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Title: White Panty Chronicles #4  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: C+
Male looks: A
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: C+


White Panty Chronicles Vol. 4

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- C-

Female Looks- C+

Male Looks- A

Sex- C

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D

A/V Quality- B

Time- 1:11

Company- Digital Playground

Director- Mitchell Spinelli

Cast- Kristen, Vanity, Charlese L''Amour, Barrett Moore, Steve Taylor

Review- With a bit of behind-the-scenes voyeurism, White Panty Chronicles Vol. 4 saves itself from utter forgettableness (if that''s even a word). Nothing else keeps it from drowning in a morass of similar titles that glut the market. The direction isn''t bad, the action isn''t terrible, but it''s not a memorable piece of work. The titular white panties, an attempt to make the disc stand out, are worn by all the actresses, but they come off quick enough and without any comment. The casual talk at the beginning of each scene (chatter as the still photos are being shot) is not so much interesting as it is padding to drag the flick out to just over an hour. It''s a single step above mediocrity and gets lost in my head amongst the rest of the porn that''s neither good enough or awful enough to be remembered.

Vanity is a Texas girl with big ears, a double pierced tongue and a cute body. She suffers through a slew of stupid comments from the cameraman as the still photos are taken, and then sets up in a bedroom to fuck Steve. He''s a good looking guy with a great body and kisses his way down to her pussy. She moans her appreciation, her nice breasts heaving, as he fingers and licks. She reciprocates with a decent blow-job before climbing up for a cowgirl ride. She bucks around hard and fast for a long, long time before they do the doggy. Again it lasts a long time and ends in the money shot. Two positions and a bit of oral is not a lot for the money.

The next scene starts with more banter. Charlese and Kristen get ready, and they are tweeking. Their jittery gestures and bad complexions join their rotten teeth in an unintentional plea for people to stay away from drugs. They don''t look healthy. They do, however, look like they''re into each other. The two of them roll around exchanging aggressive kisses and serious rug munching. They end up in a big tub, sucking each other''s toes before getting off with some faucet loving. So, if you''re into crank-skinny, pimply, bubble-bath lesbians, give this a look-see.

Barrett is a good looking redhead with decent fake tits and a solid frame. They talk for a long, long time before getting to the still shots and the sex. Steve shows up again for the action. They indulge in a bit of slow groping and stroking before Barrett gives him a hummer with good tongue work. He goes down on her and the camera shows off her fine legs. The action is interrupted by more talking, which is disruptive and unnecessary. It cuts back to sex with those beautiful legs of hers on Steve''s shoulders and his cock in her cunt. The doggy style is next and she gets sweaty as she pounds back into him before the cumshot and end of this short disc.

OVERALL: This disc is not remarkable. It wouldn''t come up in conversation, it''s not even worth the effort to harshly criticize it. If someone gave this disc to you it may be worth a look, but it''s a forgettable flick.

EXTRAS: Nothing of note. Chapter search, contact info, a photo album and a slide show (made up of the same pics as the photo album only they change automatically).





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