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Title: Freshman Fantasies #10  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: C+
Sex: C+
Plot/Acting: C+
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Freshman Fantasies 10

Dated Reviewed: January 2, 2002

Studio: Digital Playground

Overall Rating: C

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: C

Audio/Video Quality: A

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: C

Plot/Acting: C


Cast: Shay Sweet, Michele, Gina, Maria, and Mica

Director: Professor Mike

The great thing about this film is that we get very nice introductions from all the lovely ladies. To be honest with you, there is nothing sexier in porn than finding out that the girl you are about to watch is truly into what she is doing. Maybe I am being a little too intellectual about the whole thing, but the thought of a girl going into porn for some reason other than she really craves cock (say, to support her heroine addiction) is a massive turnoff. So anything that confirms just how horny the talent is, is a really great thing. Unfortunately for this film, it picked several girls that couldn't talk their way out of a wet paper bag (Shay Sweet being one of them) which ends up making the film seem contrived.

Our first scene is with Gina who, at the making of this flick, is 21 and hot. She has shoulder length brunette hair, a cure face, and a nice pair of tits. Her fantasy of course is to get her brains fucked out (I mean why else would she be there). Well if she wants to be treated like a slut, far be it from Professor Mike to deny her this. When she takes her top off we get a great shot of her tits; she has perfect little brown nipples (you know—not too big, not too small). While we listen to her talk about her fantasy (being treated like a slut, and what she likes to do and have done to her) we have a nice little montage of her sucking and fucking abilities. She really is a cute girl for being such dirty little fuck rag, and so when we return to her the next day we catch up with her masturbating for the camera and some random dude, when her boyfriend comes home. The boyfriend is pissed and confronts her about how horny she really is. Well I have to tell you, if she doesn't have a cock in her, she is horny as hell. He gets her on her knees, unbuttons her top and starts to kiss her. Gina has a hot voluptuous body. While she isn't the thinnest girl in porn, she has the extra pounds where it counts. After a little playing around our boy pulls his cock out and she can't wait to suck it down. There are some great first person camera angles here, with some great shots of Gina's expertise in fellatio. Gina doesn't really warm up to the camera though until a very nasty 69 scene, where her boyfriend licks and fingers both her pussy and asshole. The fucking shots though have a little too many bad on liners from the boyfriend. Its ok for her to talk dirty but I think it ruins the scene if the guy does more talking than the girl. Thankfully though he shuts up after the first few comments, and focuses on fucking the shit out of Gina. Gina takes it hard and fast while riding our boy's cock reverse cowgirl. It isn't long though until our boy can't wait any more and dumps a delicious load of the good stuff all over her face.

Next we have Shay Sweet, in the role of Beach Bound Barbie, with nothing but a pink bikini on. Shay was initially in the first volume of Freshman Fantasies. At 19, this Texan is a true a porn veteran. When asked about what her fantasy is it takes her a while to remember that she likes to be fucked in the beach (I think a good hint would be that they are driving to Malibu). The one thing that doesn't work with this scene, is that Shay is not the most articulate person in the whole world. I mean a cute body goes a long way, but the problem with this series is that the girls have to introduce their own fantasies. So far Shay isn't doing such a great job, the more she talks the less I want to see her get fucked and the more I want to see her go back and repeat a few grades in high school. When we get to the beach, she heads straight for a guy on his bake on a beach towel, pulls his cock out from under his shorts and starts knobbing on it. For some reason there is the need to show us some of the scenes in slow motion, which I think is a bad idea, especially for a film that is trying to sell itself as a gonzo-esque fantasy film. I mean they are supposed to be freshman fantasies not porn star fantasies. The fucking here is a little routine, and nothing to write home about. Especially considering that our boy cums inside her. We find out that the ;guy is Chuck (Shay's fiancé) who is obviously not a porn regular. The group heads off to another beach, but the change in location really doesn't help, and you can tell this because there are as many shots of the beach and waves as there are of the sex. In the end he bust his nut on her face, ending a rather boring scene.

