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Title: Indigo Delta  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: A
A/V Quality: A


Indigo Delta

Dated Reviewed: January 21, 2002

Studio: Wicked

Cast: Serenity, Melissa Hill, Stephanie Swift, Holly Body, Kimi Ji, Alyssa Love, Liza Harper, Katie Gold, Kay London, Rick Masters, Jonathan Morgan, Tony Tedeschi, J.J. Michaels, Tom Byron, and Steve Hatcher.

Director: Jonathan Morgan

I have to say that with the talent on this flick, my expectations are pretty high. I am a big Serenity fan, and an even bigger fan of Jonathan Morgan's directing. To begin with, like I should be telling anyone this, this feature is something that should be for just the thing for most couples to get things going. The features usually attempt a balance between imagery and sensuality that is neither too in your face, nor overstated. Such a balance has less to do with a good storyline, than it does with proper directing and editing. And I should say that with Morgan at the helm, couples can consider themselves in pretty good hands.

Our movie opens with Serenity running through the jungle in nothing but a half falling off bathrobe. She is constantly looking over her back as if she is being followed. The great thing about these opening credits is that we get to see the very hot Serenity in all her bouncing glory as the top of the rode comes off to reveal her tits as she is running. When the credits end we see that she has arrived at wherever it was that she was headed, that being a spot overlooking a cliff above a lake with Tony Tedeschi standing at the top. Tedeschi jumps off the cliff, after seeing Serenity, and dives into the water. We then see him reemerge in front of Serenity and he quickly proceeds to ravage her in front of the camera.

Out of all the girls on contract with Wicked, Serenity has to be by far the most appealing. I know that most people will say that I am out of my mind, considering that Jenna Jameson used to contract for Wicked, but I have to tell you that Jenna Jameson has always struck me as artificial (I guess it is too much plastic surgery to get that 'perfect' look). Serenity on the other hand comes across as a natural beauty, voluptuous and curvy in all the right spots. She (at least in my opinion) is not the typical porn actress. Serenity looks like a person you could meet on the street, and not in a back alley like most other girls in porn.

After Tedeschi has finished his little romp, and lightly shoots his wad, we come to find that Serenity is in fact a romance novelist and that this was one of the scenes out of her latest book. (This would explain the somewhat grainy look to the filming—a dream like adaptation—as well as the quasi-classical music drowning out any and all sounds from the actual scene.) We then cut to Serenity signing her new book, when in walks a crazed fan who is actually obsessed with Serenity and her literary works. The funny thing is that I am sure this scene was taken straight from a scene at the AVN convention—you know I have to give some of these girls credit, they put up with the most inane shit from fans. They not only put up with it, they do it with a smile on their face. Trust me, if you see one of these people in public, don't mistake the fact that they fuck for a living for your having a reason to be anything less than civilized. They will appreciate it, and so will I.

Melissa Hill (yes Melissa Hill—the film was made in 1997) is Serenity's manager, and is trying to keep her in going. Serenity is obviously frustrated with her life, and all the trash that she has been writing. In order to bring balance to her life and career she has decided to set up interviews with a famous serial killer in order to do a portrait from a women's point of view. Hill thinks that this is a silly idea, and it is extended beyond her abilities as a writer, but Serenity will not budge. Frustrated that Hill isn't more open to her suggestion, Serenity takes off to stay at the Bay City Motel.

That night Serenity dreams about the freaky fan that confronted her earlier in the day, and then imagines this girls getting fucked but good by some (as yet_ undisclosed participant (Jonathan Morgan—who I have to say is looking a little ragged in some of these shots). The couple (if you can call them that) go at it on a pool table, and I have to say that his scene is definitely not prone to the subtlety of the first scene, as you can her the girl in all her glory as Morgan eats her out. The blow job scene is pretty nasty for that matter too, with the action being about as slobbering and wet as you can get. When we get down to fucking, Morgan nails her on her back, with her legs spread eagle. The cool thing about the scene is that you can hear the creaking of the table underneath them with each stroke. After a little more robust fucking (including a quick anal shot), Morgan spills his load all over her face and then proceeds to strangle her. We don't actually see it, but that is what is surmised by the very loud scream she lets out. Of course this awakens the dreaming Serenity. Was is real or a dream?

