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Title: Hard Evidence  
Reviewer: Erica Marshall  
Overall rating: C+
Female looks: B
Male looks: A
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: A
Extras: B
A/V Quality: B


Hard Evidence

Overall rating: C

Female looks: B

Male looks: A

Sex: B

Plot/Acting: A

Extras: B

A/V Quality: A

Date: December 13, 2001

Production Company: Wicked Pictures http://www.wickedpictures.com

Director: Brad Armstrong & Greg Steele

Cast: Jenna Jameson, Jeanna Fine, Missy, Lovette, Chonnone, Bobby Vitale, Peter North, Mark Davis, and Vince Vouyer.


In Greg Steele's new flick, Jeanna Fine is a grief stricken widower who is suspected of murdering her husband. The cops are hot on her tail; I mean trail and oh, yeah; Jenna Jameson has a couple of scenes as well.

When Jeanna Fine's husband dies of an apparent heart attack, detective Vince Vouyer is reluctant to believe his death was so free of scandal. Jeanna explains to the private dick that she and her husband were swingers and that she was two of her "friends" the night of her hubby's death. Jeanna goes into quite a bit of detail and we watch as Jeanna takes turns sucking both Peter North and Bobby Vitale's hard cocks. Jeanna gives great head, taking in their cocks all the way to the back of her throat. Bobby finally gets anxious and rams his rod into her pussy from behind while she continues to blow Peter. The scene is safe and the lighting is so soft it's almost as if Playboy has doctored the film. Peter takes her in a scissor like position while she continues to stuff her mouth with cock. While the heat never gets above eighty degrees I must give honorable mention to the cinematographer for setting up such a female fantasy scene.

Vince and his partner pay a visit to the deceased's partner and happen upon his buxom secretary (Jenna Jameson). Jenna gives them new insight into the deceased, describing to them of their sex club escapades. We watch as the lovely Mark Davis gets his rod knocked by a beautiful brunette (Lovette). A nearby Jenna is so turned on she runs over to join the party. She strips the Lovette, who still has her lips around Mark's fuck muscle and gently fingers her pussy from behind. Jenna gives her a quick little finger DP and then joins her on her knees for a double oral. Lucky Mark. I've always loved Mark and he looks really hot as he buries his head in their pussies. Jenna leans over in a standing doggie and Mark pummels her pussy from behind. Lovette fingers Jenna's twat while Mark continues to fuck her hard and nasty. Jenna rolls over on his dick in a backward cowgirl and then fucks Lovette's pussy with a small dildo. The girls later trade spots and Mark fucks the brunette deep inside her poop shoot before spilling his whiz all over her asshole. The boys seem pleased by Jenna's vivid storytelling abilities.

Back at the station Vince questions Jeanna again and then takes her home. They seem to get along much better away from the station, taking their anger out on each other's wanting bodies. They strip down forcefully, insulting one another along the way. Yeah, Vince can call me a filthy whore any time! Vince drops his head in between her legs and squeezes her tits with his hands. He licks and sucks on her cunt while she moans wildly; separating her pussy for his long tongue. Jeanna plugs her pooper with her own finger while Vince fucks her pussy hard and fast with his fingers. Jeanna cums and Vince licks her clean. She returns the favor, giving one of her all-star blowjobs to Vince's beautiful hard cock. He slips it into her pussy while she fingers her asshole and he gives her a hard and fast missionary fuck. He pulls out and sticks it into her asshole, fucking her so deep that she cums twice. He pulls it out and spits up on her cunt.

In the end the secretary and the wife find closure and the cops get their killer. This flick was rather pointless and while I love the filmic style of both Brad Armstrong and Greg Steele, this movie seemed as if it were on autopilot. The cinematography and acting abilities of the star-studded cast were strong but I felt the story lacked the passion and heat I come to expect from Armstrong/Steele movies. While the sex was good, it wasn't great and neither was the plot so I wouldn't recommend this film to anyone unless they are true fans of someone in the cast.

Erica Marshall

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