Michelle is out next hot box. Weighing in at 23 years old, we find out that her life ambition is simply to travel around the world. Her fantasy is to fuck her sensei (Peter) at her karate dojo. I know I shouldn't, but really bad Karate Kid comments come to mind, like, cock in, cock our Danielson. Sorry I couldn't resist. Michelle isn't all that cute, with a killer body. She has a long slender figure, with natural tits, and long brown hair. Again like the first she talks up what she likes and doesn't like and it is a great turn on. Mike goes to the dojo to try and set things up, and when we return to the action we find Peter karate chopping the mirror in the dojo the next evening. Peter is into it, and with that the equipment comes in for the scene. We then cut to the two of them (Peter and Michelle) doing a little karate action, that quickly leads to Peter hitting the pussy. I have to say that in this light Michelle doesn't look all that bad. She has the longest legs (they stretch halfway down Peter's body as he eats her out). The problem however is that we see that she really isn't in the greatest of shape after all. She has tone arms and tummy, but her legs and ass need a lot more work. At this point the action stops at the dojo and we head back to Peter's house for a little fucky fucky. Michelle starts out reverse cowgirl, but neither participant really seem to know what they are doing. The shame is that Michelle seems like she has a fire in her waiting to get out if only she had the right cock (and I don't think Peter is it). I feel like I am watching an out of shape couple fuck for the 100th time here, as opposed to some fantasy, and that ain't good (not by a long shot). Even when Peter shoots the goods all over her face it is less than spectacular.

In the next scene we have Mica, a very very VERY hot brunette that is only 21. Mica is nervous about doing all of this, and Mike loves it, and frankly so do I. There is nothing better than untapped hornynous (I think that is a word). She fantasizes about being the dominant girl in a sexual situation. She is into kissing, and starting out soft before ending with bang. She is going to be paired with Brandon Irons. I have to say that Mica looks like a younger Shania Twain. She is about the same size, with a similar looking face, and a nice Southern Twang. When we catch up with the lucky couple, Mica answers the door in a hot miniskirt looking quite fetching, and immediately starts to order Irons around. Soon he is on his knees and starts by taking off her shoes and sucking on her toes. While this idea starts out interesting with her ordering him to do the slightest things, it gets annoying after a while. Shit man what happened to ordering people to do the normal stuff like eating pussy and sucking titties. I guess I am just old fashioned that way. When we get down to eating her out, Mica is flat out demanding perfection. This all changes however once, Brandon gets his cock into her mouth. At this point she doesn't have the room or the time to talk. Mica though doesn't give the greatest head in the world. When we get down to fucking you would think from the silence that this was a colorized 1920s porn. I mean the only sound you have is from Brandon's moaning. Once we get her on her back we also get a really bad shot of her post-pregnant tummy (and it ain't pretty). Things get a little better when the action goes reverse cowgirl, but not by much. In the end she takes it in the face without uttering a word.

In the last scene, we have Maria sitting on a grand piano as Mike serenades her (and he actually plays quite well). Maria is a 21 year old Texan, with shoulder length brown hair, and a fairly cute body. Her fantasy is to have sex in public, with some young guy. When we get down to the action it is on top of a building in the middle of a city (I have no idea where), and we watch as she quickly disrobes for the camera. Soon our guy form the first scene shows up, and she quickly takes him to a corner of the roof, drops to her knees, and starts sucking his cock. Unlike most of the other girls on this disk, Maria seems to know what she is doing with it comes to sucking cock. I mean she has the slippery wet action going on when she slides her mouth down a cock. The problem is that the scene quickly moves to her getting eaten out. When we get down to fucking, our boy takes her on her back and nails the shit out of her. She is quickly reduced to a mound of quivering flesh after just a few thrusts. The action switches up to show shots from the front of her taking it doggystyle, giving a great profile of her tits flopping around. But doing it from behind is too much for out man and he quickly shoots his load all over her face and tits.

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