We then cut to Serenity being led through a dungeon type insane asylum (ala Silence of the Lambs). She is led to Tom Byron, who I have to say at first glance of his character is really fantastic. His character is more Southern inbred intellectual, with a convincing attitude, than Hannibal the Cannibal. The only problem is that sometimes his character comes off with a sort of homosexual lisp. A bit counter intuitive for a heterosexual porno. Their rendezvous is a bit rushed towards the end, but you have to give the whole thing a bit of charity.

Hill calls Serenity to talk about working on a sequel to her latest trash novel. Hill though has company of her own and so leaves the conversation to get it on with two guys (J.J. Michaels and someone else I don't recognize). You know it's been a while since I have seen a film with Hill and I forgot how captivating she is. With long ready hair, milky skin, and an ass that is nearly perfect, it is truly a pleasure to watch her get nailed any which way but loose. There are some exceptionally great shots of her getting nailed reverse cowgirl while sucking off J.J. Michaels. The scene though is fairly short lived, and it isn't long before she takes it in the face from both guys.

We then cut back to Byron and Serenity—round two. Serenity is trying to explore the depths of evil, and it seems that she could have come to no better place. Byron considers himself an artist, killing just so he can see how the report would read once it was written down. Again after a back and forth diatribe, we cut back to Serenity dreaming again. Only this time Serenity is dreaming that she is the one being ravaged—by Byron himself. We then cut to a scene with her entering his cell without any clothes on, and Byron quickly proceeds to pounce of her. Byron pounds the shit out of her, and then finally blows his wad all over her tits. But after he is done we watch as Byron kills her—of course this is only a dream.

We then cut to Byron and Serenity sitting together watching who is supposed to be Serenity's mother (Katie Gold—I know it's a reach but you have the whole suspension of disbelief thing) getting ravaged by two men (J.J. Michaels and Tony Tedeschi). Byron, who is filming the whole thing, quickly loses his interest in Serenity, and heads over to the action. We then find that there are several other girls who are getting it on with Jonathan Morgan for the camera. The only one who is apparent here is Holly Body, a very hot brunette, who gets nailed from Morgan first. The action in this scene is the hottest in the movie thus far which is great considering it is probably close to the last scene. Soon though Byron turns his attention to Serenity and has her suck on his cock. In all though it is Katie Gold who gets the shit fucked out of her by just about every guy in the room. In the end each guy blows his wad on his respective partner.

We then awake to find out that this was all another of Serenity's dreams. She is awoken by a phone call from her fiancé, who is trying to make a bigger deal out of her wedding. After hanging up, Stephanie Swift comes in to clean the room. We then cut to Serenity and Byron exchanging a good laugh. We then cut back to the hotel room and see him discover a video camera with a video of Serenity ravaging Swift. This brings us back to Serenity and Swift going at it. The scene is nicely inter-cut with shots from the exterior camera with shots of the handheld that Serenity has. Serenity has truly freaked out here and proceeds to dominate Swift, telling her what to do and what not to do down to the last precise detail. Soon though this gives way to the two of them going at it. We then watch as Serenity knifes Swift after she was done with her. As soon as the husband sees this he notices a small pool of blood on the bed, and in the background we see Serenity walk through the door with her knife ready to finish the job. The last shot of the film is of Serenity dragging the body out to her van, and then fades away to Serenity at another book signing - after she has written her book "Indigo Delta."

Ok so my last question in the movie got answered right about the time that the movie ends—what the hell does the title mean? I actually have to give credit to the writers for this one. And it is something that I don't want to spoil for you.

In all this has to be one of the better Wicked features out there. It is a nice balance of story, context, message, and filming, with hot girls and hot sex. And if you are in the mood for something that will probably keep you watching up until then end of the story, then I would suggest this one. I mean any flick that can keep your attention after a great orgy scene has to count as something spectacular. Consider it the porn Hitchcock would have made if her were able to be as kinky on screen as he was off.

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