not like about this DVD: The disgusting, closer than anatomy lesson dribbling cum shots, or "cream pies." In the interviews, each of the couples talks with Luc about how "this is how real people have sex" and "it's the most natural way" and each of the girls insists that internal cum shots feel "soooo good." What they neglect to mention, however, is that real people do not generally spread their pussy and sphincter-push the hot cum out, sometimes digging a finger in there to help it drip down their leg onto the fucking floor. Sure, this is a fetish flick that caters to that activity, but the way it is presented like "internal cum shots are so romantic and real" followed by some of the sickest footage I've ever seen is just ridiculous. If they took this part out of the DVD it would be a pretty good porno, in my opinion.

John Dough starts things off with Monique DeMoan outside on a patio. During each of the preliminary interviews, Luc asks each girl very politely what its like to have cum running down her leg in public and if she digs this. Of course each girl eagerly replies that she just looooves it when that happens. Yeah, right. After John fucks her out in the sunshine, she can't wait to lay back spread her legs and flex her sphincter for all to see. Lots of her shots include her smiling face as if to say, "Hi mom and dad!" Luc seems enthralled with filming the cum dripping onto the sun-baked sidewalk.

After this, hottie Dee and her man Rob get interviewed. Dee says she thinks internal cum shots are "very pretty." They are cute and personable and she is just so pretty I never get tired of looking at her. Throughout their scene, he is silent and she is noisy. They appear to be really digging each other, but it is still a performance. He did comment at the beginning that there were about 7 cameras and 20 people in the room so who can blame him for being nervous? Dee's cream pie isn't quite as easily cummed by as Monique's and she has to really work to push it out. With Luc's loving encouragement, we finally get to see Dee's vaginal sphincter pulsate the used up sperm out her worked-over snatch and down her ass.

Todd Alexander and Rayveness are next. She is cute as hell and gives a sweet BJ looking right into the camera, which is really different and cool. Todd seems to know how she likes her pussy worked and turns her into a real screecher. He is cuter naked than he is in clothes and she has a really nice body. She does not seem quite as comfortable with squeezing man butter out of her coochie as the other girls, to which I can only say Thank God.

The coup de resistance is Julie Meadows performing with Lothario. This girl is so fucking cute I can hardly stand it. Her smile is just adorable and her long legs and sexy body are just too much. Lothario says, "Getting to have sex with a woman like Julie is just great!" I'll bet. This scene has poor sound but I don't believe I've ever seen such close-up close-ups. I mean you can count the hairs on this guy's balls, for pete's sake. Julie seems to be digging it and eventually bends over a highly perched bannister to take a wild fucking. Lothario plows her asshole until she is squealing. This cute, sweet, adorable girl then proceeds to spread her ass and let Luc film jizz juice being pushed out her tight asshole with the camera about a half-inch away. Girl, what are you thinkin? Luc seems to enjoy this so much that I'll bet if Julie had cut a big, wet, sloppy fart right there in the camera he would have died and gone to heaven. At the end of the scene, though, Julie and Lothario have a very sweet hug and kiss before Luc and Alexandra say goodbye.   


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