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Title: Thighs Wide Open  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C-
Female looks: A
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: C-
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A


Thighs Wide Open

Overall rating: D

Female looks: A

Male looks: B

Sex: B

Plot/Acting: D

Extras: C

A/V Quality: C

Date: December 28, 2001

Production Company: VCA

Director: F.J. Lincoln

Cast: Chloe, Bridgette Kerkove, Maya Divine, Justine Romee, T.J. Hart, Charlene Aspen, Ronnie Coxx, Evan Stone, Randy Spears and Kyle Stone.


Chloe and Evan Stone are a tired married couple in F.J. Lincoln's Thigh's Wide Open. Chloe is beautiful as usual but she's cold and frigid after only three years of being married to Evan. The couple goes to a party at this boss's home and Evan seems far too interested in his boss's wife, Bridgette Kerkove, to notice how lonely his wife has become.

In the billiard room, Bridgette picks up on the tension between Evan and his wife and she takes advantage of his marital problems. It doesn't take long for Bridgette and Evan to get busy on the pool table. They undress each other and then sixty-nine. Bridgette takes Evan's cock into her mouth while he rims her and sucks on her pussy. Evan slides his cock into her pussy and pummels her in different directions before pulling out an shooting his load all over her ass. Meanwhile Chloe is taking insults from Randy Spears downstairs at the party. He admits that although she's pretty; she's definitely not sexy. Randy sits her down in front of a television and forces her to watch some porn so that she may be educated on the art of sexiness... Yes, this movie is really that stupid.. She watches as a gardener gets a stiffy while watching the woman of the house garden in her tight dress. I don't know which plot is sillier; the porno within the porno or the porno itself. Justine Romee sucks off the gardener and then he shoves a condom-covered dick into her tight pussy. She rides him in a backward cowgirl and then he cums on her clit. Randy turns off the video; Chloe seems unaffected. He invites her to a private party, assuring her that this will be a lesson in freeing her sexual self.

Before they even enter the party, Randy and Chloe are getting hot and heavy on the stairs. Randy fingers Chloe under her dress and then he orders her to her knees where she throats his cock until she gags. He fucks her in a backward cowgirl and she's suddenly re-born. No more housewife who only fucks missionary style. Chloe loves it and moans loudly while Randy fucks the shit out of her. He pulls out and cums on her mouth. When they enter the party there are several couples, hiding behind masks and scantily clad. Chloe is forced to watch as Maya Divine and Kyle stone fuck with blindfolds on. The scene is interrupted by the bad musical score and boring performance and it's at this point where I just wanted to shut the damn thing off...But; I will prevail. There's a chance it could get better right? Outside by the pool the housewife gets her chance to really shine. She goes right for T.J. Hart's pussy, sucking her clit while T.J. fingers Bridgette's asshole. Later Chloe gets her turn as Bridgette and T.J. make her cum and then the threesome end with a group kiss.

Chloe goes back to the party and watches Ronnie Coxx and Justine Romee fuck on the couch. Chloe masturbates and then goes home to her husband. She surprises Evan by stripping in the kitchen and fucking him on he kitchen counter. She sucks him off and then takes it in the ass. The insertion shot is good and Chloe's always such a great girl to watch on film. Chloe cums a few times and then he pulls his cock out of her ass and cums all over her belly. Hoorah, their marriage is saved.

This is a really dumb take on Stanley Kubrik's Eye's wide shut and while I wasn't a fan of that incredibly boring, long-ass, Tom Crusie flick; Kubrik's a god and I would rather sit through a double feature of Eyes Wide Shut and 2001-a Space Odyssey than have to sit though this piece of crap again. The sex was fine; nice anal scene at the end with Chloe an Evan, but the script was so terrible that I couldn't enjoy anything about this flick. I'm sorry guys; I'm a fan of your work but not even Cruise and Kidman could save this vessel.

Erica Marshall

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