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Title: Young & Tight #3  
Reviewer: Arnon  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: n/a
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Young and Tight 2

Reviewer- Arnon

Overall Rating- A

Female Looks- A

Male Looks- B

Sex- A

Plot/Acting- n/a

Extras- C

A/V Quality- B

Time- 2:18

Company- Elegant Angel

Director-Zakk Wylde

Cast- Belladonna, Britney Blue, Phoenix, Delfin Delage, Gwen Summers, Cali, Lola, Pat Myne

Review- I can't help but wonder if Pat Myne was paid to be in this movie. After all, he's the only guy in the whole thing and he gets to fuck 7 really hot girls. There are five scenes overall, all set in a room that's supposed to be futuristic looking, having silver walls. At the beginning of all of the scenes it shows a photo shoot of the girl/girls set to rock music. The editing in these shots is impressive, since it uses a fast motion technique that I really liked. Well, let's get on to the sex.

The first scene starts Belladonna who is (to my knowledge) the newest Buttwoman. This girl is HOT. I think it's the first time I've seen her in anything, and I'm really looking forward to seeing her again. She's petite with black hair and a slight gap in her teeth and she has so much sexual energy it's hard to not get excited while you're watching her. Pat joins up with her in the space room and lies her down on a table. He removes her pants and licks her thighs and her snatch through her panties. He pulls them to the side to get better access and Bella's arching her back and rubbing her clit because she's enjoying it so much. They proceed to fuck in just about every position imaginable with him licking her every few minutes or so. I can't say I blame the guy. She even takes it in the ass and gets pissed when he's not ramming her hard enough. In the end they're fucking missionary and she's masturbating with her panties. He pulls out and cums on her underwear and then makes her suck on them.

The next scene stars Britney Blue who's a good-looking redhead. Her hair looked dyed, although I couldn't tell if it was because she got rid of the evidence, if you know what I mean. She starts out in the room lying on a sofa and rubbing herself. It's enjoyable to watch and when Pat enters he eats her out. Then they do the normal stuff, with her blowing him and them fucking in the three normal positions. He ends up cumming in her mouth, and you don't see much come out of him, probably because he's spent from fucking some of the other girls.

Now we have Phoenix and Delfin Delage. Phoenix is just OK looking. Nothing special really. Delfin is a great looking blonde but she has this habit of making really goofy looking faces the entire scene. The scene starts with Delfin lying on a table wearing a white tank top and some white silk panties. Phoenix and Pat enter and take turns pulling those panties to the side and licking her clit. Eventually Phoenix takes over and Pat moves down to work on her pussy. The fucking starts with Pat and Delfin fucking missionary on the table. While this is going on Phoenix is licking Delfin's nipples and occasionally pulling Pat's cock out and sucking on that. Now it's Phoenix's turn to fuck him, and she mounts and rides his cock. Delfin sits on his face for a while and then gets off so she can pull his cock out of Phoenix to blow it. Both girls bend over the table so Pat can move back and forth and take turns with them. Eventually Delfin lies on her back and takes it up her ass. She sticks her ass in the air for some more fuckin' and when he cums on it Phoenix licks it off of her.

During Gwen Summers photo shoot/good editing shot at the beginning of her scene there's a funny exchange between her and a cameraman. She's being interviewed briefly in her dressing room and she tells him "I've never been with someone sexually who wasn't a porn star" and the cameraman replies, "I'm not a porn star." Bravo buddy. I don't think it worked but you get an A for effort. Pat starts off in the room by undressing Gwen and then eating her through her panties. She takes them off and then sucks on Pat's cock for a while. They whip through the three standard positions, and Gwen makes her copyrighted high pitch grunting noises during the whole thing. Pat cums on her ass.

The last scene starts Cali and Lola. Cali is a blonde who has a slightly weird look to her face, although she has a good body. Lola is a brunette who's pretty good-looking. This part starts out with Cali lying on a table being eaten by Pat. Not very original, eh? He lies on the table so she can blow him and then Lola enters and joins in. Cali mounts Pat facing away and Lola switches between blowing him and sitting on his face. Then it's Lola's turn to mount him facing away. We get a great shot of her bush and her huge clit while she's fucking him. She's the first girl I've scene in a while that has a decent sized bush. You can tell she even shaves it, but she left quite a bit there. Nowadays almost all porn girls shave for some reason. Anyway, Cali ends up getting fucked doggy style while Lola lies spread eagle in front of her. In between her screams of pleasure Cali takes the time to lick Lola's muff. After fucking both girls mish Pat cums on Cali's pussy and Lola licks it off of her. A pretty good scene in the long run. At the end of the movie we get a couple behind the scene shots that only last a minute or two. They would've made a great extra but for some reason they didn't put it on. This movie wasn't extremely original, but the girls are hot and the sex is interesting. A lot of the good sex comes from Belladonna's scene in the first part, and the good feeling you get from that lasts through the whole movie. Check this one out.


A tribute to Buttwoman - About 8 minutes long


Photos - Hard and Soft

BTS - Photos from a different movie. Pretty gay.

Twisted Pix 2 - Pics of girls getting it on with huge cocks




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