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Title: Different Strokes 2  
Reviewer: Spyke  
Overall rating: B
Female looks: B
Male looks: B
Sex: B
Plot/Acting: B
Extras: C+
A/V Quality: B


Different Strokes 2

Dated Reviewed: December 22, 2001

Studio: OGN

Overall Rating: B

Female Looks: B

Male Looks: B

Audio/Video Quality: B

Extras Rating: C

Sex Rating: B

Plot/Acting: B


Cast: Alison Kilgore, Alicia Kilgore, Kelli Cage, Aspen Broke, Julianna Sterling, Amber Lee, Mercedes, Aztec, Genevieve DeKay, Red and Rodney Moore.

Director: Rodney Moore

Rodney has a penchant for getting his cock sucked in weird places by equally weird choices in women. This movie is simply a collection of such oddities. We open with Rodney following a brunette, dressed like a farm girl on Ecstasy, walking down the street. When he pulls up to her and strikes up a conversation. She tells him that she is horny as hell and is looking for a quick fuck. Of course, Rodney is more than happy to accommodate. In all though she is hot, in a red light district Amsterdam hooker sort of way. Although I think at times she is a little too enthusiastic about things (over actor), Rodney takes her into his minivan and sticks his cock right in her pussy from the start. The action here is raw (about as raw as you can get it), it is all shot from the first person and there is no music. Just the sounds of some kinky sex. Rodney is there fucking her in the middle of the street as people are walking nearby. When she finally takes her top off she reveals a pair of pierced nipples, but I have to say she really has a nice pair of knockers. Rodney pounds away at her while she is in the back seat, and she just wants more and more. The action gets mixed up a little as Rodney has her ride his cock reverse cowgirl, and finishes off with her sucking his dick while he is driving somewhere. In the end though Rodney jerks himself all over her face, and then sends her on her way.

In our next scene Rodney picks up a girl as she is leaving the 7-11 with a coke. Again Rodney brings her over the minivan, and right there in the parking lot she sucks his cock. I have to say that this girl is pretty hot, her voice is a little husky, but she is really cute. She has a full figure and long brown hair, and a cute smile to boot. Yet instead of fucking her Rodney simply dumps a load on her face, right their in the parking lot. After they walk around a little bit with her face completely drenched in cum, they hop in the van and drive off.

Here we have Genevieve DeKay, who looks like something out of a Marilyn Manson video. Rodney approaches her and asks her to come up to his apartment for a quick blow job. Unfortunately she can't act for shit, even though she is supposed to act natural, she acts like she is reading off of cue cards. I am sure you could care less though as long as she is good at sucking cock. Rodney takes her downstairs, into what looks like racquetball courts, and has her drop to her knees. She isn't very loud, but she sure can suck. After this little exhibition though, he takes her back to his apartment to finish the job. There she strips for him and we get a shot of her milky white skin and incredibly red nipples. Rodney then gets her to lick his asshole. The action here is pretty quiet though as she doesn't make a sound. Rodney then cums on her face and he takes her outside to parade his work around..

One of the best scenes in the flick is when Rodney takes on the twins—Alison and Alicia and Kilgore. One of the sisters comes by and tells Rodney that the other sister is hooking because she can't find any work in porn. So Rodney of course plays around with the first sister before he goes and looks for the other one. She of course drops to her knees and starts sucking his cock. Rodney then takes her on her back on the couch, and then ultimately up her ass before he is done with her. After the thorough anal trouncing the two of them set out to find her sister. When the come across her she is propositioning car, and so Rodney has to go over and save the day, but not until he has gotten another look at her tits. Rodney approaches the girl and takes her back to the van. Rodney then has her suck and fuck the guy that was originally propositioning her. Meanwhile Rodney fucks the other sister. In the end everyone gets their cum shot to the face. And of course Alison has to go out and walk around in public with cum all over her face.

Lastly, we have Aspen Broke, a hot brunette with full black hair and even fuller tits. She is one of the better looking girls on the disk, with blue eyes and long eyelashes. The only shame with this scene is that we don't get to see her fuck, but hey I guess you can't have it all. Of course, Rondey has her suck his cock out in public in which case he dumps a load all over her face, and she goes out and walks around with cum dripping off her.

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