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Title: Young Tight Latinas  
Reviewer: Mars  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C-
A/V Quality: B


Young Tight Latinas

Reviewer- Mars

Overall Rating- B

Female Looks- B+

Male Looks- B

Sex- B

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- D-

A/V Quality- B-

Time- 2:18

Company- Red Light District

Director- Corey Jordan

Cast- Melissa Milano, Kameron Mist, Taren Hayes, Kat, Kiana Gonzales, Catalina, August, Milena, Mario, Guy Di Silva, Mark Davis, Tyce Bune, Vince Vouyer

Review- The problems with Young Tight Latinas are old ones. Most notably, the camera work is frustratingly bad at times. There is far too much time spent in tight close ups. Not enough attention is paid to the action as a whole, leaving the audience guessing as they stare at yet another set of genitals so big that the individual hairs can be counted. However, it''s not as bad as earlier efforts by the same director. There are scenes that drag (as with most flicks) but, to its credit, the disc has some good action and some good looking Latina girls. And all those girls (save one) seem to be having a fine time on screen, which is always a pleasure to see. Most admirable is that the movie does live up to its name. The women are mostly young and all Latina (I can''t say for sure if they''re tight). On with the show.

Kat, a tiny hottie without a spare ounce on her and beautiful lips, gets it on with Vince Vouyer in the first scene. Her dirty talk is in English and Spanish for those bilingual fans. Kat takes it good and hard (per her request for him to fuck her harder) in mish and cowgirl before an all too brief blow-job. The doggy style starts out nice, but then the camera zooms in and stays there for far too long. The best moment is the reverse cowgirl. Kat''s legs are spread wide, Vince is practically holding her in the air as he fucks away. There''s some nice finger sucking when they move onto their sides. All in all it''s not a bad scene. Kat is enjoying it and Vince is no slouch.

Let me thank Mark Davis. The beefy Australian cock-jock makes two of these scenes lust-filled romps. He''s a considerate guy and takes immediate charge of the action. In this segment he''s hooked up with Catalina, a long haired gal, and August, a very cute lady with nice breasts. The three of them talk a bit and then the tag sucking begins. The girls do good work on his knob, sharing the shaft and balls before Catalina goes to sit on Mark''s face and August shows off her solo oral talents. The girls switch and we get a nice view of August. When Catalina joins in with a cowgirl ride the camera betrays us and gets in close for a long time, nullifying the three-way. It''s a damn shame how much is missed with the close in angles. It picks up again when Mark instructs Catalina to deep throat him. This eventually leads to Cat getting an anal boning before some ATM. Good anal doggy on Catalina with more ATM and then the cum flies to end it.

Kameron Mist, a coffee colored woman with small breasts, starts the action with a slow and steady BJ on Guy Di Silva''s cock. It''s all right and is, unfortunately, the best thing about the scene. The problem this time isn''t the camera, but the actress. She''s not having a bad time, but she lays around with a "get-me-to-the-money" look on her face. A few attempts at dirty talk don''t fool anyone, Kameron just isn''t there, she''s thinking about her laundry or the ceiling paint. She has no problem with taking it in the ass, in fact there isn''t a flicker on her face as Guy slides it in. It''s all boring.

Luckily, Mark Davis is there in the next scene with two beauties, Kianna and Taren. They all grope around a bit before the girls tag suck his cock very well. A Kodak moment comes along with Kianna 69ing Mark as Taren slowly licks his t''ain''t and balls. The camera gives its usual frustrating performance, missing lots of the fun involved in a threesome. Taren gets fucked mish with Kianna on her face and Mark plays dom with some sensual choking. Some of you may find it weird, but it''s a hot tactic. The anal action begins with Mark doing Taren. He''s very slow and lets her adjust as he slides in, which makes it a sweet moment, showing Taren as an anal novice. He does the same with Kianna in an anal doggy, she goes crazy as he does her ass and Taren gets a bit of ATM action. This is a fine scene.

And it''s followed by another good offering. Milena, a curvy beauty with long hair and a can-do attitude, gets worked over by Vince and Tyce Bune. She takes everything the guys can give her with gusto, cursing and yelling for more. I would bet she could out-fuck the pair of them. They get into the anal right away, spearing her at both ends, and then rolling to a reverse cowgirl anal that''s hard and fast. It soon becomes a DP and Milena is loving it. Her groans and growls egg on the guys and get them talking as well. They plug her DP in a few ways with some ATM to boot. Tyce gets a rim job from the girl as Vince pounds her doggy and she''s turned on her head for some gaping shots. It''s a down and dirty bag of fun for the duration. Best in show.

Melissa Milano is a very young cutie (18 sez she and it''s quite believable) who''s a willing girl, but she''s not as interesting as the wildcat Milena. They give her a long interview before Mario begins the fingering and cunnilingus. It''s not bad. She''s playing with her nipples and smallish breasts as he rubs, and gets vocal as they fuck. Her blow-job won''t win any awards and she doesn''t burn the set with unbridled passion, but it''s not...awful. They run through several positions, but honestly, it''s not very memorable despite Melissa''s innocent charm and hottie looks. The most notable part is that she takes the money shot on the tongue and face, swallows what''s in her mouth, and then scrapes up and swallows the goo on her face. Nasty girl.

OVERALL: The big kudos are awarded for the movie sticking to it''s title all the way through. It delivered exactly what it promised. The big disappointment, though, was the camera staying too close over and over, not allowing us to see the big picture when it seemed like it might be very interesting. Balance that against the fun the actors and actresses are having and it weighs out on the above average scale. So, if you''re a Latina-lover check this out, but be prepared to want to kick your TV every now and then.

EXTRAS: There''s a chapter search, which doesn''t count, and a 22 picture photo gallery. That''s it.





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