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Title: Addiction  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: A
Female looks: A
Male looks: A
Sex: A
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: A



Overall rating: A

Female looks: A

Male looks: A

Sex: A

Plot/Acting: B

Extras: C

A/V Quality: C (Video Qualiy A , Audio Quality C)

Date: December 18, 2001

Production Company: Metro

Director: Mike Quasar

Cast: Jewel Valmont, Wendi Knight, Kianna, Alexandra Silk, Courtney Madison, Sydnee Steele, Brian Surewood, JJ Michaels, Mark Davis and Vince Vouyer.


In Addiction, Jewel Valmont leads a group of beautiful women who sit around a table divulging intimate secrets and admitting to their troublesome addictions. The girls discuss their sexual issues in full detail and play out the fantasies for our enjoyment.

Alexandra Silk is a college professor and has some trouble keeping her paws of her male students. IN a fantasy/flashback sequence Alexandra is tutoring JJ Michaels and she is immediately aroused. She forces his head between her legs and instructs him on how to tease her clit with his fast tongue. He licks and sucks her pierced pussy for a while, fingering quickly until she cums. She grabs his cock and shoves it all the way to the back of her throat and then he fucks her mouth slowly. When he shoves his dick into her pussy she's laying on her back with her feet by her ears. He fucks her cunt with great determination and she's really vocal throughout the entire thing. She moves to a backward cowgirl and he fucks her cunt and then slides his dick deep into her asshole and thrusts up and down while she rubs her clit and eventually cums. She moves to a doggie position and he continues to fuck he shit out of her shitter. There are some really great camera angles here. He pulls out and shoots a tiny load on her mouth. Back at the table, she admits that she fucked all of her male classmates.

Jewel Valmont explains that her wealthy and very busy husband is away on business too often for her to get her groove on so one night after shopping she picks up a homeless man and takes him home. She whips out his package and finds a nice big dick standing at attention. Jewel sucks it the best she can while he squeezes her ass. He fingers and licks her pussy for a long while and then fucks her missionary style. The problem with this scene is the music completely blocks out all the sounds the actors are making. They switch positions several times and then he fucks her asshole while she just sits there on his dick, not rotating or bouncing at all. She gets on all fours and he fucks her pooper doggie style while she fingers and rubs her cunt. When he pulls out she shoots a huge wad all over her chest and her face. The girls are not amused by her apparent lack of taste.

Wendi Knight seems to have a problem with fucking the help. She explains how she hired Kianna specifically so she could fuck her. Well, she got what she wanted. After bathing her master, Kianna undresses for Wendi and the ladies begin kissing and fondling one another. Wendi lies back and Kianna puts her head between her legs. Kianna licks and eats Wendi's trimmed and tanned pussy, fingering her while Wendi rubs her own clit. Wendi eventually removes Kianna's panties and returns the oral favor. Kianna is standing with her legs spread apart and can feel Wendi's warm breath on her pussy. When the toys are pulled out, Kianna fucks Wendi's pussy with a small dildo and thrusts her fingers in and out of her asshole. Wendi is crazy over this little DP but we never get to see any closure. The scene ends rather abruptly.

Courtney Madison's sexual addiction is criminal behavior. She is strangely turned on by the thief (Mark Davis) who breaks into her house to steal all of her electronic equipment. He throws her on the stairs and buries his head in between her legs. He drops his drawers and stands over her, dropping his huge cock into her throat. He sucks it about half way down the shaft and then takes a backward cowgirl ride on it. He fucks upward with hard and fast thrusts, pummeling her small pussy and smacking his balls against her ass. Later he takes her from behind, placing his palm on the small of her back and pumping her hole full of cock. He pulls out and creams the mother load all inside her mouth.

Sydnee Steele is the president of a major multi media company. It seems she abuses her power a bit during the interview process. When Vince Vouyer walks into her office looking for a job, he's surprised when she tells him to take out his cock. Vince sits back in her executive chair while she kneels before him and takes his cock into her mouth. Sydnee gives him some great slobbery knob loving' and then he moves his fast tongue over her engorged lips. He fucks the shit out of her all over her own desk and then he spits his shit all over mouth.

This flick ended there, leaving the underlying story line open for a sequel or two. I thoroughly enjoyed this film because while it kept to the original theme (nymphomaniacs telling us about some of their escapades), it didn't have so much plot and dialogue to make it a true feature. I The male and female talent are both really easy on the eye and I loved some of the camera angles. I would recommend this film to those that enjoy medium hard-core adult films with little or no feature length plot.

Erica Marshall

Email me with questions or comments: ericaxxxmarshall@hotmail.com



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